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Published on March 15, 2014

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The characters from the rp La magik royaume

La Magik Royaume

Fractions • La Lumiere • La Sombre • La Riveire • La Flamme • La Terre • La Tempte

La Lumiere (light) • A kingdom known for it's high advancements of technology and art. It's cities are made of marble and machinery, and many of it's citizens are known for their bright white or blonde hair and startling blue eyes and fair to light tan skin. A sophisticated group with a wide sense of knowledge.

** General Ivan d Eglee • Age: 35 Race: Elf/Fae • Occupation: Lumiere General of the Circle/King of La Lumiere • Personality: Radiant, charismatic. But gets nervous and insecure easily. But has a good head on his shoulders, and is a good leader when called for. • Background: The youngest ruler of the Six Fractions. He is the first in line to the throne. Has a younger brother-Luxell. He worries about his brother sometimes. He lived a pretty good childhood, though isolated most of times due to royal studies and demands of being first in line to the throne. Sort of naiive. • Love Interests: Reidell of the Fourth Fraction (possibly one sided; Small crush) Emirea, daughter of the Duke (arranged by parents; ex bethrothed) • User: jaslove

*$ Luxell d Elgee • Age: 25 Race:Elf/Fae • Occupation: Lt. General of the First Fraction/Prince/Head assassin • Personality: Charming, but also has a dark sense of humor if you get to know him. A bit more confident than his brother, and allusive. Mysterious, and always has a smile on his face. Not really sure what he's thinking about. • Background: He is the Head Assassin of the Lumiere guild, second in line to his brother, Ivan. Some think that he should have been king, due to his confidence and strength compared to his brother. But he has no interest in the throne, rather liking the shady work of working in an assassins guild. Somewhat his brother's Advisor. • Love Interest: Sentou Ebonian of the Second Fraction (one sided?) • User: Aetherwolf

* Emirea Wedeill • Age: 25 Race:Human - Part Fae • Occupation: Daughter of Duke Weidell (possible queen candidate for... (probably La Lumiere)) • Personality: Tomboyish, despite her ladylike appearance. But also very sweet and down to earth. • Background: Was once the fiance to Ivan, but Ivan broke it off after his parents passed. The Wedeills and d Elgee family were close, so she would always come over to play with Luxell and Ivan. Despite her tough attitude... doesn't really know how to fight. But she likes horses, and always is found racing with one. • Love Interests: Ivan (Ex Fiance; Arranged;one sided) • Not taken

La Sombre (darkness) • A Kingdom of darkness. They are calm and collected, and reserved. They don't have time for small talk, and are very serious. Also advanced in technology. Their cities of Obsidian give it a very intimidating appearance. Very little mortals here, and more Dark Fae, Werewolves, and Vampires oh my..... Known by their distinct appearances of dark hair, deathly pale skin, and ruby red or platinum silver eyes.

** General Ebonian • Age: (????) Looks about late twenties Race: Dark Fae • Occupation: Sombre General of the Circle/King of La Sombre • Personality: Dark, cold. Somewhat brooding, and doesn't like discussing trivial matters when he could be doing more important things. Doesn't do a lot of talking unless needed. Somewhat sadistic (yikes) • Background: The oldest General of the Circle, was around since the creation of Royaume. Not • much is known about him except what is stated in the history books. The Ebonian Twins are his distant cousins. Has immense power that rivals the High King. • Love Interests: None. He never got married. Rumors are that he had a male lover, but those were just rumors.... Another ridiculous rumor was that he had a fling with General Esmeralda... ridiculous! • User: Aetherwolf

$% Lucifera Kitson • Age:16 Gender: Female Race: Half Dark Fae and Half Vampire • Occupation/Rank: A loyal Killing Machine (Assassin) but other than that, is inventing weapons. • Personality: Cold as ice, Silent type and always serious. She is intelligent because of her photographic memory. The word 'Daredevil' describes her the best. She didn't trust anyone that easily, She likes to cuss. A normal habit for her.Heartless • Background: She is not a pure Dark Fae or a Vampire because of her parents,Her mother is a Dark Fae while her father is a vampire. She was trained since she is 4 years old. • Weapon of Choice: A necklace with a design of a Fangs with wings, She can use that as weapons 'cause it can transform in any weapons that she wants and also Dark Magic. • Sexuality: Not Fat not Slim, Totally Fit • User: @Animeaddict04

# Kamui Sighere • Age:26 years old • Gender: Male • Race: Shaman (if allowed) • Occupation/Rank: Military officer • Personality:No one ever really knows what Kamui is thinking of. He's constantly smiling and revels in blood and danger. There's no doubt he's a twisted man but he isn't without some threads of morality. He loves animals and children and does have enough honor to greet the family of enemies he's killed (quite happily). As far as his own comrades go he becomes quite fond of them. If they die he doesn't show normal sadness but his brutality becomes even worse and he seems to crack a little more every time. • Background: An enigma. Kamui, apparently, had 'memories that aren't his' but at the same time 'are mine alone'. Thanks to this he's developed a twisted moral compass and a jaded outlook. He was married once and his wife was his sole anchor that kept him sane. When she was killed in (insert events here) his memories become more vivid and revealing and Kamui spiraled down. Once a bright boy in the military academy that settled down with his bride Caramia, Kamui returned to the military in full force after her murder. Apparently he was also going to be a father. That didn't exactly help his mental state. Kamui likes to bother General Ebonian and somehow manages not to get slaughtered. • Sexuality: Pansexual • Weapon of choice: Prefers lances and long scythes. He has skill with black magics such as necromancy and likes to use illusions to mess people up in the head. • User: @st_beldam

# Luze Ebonian • Age: 27 • Gender: Male • Occupation/Rank: Strike Force Soldier • Personality: A bit like his sister, Sentou. But speaks rarely, but he isn't as harsh as his sister. While not a softie, he does tend to be a bit more empathetic towards others. Somewhat shy, not necessarily anti social like his twin. • Apperance: Dark hair, 6"7. A attractive figure, and somewhat delicate features. to-receive-art-exhibition-20130802/1000x306/sutcliff-306v-1375471024.jpg • Background: The younger twin. An assassin himself, but works for the strike force which is in charge to enforce order and makes sure no harm comes to their land and king. He is protective of both of his sisters. Feels a bit in his older brothers' shadows. • No real sexuality • Similar to Sentou, except his affiliation is darkness and the moon. • User: Aetherwolf

$% Sentou Ebonian • Age: 27 • Gender: Female • Occupation/Rank: Head Assassin/Master Summoner • Personality: Cold, quiet, and has a biting tongue when he does speak. Always has an unreadable expression on her face, and can make a grown man run to mama. She is the bewitching beauty of the family, but decides to switch out the dresses for the Assassins uniform. • Appearance: Short black hair, 6"7, deathly pale skin and sharp silver eyes. A slender yet muscular figure. synthetic-wig-cosplay-short-hair-wig.jpg • Background: Comes from a family of six, made up of her mother, three brothers, and her younger sister Grey. She is the niece of General Ebonian. Her mother, Athena, is the General's sister. She is the Head Assassin of the Sombre Guild. Luxell has been courting her for awhile (they are friends from childhood.) but she has shown no romantic interests in anyone (actually a bit dense romantically). • Sexuality: Asexual (currently) • Weapon of choice: She can form weapons from shadows. And she can summon great beasts from other realms. Her affiliations are darkness and the ocean. • User: Aetherwolf

# Grey Ebonian • Age: 17 • Gender: Female • Occupation/rank: Soldier in Training • Personality:Shy, and a little skittish. She is very compassionate of others and often extends a hand out to others in need. Very sweet, but often insecure about herself. • Appearance: • Background: The youngest Ebonian child. Training under her brother Luze, and her biggest role model is Sentou. They are both protective of her, and scare off suitors that usually try to court Grey. • Sexuality: Straight • Weapon of choice: Wields a sword and has a little magic. Her affiliation is the winter and darkness. • User: Aetherwolf

# Caleb • Age: 23 • Gender: Male • Race: Vampire • Occupation/rank: Marksman • Affiliation: La Sombre • Personality: Stealthy, most people don't know that he's there. He is very good in disappearing into one of the many shadows of the obsidian city. • Background: Being hit by his father and neglected by his mother, Caleb decided that it was better if he just disappeared. He left his home and became a person in the shadows, never letting anyone see him. • Sexuality: Bisexual • Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow • Appearance: He has red eyes. • • User: @Tarataart

# Travis Mathers • Age: 21 • Gender: Male • Race: Werewolf • Rank: Soldier • Personality: Very cocky and doesn't take most things seriously. He doesn't care for alot of people and never lets his emotions show. • Background: He forces down most of his memories and never remembers most thing that happened to him. Forgets childhood memories and things that happen recently. • Sexuality: Straight • Weapon of choice: scythe • Appearance: Dark brown hair, has a light tan, light brown eyes. Very tall and his chiseled features stand out alot. Not very muscular and not very lanky. • User: @lunchtyler

La Riveire (water) • A kingdom of the water. They live by the oceans and rivers. Specialized in fishing, they are a harbor based country. From friendly seaside fishers to outspokern sailors. An exotic bunch, from ivory skin to sun tanned skin. And the hair colors can be as common as brown to deep sea green. A capitol of trade.

** General Primesria Oceanuse • Age: Looks 38 (Actually only a little bit younger than Ebonian) Race: Merman • Occupation: Riveire General of the Cirlc/King of La Riveire • Personality: Like the sea, can be calm and soothing. But upset him, and you have the rage of an angry oceans flames. • Background: Not known is much either, but he's well known for his generosity and wise words. Second oldest to Ebonian, and the two seem to share a close bond despite their differing personalities. His son is Lilithia. • Love Interest: His wife, Aquais (deceased) • Not taken

* Lilithia Oceanus • Age: 30 Race: Merman • Occupation: Prince of La Riveiere • Personality: Calm, mature. Like a placid lake, nothing really ruffles him. • Background: Had taught himself to grow up fast after the sudden loss of his mother. Looks to be the perfect heir for his father. • Love Interest: Esmeralda possibly. • Not taken

#% Mizusui Takeno • Age:18 Gender: Female Race: Half-mermaid, Half-human • Occupation/Rank: A loyal mermaid that protects the royal family from the enemy • Personality: Intelligent, loves music, and if the royal family is in danger she will do anything to protect them even if her life is on the line. • Background: Her mother is a mermaid and her father is a human, when she was born her mother left them to go back to the sea, and her father was very protective on her even if she knows that her father was so lonely because her mother was not around. When her 18th birthday comes she will be a mermaid foreverand she will find her mother. • Weapon of Choice: A necklace that shape like a shell and has a diamond design she can used it as a weapon she will just open the shell and the shell will become a sword and a shield and she can use any form of water magic • User: @AndreaPatenia

% Elizabeth Evers • Age: 21 • Gender: Female • Race: half-mermaid, half-human • Rank: Loner • Affiliation: la reveire • Personality: She slips past most unknowingly. Silence is her best friend and she uses it to her advantage. Though, she's really bubbly. Takes a while to open up to others. • Background: She had a difficult past, her family and friends taking advantage of her. Using her for their sick purposes, they never really cared for her feelings. She never got her way, though she never really minded. That is until, she found out she was adopted. Elizabeth started to think she was so pathetic, she started to doubt herself. It was no wonder she was treated differently compared to the other siblings. She really should've noticed she was nothing like her " family " with her navy blue hair. • Appearance: She has navy blue hair, her eyes are a soft grey with blue specks. Has one dimple on her cheek, and her cheekbones stick out more than usual. She has pale white skin. • User: @lunchtyler

* Eden Alma Oceanus • Age:20 Gender: male Race: Merman • Rank: Prince of La Riveiere • Personality: Eden is the epitome of life, and innocence. He's very bubly and energetic. He is kind- hearted, loving and very selfless. He would help another out before worrying about his own safety. He loves making people smile, and turning bad situations into good ones. Eden is a pure soul, a diamond in the rough if you will. Although he is very sweet and kind-hearted, he can be fierce and protective over the people he cares about. Unlike most teens his age, he isn't too worried about love or finding his significant other. He believes that when the time is right, he will come. He is a dreamer, and always dreams of his soulmate coming to sweep him off his feet, but that don't mean he's a little damsel in distress. He strongly believes that everyone has good in them, no matter who they are, so don't take his judgement for granted. • Background: Was always the smallest one in the family. He looked just like his mother, and even had her body structure, where as his brother was more fit and tall. He once had a thing, with General Ebonian, and they were rumored to get married, but later called it off. However, he still has feelings for Him. • Sexuality: gay • Weapon: trident and his powers • Appearance: Eden has delicate feminine features. He stands at 5,2, angelic face that is surrounded by long blue hair cascading down his back to his bum, violet eyes and wears his mothers necklace. When he's in mer form, his feet form into a sparkling violet tail, that glints when light reflects off it. • User: @_Jaay_

La Flamme (fire) • A Kingdom of flames. A fiery race of people filled of fire users and sprites. Magic thrives here, just be careful not to get burned. Think of medieval times, and you're in the right place. A place of celebration and fireworks. The life of the party. The people are recognizable by their sun burnt skin to deep mocha, and the dsitinctive blonde to fiery red hair.

** General Esmeralda Cross • Age: 36 Race: Human • Occupation: Flamme General of the Circle/Queen of La Flamme • Appearance: hickbox/Julianne_Moore.jpg • Personality: A fiery woman who doesn't let her gender demean her. Intelligent, and quite tough. Can woop any man's sorry ass. • Background: The only Queen of the Circle. She exiled her brother, who was first in line to throne, because he was planning to poison their father to achieve the throne. Close friends with the Ebonian Family, but even she doesn't know much about him. Has a cousin, Riedell. • Love Interests: Possibly Lilithia, prince of La Riveire or Raigus Invid of La Terre. • User: @Tarataart

*% Riedell Cross • Age: 31 Race: Human • Occupation: Prince of La Flamme. His cousin's advisor. • Personality: A man of kind words, and friendly. He holds his head high, and challenges the face of danger. • Background: His cousin is Esmeralda. They are particurally close. A handsome young bachelor who makes both men and women swoon down at his feet. He and the Ebonian • Love Interests: Ivan (? Onesided crush???) Emirea (possibly one sided) • Not taken

* Remi Cross • Age: 20 Race: Human • Occupation: Princess • Personality: A fiery lady who backs her words with fists. • Background: Sister of Riedell. • Love Interests: None currently • Not taken

% Jyaku • Age: 19 Gender: Male Race: Half-elf, half human • Occupation/Rank: Wandering Bard • Personality: Whimsical, laid-back, and carefree. Most of the time. If he breaks a string on his twelve-stringed heirloom one-of-a-kind acoustic guitar, he goes crazy. Good thing he carries hundreds of spare guitar strings in his pockets. People always underestimate him for his short stature and his easygoing personality, but don't be fooled. His trained and nimble fingers are also trained to tie those spare guitar strings onto people and bind them up quite well. Because of his singing and playing skills he is quite the charmer, although never sticks around in each town long enough to settle down with a lover. • Background: Jyaku was sent off to an orphanage as a baby because his family couldn't afford to feed a thirteenth mouth. Instead of making him depressed or antisocial it makes him independent and carefree. The guitar wasn't given to him by father, it was stolen from his great-grandfather's tomb, who was an inspiration to him. Somehow it's remained fresh and good as new through the generations. He grew up playing at taverns and establishments for money, and because of his skill made a decent living out of it. • Sexuality: Straight • Weapon of choice: For survival he taught himself how to use a bow and arrow, buuut because he's a slight pyromaniac he likes to cloak his arrows in flame with a quick fire spell. He's no champion at fire magic, but he's decent enough. • User: @DraconicPen

% Kirsherr Emberre • Age 19 Gender: Female Race: Elf • Occupation: Songstress • Coy, but isn't cocky about her talents. Rather, she is very modest. • Background: Came from a farming family, but left home to become a songstress of the land. Is good friends with the shy Grey • Sexuality: Straight • Weapon: Flame magic is definitely a strong point. • for-you/are-red-hairstyles-for-you-3.jpg • User: Aetherwolf

La Terre (earth) • A kingdom of forestry and nature. These people are strong yet down to earth. Mostly made of people with strong builds, brown hair to dark auburn, with distinctive freckles and hazel eyes.

** General Raigus Invid • Age: Appears to be late thirties, but his age is unknown. Third eldest next to Primesria and Ebonian. Race: Centaur (can assume a human form through magic) • Occupation: Terre General of the Circle/ King of La Terre • Personality: A strong man who is extremely wise. He is soft spoken. He's sort of the happy medium between Ebonian and Primesria. He's not extremely cold like Ebonian, but isn't as brash as Primesria. • Background: He is a good king with a big heart, and doesn't like unnecessary conflict. Tends to stay away from war unless it threatens the well-being of his people. He is the No. 1 archer of all Royaume, and can be magnificent fighter when called for. Has good relations with La Flamme. He was heart broken by the loss of his wife. Has twin sons and a daughter. • Love Interests: His wife, Urd (deceased). Now possibly Esmeralda. • Not taken

* Kellet and Kellin Invid (Twins) • Age: 24 Race: Centaur (can assume a human form) • Occupations: Princes of La Terre. • Personality: Kellet and Kellin are so alike, being somewhat devious yet charming. But they each have their differences. Kellet is the older one of the two and tends to be more fiery and daring. Kellin is more calm and tends to be the only one that can calm Kellet. • Background: Kellet, being the older twin, is first in line to the throne. Kellin is their father's Lieutenant and possibly his brother's in the future. They always are seen together, and grew up with a close bond since the diaper days. They are protective over their younger sister, Asmiria. • Love Interest: Kellet-Remi Cross (one sided. She acts as if she wants nothing to do with him... or maybe she isn't aware of his existance...) Kellin- The Sage Duke's daughter, Lemiura (betrothed;arranged). The duke's son Lyle. (? Implied, but not confirmed) • Not taken

* Asmiria Invid • Age: 15 Race: Centaur (hasn't learned to attain a human form yet) • Occupation: Princess of La Terre • Appearance: • Personality: Adventurous and curious. Smart and witty, and definitely not a damsel in distress. Somewhat bitter due to the fact her mother passed and tends to have black humor. • Background: The youngest child of Raigus. Gets irritated at her brothers' protectiveness. Only second to her father's archery skills. Close friends with Remi Cross. • Love Interests: None. Her brothers wouldn't allow it. • Not taken

% Kanon dal Riata (ex #) • Age:24 • Race: Human • Gender: Male • Occupation/Rank: Ex-military officer, artist, freelancer. Currently works for (INSERT NAME HERE) as a dedicated butler. • Personality:A bit of a mystery. Kanon has a constant air of melancholy and wisdom around him. He's gentle and soft spoken but can arouse a distinctly 'scary' aura from inside. To him all that matters in the world are beautiful things and beautiful feelings. He's loyal to those he befriends (and that's quite a few) and spoils them. He's meticulous. When he serves beneath someone tell him to bend over backwards and he will. • Background: Remarkably talented and strong for a normal human, Kanon grew up beneath his grandmother and grandfather. Raised to be a classical 'Renaissance' man he's well versed in many areas. He became bored with military life and retired to the disappointment of many higher officers. • Weapon of choice: Prefers using whips or swords. He'll use anything to his advantage if need be. • User: @st_beldam

% WSW "W" • Age: 23 Gender: Female Race: Vampire. • Occupation/Rank: Loner • Personality: W is quiet with a short temper. W carries and old aura around her wherever she goes. She loathes crowded places and enjoys reading, music (although, not singing), sleeping and overall, solitude. She tends to kill off 'friends' when she gets hungry and is always mad at herself for it. • Background: W was born and given to an orphanage three days later. She grew until she was 7 years old, before running away to a forest (?) and living out her life there. There isn't much more to tell. • Sexuality: Straight • Weapon Of Choice: Scythe • User:@Birdie22202

La Tempte (air) • A kingdom of changing winds. The whimsical people of this place make your head spin in confusion. A place of passing travelers and messangers. The people are known for their lithe figures, pale blonde to silver hair, and flickering green eyes. Always on the go go go.

** General Llyth Genova • Age: 36 Race: Wind Fae/Vampire • Occupation: Tempte General of the Circle/King of La Tempte • Personality: Whimiscal like the wind, and always has a creepy smile. Seems to know all the ways to get under your skin and into your head. • Background: Born through his father (vampire) Triadum Genova and a mistress (a wind Fae), he was the only heir left when his father passed. Some say that the accident Triadum died in may have not been an accident... • Love Interest: Remi (stalkerish level...)

$ Mina Ashton • Age: 18 Gender: FemaleRace: Vampire / Half Fae • Occupation/Rank: Sometimes an assassin but any other than that, none. • Affliltration: La Tempte • Personality: She's moody but mostly a sweet heart and childish. She likes to smile but cries easily. She's clumsy and whimsical. • Background: She grew up in a noble family. She grew up alone with only her maids and butlers to talk to. Her parents were always busy with their works. • Sexuality: Straight. • Weapon of Choice: A ring that could turn into a spear, a sword or a gun. • User: @Animpad13226

#% Woulfe Noir • Age: 25 • Gender: Male • Race: Fae/Elf • Occupation: soldier/Messanger/part time hit man • Appearance: • Personality: Sadistic, a little sneak. Two faced. Charming one moment, vicious the next. Two sides to the card, many faces of the dice. • Background: luxell, Sentou, and noir were once good acquaintances, childhood friends. But after a nasty incident, it was over and ended in a nasty feud. The Noir family had once good relatoons with the dElgee and Ebonian family, but after the Noirs swore complete loyalty to Llyth Genova, they had quite a spit and ended on a sour note. • Sexuality: Pansexual • Weapon: the west and north winds. Has afflitation a with the west wind and snow.

Legenda • * Royal • ** King or Queen of a Fraction • # Non royal in the army • $ (Parttime) assasin • % other

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