Lab Safety Expectations

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Information about Lab Safety Expectations

Published on February 9, 2008

Author: sth215


Created by Mónica Alonso Lab Expectations

#1 Enter room quietly and sit and wait for instructions.

#2 Listen quietly to all directions. Ask questions if you are unsure.

#3 Stay in your seat unless you are directed to get up. Avoid horseplay.

#4 Follow the directions in the lab book. Ask your teacher before you try a “new idea.”

#5 Never eat or drink in the lab. You never know what was put in the beaker before you use it.

#6 Clean up all messes immediately.

#7 Wear goggles when you heat anything or mix chemicals.

#8 Take care of the equipment so that everyone may have the same opportunity to learn.

#9 Clean your lab area before you leave.

Always remember science is fun as long as it’s safe.

Always remember science is fun as long as it’s safe.

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