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Information about Lab'InSight Toxicological Risk Assessment présentation UNamur NNC 131024

Published on October 25, 2013

Author: ReseauLIEU



Namur Nanosafety Centre

Toxicological Risk Assessment An initiative of 24 October 2013 - UCL - Brussels (Woluwe) 1

Namur Nanosafety Centre University of Namur Dr Christelle Saout Senior scientist Pr Stéphane Lucas Director of NARILIS

Fields of expertise Fields of expertise • Nanomaterial (NM) physicochemical characterisation: pristine forms, dispersions, complex matrices • NM fate and biodistribution studies at cellular and organ levels • Assessment of NM potential toxicity: in vitro & in vivo testing following OECD guidelines • Metrology, cross validation studies for regulatory purposes: validated supplier of EC-JRC IRMM • Animal whole-body exposure to standardized airborne aerosols: local and systemic impacts, biopersistence • Heamocompatibility of NMs • Toxicity mechanistic studies • Nanomaterial regulation: OECD WPMN, EC DG Consumers & Health, GAARN- European Chemical Agency, BE Superior Health council 3

Industrial targets Industrial applications fields Potentially, all industrial sectors involved nanotechnologies • NM manufacturers • Paint & coating • Construction • Transport • Cosmetic • Food • Biomedical and health • Electronics • Aerospace •… 4

Applied research projects in Nanotoxicology Ongoing projects QualityNano : A pan-European Infrastructure Project for quality in nanomaterials safety testing. Joint Research and Networking Activities and provision of Transnational Access. (7 M€, 2011-14, INFRASTRUCTURE-2010-1-262163). NANOVALID: Large scale integrated project: Development of reference methods for hazard identification, risk assessment and LCA of engineered nanomaterials (7 M€, 2011-14, NMP4-LA-2011-263147). NANoREG: Large scale integrated project: Regulory testing of Nanotechnology The approach of NANoREG will provide answers to Society, Industry and the National Regulation and Legislation Authorities (48 M€, 2013-16, NMP4-LA2013, 310584). Closed projects Program of Excellence NANOTOXICO n°516252: Coordinator : Unamur–(Jan 2006 to Dec 2012) – Total Budget 10 M€ co-sponsored by DGO6-SPW & Unamur. NANOPOLYMERES project: n°DG5/MR-RB/2007/nano1. Coordinator: ISP- Nov. 2007 to June 2008) – Total Budget : 32.000,00 €. Silicalloy project: Convention n°6144 MECATECH Pole. Coordinator : De LEUZE Brussels – s.a. –Jan. 2009 to June 2013)–Total Budget 1.2 M€ Oct 24, 2013 5

Special equipments NM physicochemical characterisation • 2 MeV Tandetron linear accelerator (Altaïs) for NM-core chemical characterisation • Field Emission Gun - Scanning Electron Microscope JSM7500F /Jeol (resolution 0.6 nm) with EDX detector for morphology and global chemical composition • CPS 24000 Disc Centrifuge for nanoparticle size analysis • BET for porosity evaluation • XRD for phase and crystallinity evaluation 6

Special equipements NM toxicity assessment In vivo/ ex vivo testing • Impact-R®, PFA-100®, light transmission aggregometry, electron microscopy, KC-10®, cTGT for NM impact on blood • Whole body inhalation exposure models for biodistribution and biopersistence studies In vitro testing • Cell culture platforms – Tissue engineering - Young vs Elderly • Confocal microscopy (Leica TCS SP5) for cellular uptake and DNA damage studies • Gene expression profiling and proteomic platforms for toxicity screening 7

Services provided to companies Adapted to the demand • Physicochemical characterisation: size distribution, shape, surface properties (pristine form, complex matrices) • NM release studies – Identification of potential exposure • NM solubility • NM transport /crossing through biological barriers • Toxicity screening testings – safe by design strategy • … 8

Training proposals to companies ITEMS • Selection of best and most appropriate analytical technique for NM investigation • Training about in vivo and in vitro toxicity assessment • On site NM worker exposure measurements • Best NM manipulation practice • Origin of NM generation as byproduct for vacuum based technologies • … 9

Contacts University of Namur Namur Nanosafety Centre Rue de Bruxelles, 61 5000 Namur Pr Stéphane Lucas Director of Narilis– Characterisation studies  +32 81 72 55 28 or (54 81) Dr Christelle Saout Senior scientist– in vitro studies  32 81 72 57 13 Dr Olivier Toussaint Senior FNRS research associate – In vitro studies  +32 81 21 54 87 Pr Jean-Michel Dogné Director of the Pharmacy Dpt.– In vivo and hemocompatibility studies  +32 81 72 57 13 10

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