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Published on December 29, 2007

Author: Sophia


Let’s Have Fun! Louisiana on the Move for children:  Let’s Have Fun! Louisiana on the Move for children Heli J. Roy, PhD, RD Philip Brantley, PhD Pennington Biomedical Research Center Move your body:  Move your body What is exercise? Exercise is moving your arms and legs enough to make your heart beat hard and fast. It gives you energy and keeps you healthy. It’s important to stretch 5 – 10 minutes before exercise. Make sure you stop, rest and drink water if you start to feel dizzy or queasy or have any pain. Keep your body cool by drinking lots of water while you exercise. Move your body, WARM UP:  Move your body, WARM UP Stretching is a great way to warm up your muscles and loosen your joints to get your body ready to move around. Make sure you have an adult nearby when you are warming up or exercising. Safety comes first! Stretch 5 – 10 minutes before exercise so you don't hurt yourself. Stretch slowly - only as far as you're comfortable. Stretching should feel good, not hurt! Hold stretch positions, and do not bounce. Stretching is great because you can do it alone or with a friend!:  Stretching is great because you can do it alone or with a friend! Towel Stretch – stretches your midsection. Standing, hold a small towel in front of you. Raise your arms above your head. Slowly bend to the side without twisting. Hold. Be sure to keep your arms straight! Straighten up and repeat, toward the other side. Stretching is great because you can do it alone!:  Stretching is great because you can do it alone! Stretching with a friend!:  Stretching with a friend! Push and pull – stretches your arms and legs. Sit in a wide straddle facing each other and take each other's wrists. Slowly pull back and hold for a slow count of 30, then switch. Be sure to keep your knees straight! Make stretching fun! Turn on some music or play Simon Says with stretches! Did you know?:  Did you know? Did you know that many kids in the United States spend more time watching TV every year than they spend in school? Kids activity pyramid:  Kids activity pyramid Kids activity pyramid:  Kids activity pyramid Kids activity pyramid:  Kids activity pyramid Kids activity pyramid:  Kids activity pyramid Exercises you can do:  Exercises you can do Do jumping jacks or sit-ups during TV commercials. Play basketball with rolled up socks and the clothes hamper, or throw paper wads in the trash can. Turn on some music and dance! See how long you can hula hoop or jump rope. Set a timer and try to clean a room before it runs out. Best aerobic activity:  Best aerobic activity The game of TAG: you run very fast for very short periods of time, then rest, and go again. Other aerobic activities Basketball Biking Bowling Catch Fishing Football Freeze tag Frisbee Hacky sack Hiking Hopscotch Jump rope Kickball Softball Swimming Tag T-ball Trampoline Running Kite flying Miniature golf Ping Pong Playing at the park Rollerblading Skipping rope With Other Kids:  With Other Kids Dance to music Play active games like catch or tag Join a sports team at school, sports club, or the park With Family:  With Family Go on a walk together Run and play outside or at the park Turn the TV off for a day By Yourself:  By Yourself Dance to music Do cartwheels, sit-ups or jumping jacks Walk or jog to a friend’s house Practice basketball Have Fun!:  Have Fun! Exercise Doesn’t Have to be Boring! Playing games is a great way to get moving! Here are some great games to try — when you’re with a group, when there’s two of you, or when you’re alone! TV Magic — Pull an exercise out of a hat!:  TV Magic — Pull an exercise out of a hat! Each player writes down an exercise, like jumping jacks, sit-ups or push-ups on a piece of paper. Fold the papers and put them in a hat. While watching TV, each person picks an activity out of the hat. During the TV ads, each player does his or her exercise until the ads are over. When everyone is done, fold the papers and put them back into the hat. Start over with the next ad! Turn your favorite show into a workout! Exercise let’s you stay healthy!:  Exercise let’s you stay healthy! When you exercise regularly, it helps your body fight off germs. Exercise every day to keep sickness away! Exercise can also help you do better in school! Studies show that kids who play sports do better in school! Eating good food!:  Eating good food! Eating good food!:  Eating good food! Eating good food!:  Eating good food! Help in preparing food – you can see what food is made of! What is good food?:  What is good food? Healthy foods: All fruits either cooked or raw All vegetables either cooked or raw Milk, yogurt, cheese, ice-cream Meat, fish and poultry Whole grain cereal and bread Remember to make good choices!:  Remember to make good choices! What would be a better choice?:  What would be a better choice? What would be your best choice? :  What would be your best choice? What kind of drink should you choose from a vending machine? How about a fruit juice, milk or water? That is the right choice! Can you think of some good eats?:  Can you think of some good eats? What to do from now on!:  What to do from now on! Think about moving your body a little more each and every day! Think about eating good food and eating a little less sometimes! References:  References Sothern, M. Schumacher, H. & Von Almen, TK. Trim Kids: The Proven Plan that has Helped Thousands of Children Achieve a Healthier Weight, 2001, Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY. Sothern, M., and Gordon, S. Prevention of obesity in young children: A Critical Challenge for the Medical Professional, Clinical Pediatrics, 2003, 42:101-111. Kosharek, S.M. If Your Child Is Overweight:A Guide For Parents. 2nd Ed. 2003, American Dietetic Association. Center for Disease Control, Defining Overweight and Obesity. Accessed January 7, 2004, Mullen, M.C., Shield, J. Childhood and Adolescent Overweight: The Health Professional’s Guide to Identification, Treatment, and Prevention. 2004, American Dietetic Association. Healthy People 2010, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office of Public Health and Science, Washington, DC.

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