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Information about La présentation de Solel au 1er CleanTuesday sur Cleantech Republic

Published on December 23, 2008

Author: CleantechRepublic


Solar Fuel for a Clean Planet

Who is Solel? A technology company, providing a one-stop solution for utility scale solar fields The only commercially proven electricity-producing solar thermal technology 350+ employees – largest solar thermal company. Many engineers involved in building original SEGS Ongoing major investments in R&D and production capacity Over $450 million in backlog in 2008

What is Solar Thermal Power? Free and secure resource, widely 100 available and highly predictable 75 Uses reflectors to concentrate sun’s 50 energy and create heat Load Wind * Uniquely suited for 25 Solar ** answering peak demands 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 % of power generated vs. capacity

CSP Technology Comparison – Parabolic Trough the Dominant Technology Parabolic Trough Tower Dish C urved trough reflects Circular array of mirrors Dish focuses sunlight to solar radiation onto tube concentrate s sunlight single point , where thermal .and heats the oil inside it on receiver placed at top .collector captures the heat Mechanism A heat exchangercreates of central tower. Heat E ngineconverts heat into steam which runs a steam creates steam to power mechanical energy which .turbine generator. drives generator to produce electricity . Size Scale 50 – 600 (MW) 10 – 64 (MW) 5 – 25 KW (per dish) Cost (centkWh) 14 - 18 16-18 25 - 30 Mature technology, 20 yr Commercial Status commercial track record Proof of concept Embryonic - Pilot underway Market share by 2012 92% 5%-7% Negligible (MW) Parabolic Trough the de facto CSP standard & only bankable technology Source: Solel studies

Size of Market Source: Emerging Energy Research

Reliability of Solel’s Parabolic Trough Technology • Solel’s parabolic trough plants have provided consistent and reliable power generation for over twenty years • Dependable revenue stream • California SEGS/Solel technology has never fallen below 98% of rated capacity • Solel has consistently evolved the technology to introduce improved efficiencies and output • 2002 US DOE report to Congress: “SEGS demonstrate CSP systems achieve reliability equal to fossil-fueled plants”


Elements of a Solar Power Plant Solel’s SunField LP : Built-In Solar Fuel Power Block Solar Field HTF System Civil works Miscellaneous

Solel main products UVAC 2008 solar thermal receiver Parabolic reflector panels Solar Fields (loops)

Solel Solar Thermal – Investor POV Parabolic trough is mature commercial technology = bankability Infrastructure projects: > 40 year life Dependable revenue stream, lends itself to non- recourse project finance approach Structured finance Solel vertical control

Solel Solution: On-Site Power Plants Plant operating at Solel Headquarters, compact parabolic trough located on top of car park, power block in middle front.

Solel Solution: Industrial Cooling and Heating Industrial cooling and heating system installed in Trento, Italy

Large Scale Water Heating - Spain

Air Conditioning (Toyama Japan)

Pool Heating

Solel: Delivering clean power when it’s needed most Thanks for your time

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