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Information about Lab Armor Baths Product Information - PDF

Published on August 7, 2012

Author: labarmor


Lab Armor® Bead Baths While laboratory water baths haven’t changed in decades, Lab Armor has recognized a need for lower maintenance and more precise control in the lab. With the use of Beads, labs can avoid risky exposure to water, eliminating a major contamination source and routine TAR GET CUST O ME RS maintenance. Bead Bath was designed Tissue culture labs from the ground up and delivers greater temp uniformity over standard bead-filled Life sciences labs water baths, sets up four times faster, and Pharmaceutical labs never needs to be turned off. Chemistry labs Diagnostic labsBio-product manufacturing labs Features & Benefits • Designed specifically for beads, Bead Bath temperatures are more consistentBUN DLIN G OPP OR TU NI TIES and 50% more uniform than a bead-filled water baths at all temperatures Dry baths • Bead Bath sets up four times faster and is always on, so lab professionals don’t Ice buckets have to plan around warm-up times. No burn-out risk since there is no water. Foam trays • Far less conducive to microbial contamination than water filled baths. Stainless steel trays • No one enjoys water bath cleaning duty. Bead Bath requires minimal cleaning and doesn’t need to be regularly monitored, emptied or refilled. Incubators • The recyclable beads eliminate the routine use of harmful germicides. Ovens • Bead Bath is over 50% more energy efficient than a water bath. Refrigerators • Bead Bath naturally holds common lab vessels in place without accessories such as racks, floats and bottleneck weights. M AN UF ACT U R ER • Sample vessels are not limited to water-tight containers anymore. So lab PR O D UCT N U M B ER professionals can safely incubate Petri dishes, multi-well plates, and open-top 20L 74309-720 tubes at any angle – there no water to wick under the lids. 14L 74309-714 • Sample vessels can be conveniently buried into the beads to avoid temperature 6L 74309-706 gradients and condensation associated with exposure to room temperature air. Competing Products • Status Quo – water baths • Sand/Glass/Ceramic Baths - poor thermal conductivity. Insulation properties produce hot spots and cold spots in bath. Sand is messy and sticks to vessels that form condensation. • Iron Shot Baths– expensive, more difficult to insert vessels, very difficult to clean, coarse material with potentially sharp edges that pose risks. • Aluminum Dry Block – not flexible, each block is limited to specific vessel sizes. Multiple blocks are required for most labs.

Reasons to Sell Lab professionals want a better experience from their equipment, especially from their water baths. Cell biologist, molecular biologists, microbiologists, and many other life science research professionals are confronted with recurrent problems in the laboratory that seem unmanageable and unsolvable. Lab Armor discovered a key area of seemingly unsolvable problems involving maintenance and contamination of constant temperature laboratory equipment, and solved it. Water TECH NIC AL S UPP ORT and ice carry unknown biological and chemical contaminants that put a lab at risk 800.210.8612 and create a complex, unpredictable work environment. By replacing water and ice baths in laboratories, Lab Armor products prevent misinformation and distorted data 503.640.3000 resulting from floating reagent vessels, inaccurate temperatures, evaporated baths, and contaminated samples. Lab Armor products also save the lab professional time and money. WEBSIT E Discover the Need Do you have a water bath in your lab? How clean does it stay? How often do you have to clean it? Have you ever had to rescue your floating tubes or bottles in the water? Once customers are introduced to Lab Armor Beads, customers are delighted to find that the beads can be used just about anywhere, to incubate virtually anything, whenever a constant temperature source is needed. They may begin their bead- journey by filling up one of their lab’s small baths or by buying a Bead Bath to replace an old water bath. Then as word spreads and their demands become more sophisticated, they purchase more and more beads: beads for ice buckets, beads for bench-top or under-the-hood trays, beads for heat block dry baths, or beads for transferring samples from lab to lab. Potential Customer Q&A Q: What is the working temperature of Lab Armor Beads and Bead Baths? A: Lab Armor Bead Baths operates up to 80ºC. However, Lab Armor recommends that Beads can be used in applications from -80 to 180ºC in other instruments. Beads may be used even up to 300ºC without loss in thermal performance, but product fluidity may be reduced. Please contact us for specific recommendations. Q: What if I spill something into the beads. How do I clean them? A: Lab Armor Beads may be washed with dish detergent and water, then sprayed with 70% ethanol if necessary. Beads must be dried out before returning to bath. Q: Do temperature gradients exist in a Lab Armor Bead Bath? A: Yes, but unlike water baths, Lab Amor Bead Baths generally do not that have hot spots. The extent of the gradient in a Bead Bath is similar to the measured or actual temperature gradient in a standard water bath set to 37ºC, which is usually ~ +/-1 ºC.

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