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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: VolteMort

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Slide1:  Collaborative Tools And Telematic Services Of The Greek School Network Greek School Network Profile :  Greek School Network Profile Offers network and telematic services to Approximately 54.000 teachers Over 13.000 schools Over 2.500 administration units All telematic services are included in the web portal (http://www.sch.gr) SCH Educational Goals:  SCH Educational Goals The main educational goals of SCH Develop a networked environment which supports the educational process Promote the collaboration between geographically distributed groups Offer access to digital libraries and content Offer flexible search in a certified content Support creation and distribution of presentations, seminars and lectures Offer communication with academic institutions Offer communication with international educational institutions, etc. SCH- School Labs:  SCH- School Labs The school laboratories supported by SCH SCH Telematic Services:  SCH Telematic Services SCH telematic services and collaborative tools e-mail service Video On Demand service Teleconference service implemented with Click To Meet Live Streaming service Web Hosting service e-Learning service implemented with Moodle SCH e-mail service:  SCH e-mail service Main characteristics of the E-mail service 40MB inbox currently under update to 100MB Antivirus protection Antispam filters, used only if the users want to activate them Web access, support for IMAP and POP3 protocols From the forthcoming school year, all students will have personal e-mail accounts SCH e-mail service:  SCH e-mail service Use of the e-mail service in collaborations First contact between partners Exchange of ideas about a collaboration Exchange of information and useful collaboration documents SCH Video On Demand service:  SCH Video On Demand service The Video On Demand service offers High quality streaming video The chance for all the internet community to see part of the video collection The service can be used in the collaborations to Publish videos that are produced from a collaboration Publish videos will help to start a collaboration SCH Synchronous Learning:  SCH Synchronous Learning The Greek School Network offers a cutting edge service named as Synchronous Learning with features like: By–directional optical and acoustic communication between the participants Exchange of files Sharing of applications Allow users browsing the internet embedded in the synchronous learning environment SCH Synchronous Learning:  SCH Synchronous Learning The software used for the service is FVC Click To Meet 4.1 Supports all the well known video protocols Requires broadband connections from 512Kbps or higher SCH Live Streaming service:  SCH Live Streaming service The Greek School Network can perform live castings from major meetings All internet users have can watch the live castings through friendly urls SCH Web Hosting:  SCH Web Hosting The web hosting service is offers to teachers and units Space up to 50MB for teachers and 100MB for units The space can be increased after user request Wizards for creating sites easily Users can create dynamic sites using PHP and MySQL SCH Web Hosting:  SCH Web Hosting The service provide to a collaboration Provide the details and the results of the collaborations Users can use many web tools build in PHP and host them in the SCH Easy to remember domain names for the sites (http://users.sch.gr/xxxxx) SCH e-Learning service:  SCH e-Learning service The e-learning service is based on Moodle environment and offers Web access to all Open courses which can be used from a e-twinning collaboration Courses can support Material in various forms Links to external material Calendar etc. SCH e-Learning service:  SCH e-Learning service Moodle offers a friendly and easy to use environment Moodle is based in various educational principles Other collaborative tools:  Other collaborative tools Many free tools can be used during a collaboration between schools Many of them are in the CSS site http://www.etwinning.net/ww/en/pub/etwinning/helpdesk_and_tools/software_tools.htm The collaborative tools can be used in various ways depending from the style of the collaboration between the schools Other collaborative tools:  Other collaborative tools The collaborative tools can be grouped in the categories below Tools for image proccessing Like GIMP and Irfan View Tools for file compression Like WinZip and Power Archiver Tools for playing video / audio files Like Real Player, Media Player, Winamp Tools for instant contact Like Skype and MSN Messenger Thank you…:  Thank you… … for your attention!!! Further information at http://www.sch.gr Or contact info@sch.gr

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