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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Veronica1


Jan Stevenson:  Jan Stevenson Gisborne Secondary College Melton Road. Gisborne. 3437 Phone 0354283691 Fax 0354284018 E- mail PRACTICAL IDEAS:  PRACTICAL IDEAS SCIENCE WEBSITE AT GISBORNE SECONDARY COLLEGE  SCIENCE WEBSITE AT GISBORNE SECONDARY COLLEGE Risk Evaluation Sheets “Quest Books” Experiments Additional Experiments Making Equipment for Science Classes Science Handbook TOOLS:  TOOLS Drill & drill bits – preferably cordless. Hand tools – hammer, screw drivers, pliers, wire strippers, spanners, shifters. Jewelers screwdrivers – kit. Tool kits – assortment of tools. Glue gun. Engraver. Helping hands. Soldering iron & solder. TOOLS:  TOOLS Socket set Helping hands Tool kit ELECTRICAL:  ELECTRICAL A few examples of equipment which can be purchased or adapted for classroom use Banana Plugs Crocodile clip adaptors Power supplies CONNECTIONS :  CONNECTIONS Piggy Back Banana Plugs NO SOLDERING CONNECTIONS :  CONNECTIONS Crocodile Clip Adaptors NO SOLDERING Storage and management ideas POWER SUPPLIES:  POWER SUPPLIES There are never enough power supplies. Juggled from one prac to the next in one day. Batteries go flat. Constantly re-charging batteries. Batteries & cradles get lost, stolen or broken. Lots of time lost in constant maintenance. Slide10:  1. Power Packs 3,6,9,12V. They come with screw attachments which have been replaced with banana sockets. Not too heavy, not too small. Slide11:  2.Plug Packs. Specific Voltage These are fitted with Banana Plug sockets These were adapted for the ticker timers 16V AC Slide12:  3. Plug packs Variable Ranges These can be fitted with Banana Plugs Used for simple electric circuits Slide13:  4.Cut of the plug Split the wire The white wire is positive Attach the banana plugs ELECTRODE KITS:  ELECTRODE KITS PROBLEMS Electrodes touching during experiment Bad contact with crocodile clips Constantly setting up and dismantling Crocodile clips corrode when dropped in the solution Slide15:  Copper plate can be bought from the metalwork dept, use the guillotine to cut it. Zinc sheet can be bought from a chemical supplier, can be cut with tin snips. Drill or punch holes in each and fit with banana sockets. Slide16:  250ml glass jars and plastic screw lids can be purchased cheaply from Cospac or you can ask staff for a collection Cut 2 slits in the lid for the electrodes Slide17:  The electrodes are suspended from the jar lid Slide18:  Two jars can be placed side by side and a paper salt bridge can be placed between Slide19:  Paper salt bridges can be cut from blotting paper – paper used in desk pads Blotting paper can also be used instead of chromatography paper at junior levels STEEL ELECTRODES:  Solder copper wire to the heads of two nails and connect to the sockets Drill two holes and suspend the nails from the lid The lid can be placed over a 100ml beaker STEEL ELECTRODES ELECTROPLATING:  A copper electrode and a connecting wire soldered to the head of a nail The nail can be cleaned with emery paper and reused ELECTROPLATING CONDUCTIVITY TESTER:  CONDUCTIVITY TESTER For testing liquids and solids 100ml beaker used instead of a jar - less chemicals used MODEL ELECTRIC JUG:  MODEL ELECTRIC JUG Nichrome wire is used to make the coils A hole is drilled for the thermometer CAPACITORS:  CAPACITORS Choose a capacitor which is suitable for the experiment RESISTORS:  RESISTORS Choose a resistor which is suitable for the experiment BUZZERS:  BUZZERS The buzzers are fastened onto the lid with a hot glue gun TOGGLE SWITCHES:  TOGGLE SWITCHES The switches are held in place with a screw fitting CARBON ELECTRODES:  CARBON ELECTRODES Carbon electrodes can be made from carbon rods The rods are inserted through holes drilled in a lid and glued in place with silicon CONTACT SWITCHES:  CONTACT SWITCHES The metal can be cut and bent to shape using a guillotine Mounted on a lid with banana sockets M.E.S. GLOBE HOLDERS:  M.E.S. GLOBE HOLDERS The holders can be mounted on lids and fitted with banana sockets SKILL TESTERS:  SKILL TESTERS Materials purchased from local hardware stores Different degrees of difficulty – depending on the shape of the wire DINOSAUR TEMPLATE:  DINOSAUR TEMPLATE Photocopy the pieces of the dinosaur model Enlarge until it is the size required Cut out the shapes and use these as the pattern The slits are 6mm - the thickness of the MDF board used DINOSAUR JIGSAW:  DINOSAUR JIGSAW Display the small model as a guide for the students LEMON BATTERY:  LEMON BATTERY Solder wire to the copper and zinc electrodes Six lemons give a good supply of electrical energy Use a L.E.D. in the circuit RAIN GUAGE:  RAIN GUAGE A copper shim and connecting wire soldered around the clothes peg A small piece of soluble aspirin is placed in the jaws of the peg Water is dropped onto the aspirin When contact is made a buzzer sounds ALTERNATIVE QUICK FIT:  ALTERNATIVE QUICK FIT Very expensive glassware Use glass tubing covered with chux cloth and wound with wire The chux cloth is soaked with water and acts as a condenser FORENSIC SCIENCE:  FORENSIC SCIENCE Children’s shoes from the OP SHOP Shoe prints Transparency of shoe print section Police report List of suspects Discover the perpetrators GAS GENERATOR:  GAS GENERATOR These gas generators can be set up and stored as a class set. Carbon dioxide generator Hydrogen generator SPOTTING TRAYS:  SPOTTING TRAYS Food testing pH testing Easy to clean In place of test tubes PLASTIC CUPS:  PLASTIC CUPS Polystyrene: heat experiments Plastic: taste tests Plaster toothpaste. Clear plastic: growing seeds NO CLEANING SPATULAS:  SPATULAS Damage Don’t fit test tubes Cleaning SOLUTION Wooden stirrers CULTURE TUBES:  CULTURE TUBES Smaller in size Smaller quantities needed Cheaper to replace Plastic tops instead of rubber stoppers DATA BASES:  DATA BASES Lists of equipment and Chemicals Quantities of Equipment and Chemicals Location of Equipment Easy for all staff to locate equipment Nothing gets “forgotten” PROBLEMS Equipment must be returned to the designated storage DATA BASES:  DATA BASES DATA BASES:  DATA BASES LABELLING:  LABELLING Avery labelling system Adding Class Icons Add other relevant information No waste of labels CHEMWATCH:  CHEMWATCH Chemwatch MSDS data base Subscribe through a school network $100 per year for 4 updates per year Everything from toothpaste to trichloroethane Includes Manufacturers Website - Email - CHEMWATCH SAMPLE:  CHEMWATCH SAMPLE MINI MSDS:  MINI MSDS R.E.S:  R.E.S Risk Evaluation Sheets Available on the website at GSC HS & DG REGISTER:  HS & DG REGISTER LAB MANAGEMENT CLASS SETS:  LAB MANAGEMENT CLASS SETS Dropping Bottles - solutions Canisters – powders Samples Pre-weighed/measured chemicals Apparatus Pre- organised experiments DROPPING BOTTLES:  DROPPING BOTTLES Our students work in pairs, 13 dropping bottles per set. The sets are stored in plastic boxes. Each chemical is given a number, and stored in numerical order. The sets are recorded on a data base, this is displayed on the door. DROPPING BOTTLES:  DROPPING BOTTLES CANISTERS:  CANISTERS Class sets of canisters are stored in take away food containers Each powder is given a number and stored in numerical order SAMPLES:  SAMPLES Small samples of plastics are cut and stored in containers. PRE-MEASUREMENT:  PRE-MEASUREMENT REASONS. The experiment is used by every class in the year level. Many experiments cannot be completed within one period. Pre-Weighing and Measuring samples saves class time. Cost saving in chemicals used. Many can be stored for later use. Not every school has a class set of scales. SPOOLING OF DNA FROM ONION:  SPOOLING OF DNA FROM ONION Lux flakes can be weighed for the students. A dispenser can be used for the enzyme. 100ml of minced onion measured into beakers. Ethanol can be. pre-measured. TASTE TESTS:  TASTE TESTS Dosage cups or film canisters Dispensers Cotton buds cut in half Container of disinfectant TOOTHPASTE:  TOOTHPASTE All ingredients are pre-weighed for the students. Economical use of chemicals. Students use plastic cups and wooden stirrers for mixing toothpaste - more hygienic and can be discarded after use. LESS MESS. ENDOTHERMIC - EXOTHERMIC:  ENDOTHERMIC - EXOTHERMIC Quest book 3 Page 47. Exothermic and endothermic Processes. Pre-weighed samples of chemicals. Some classes are working on the same topic at the same time. Multiple class sets can be pre-prepared. MICROSCOPE SLIDES:  MICROSCOPE SLIDES Class sets based on topics Booklets Easier to see if slides are missing or broken Easier to locate slides STORAGE IDEAS:  STORAGE IDEAS “A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE” EASIER SAID THAN DONE !! STORAGE IDEAS:  STORAGE IDEAS Stackable bins Bin racks STORAGE IDEAS:  STORAGE IDEAS Ticker Timer Power supplies Connecting wire Streamers Carbon discs All stored together in one bin STORAGE IDEAS:  STORAGE IDEAS Shelving for stock jars and canisters Wall mounted rack STORAGE IDEAS:  STORAGE IDEAS All the equipment for titration can be stored in one container Burettes, clamps, white tiles, funnels, pipettes – all plastic “Under the bed” plastic bins Easy to transport and “almost” unbreakable STORAGE IDEAS:  STORAGE IDEAS Peg board for connecting wire Coat hanger bags Bag holders A WHITEBOARD LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES To stop the students from changing the voltage of the power supply and blowing the m.e.s. globes we use L.E.D's (Light Emitting Diodes) they are easy to make and very cheap to produce. If the students do manage to damage them it is just a matter of replacing the resistors and led's (only a few cents) much cheaper than replacing a globe. The led's have a negative and a positive terminal, if they are not connected correctly they will not work. They still have the responses in series and parallel. LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Film canisters are used to make the led's. They are available free from photo processing labs or your school photographic department. STEP1 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Banana sockets - Dick Smith Catalogue Page 248, standard 4mm, Cat No - Red – P 1720. Cat No - Black - P 1722. Ring Dick Smith for a cost, catalogue price is nearly double the school price. STEP 2 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Resistors Available from Dick Smith - 330 ohm resistors. Page 258. Ring Dick Smith for a cost, catalogue price is nearly double the school price. STEP 3 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Light emitting Diodes Dick Smith Catalogue Page 267, 5mm size is used in the film canisters, if you wanted to use the 10mm led's a larger container would be needed. Ring Dick Smith for a cost, catalogue price is nearly double the school price. STEP 4 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES TOOLS Soldering Iron Drill Drill bits - 19/64 & 1/4 Drill socket Solder Helping Hands Pliers STEP 5 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Using the 19/64 bit drill two holes for the sockets. Using the 1/4 bit drill one hole for the led. Take care when drilling the holes leave enough room for the nut to go on the socket. STEP 6 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Insert the sockets, using only one of the nuts, tighten with pliers or drill socket. STEP 7 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Solder the led to the resistor, solder a connector to each end. STEP 8 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Twist the wire into shape and bend the connector at right angles. Check to see which end is positive Fasten to banana socket with remaining nut. STEP 9 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Ensure that no wires are touching before clipping on the lid. STEP 10 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES Diodes can be connected in parallel or series. Kits can be constructed for demonstration. STEP 11 LIGHT EMITTING DIODES:  LIGHT EMITTING DIODES The L.E.D’s can be stored as class sets STEP 12 Slide83:  THE END

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