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Published on March 12, 2014

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Krishna - Nitya Brahmachari

One day Lord Krishna was playing with his queen Rukmani in the banks of Yamuna. Suddenly the Lord told her, "Rukmani, on the other shore of Yamauna, sage Durwasa has come and he is very hungry. Please prepare good food and take it to the sage”. Rukmani immediately prepared sumptuous food, packed it and came back to the shores of Yamuna. Then she told her lord, “Lord, The Yamuna is in floods and there is no boat or boatman in sight. How can poor me, cross this mighty river?”

Lord Krishna replied, “Dear Rukmani that should not be any problem. Approach the river and tell the river that the Nitya Brahmachari (perennial bachelor) has asked her to give way to you. She will surely give you way”. Rukmani was surprised and asked her Lord, “Lord, who is this Nitya Brahmachari and why am I not able to see him?” The Lord replied, "Of course, Rukmani, it is myself”.

Rukmani was surprised. She could not understand how her husband who has seven other wives could call himself, Nitya Brahmachari. Anyway she decided to obey him. She went near Yamuna and told the river, “River Yamuna, my husband, the Nitya Brahmachari has asked you to give way to me, so that I can reach the other shore”.

The river immediately obliged. Rukmani crossed the Yamuna, met sage Durwasa, saluted him and served him the sumptuous food that she has brought with her. The Sage liked the food and became very happy and blessed her. Then Rukmani told him, “Sir, I am very gratified by the blessing of the sage like you. Now I have to cross back the river Yamuna and join my husband. Can you please help me do it?”

Sage Durwasa replied, “Of course Rukmani that is my pleasure and duty. Go to the river Yamuna and tell her that the Nitya Upavasi (He who never takes food) has asked her to give way to you. She will help you”. Rukmani was taken aback. She thought how this sage who has just had a sumptuous feast can call himself Nitya Upavasi. She did not bother to ask him, because he was well known for his short temper. She went near the river and told her, “River Yamuna, now I have to cross you and reach the other shore. The Nitya Upavasi has asked you to give way to me”.


COMMANDER SELVAM   The war between Pandavas and Gauravas made certain and the situation to fix the field and time was examined by the team of Duriyodhana. Saguni the kinsman and the close associate of Duriyodhana, knew well that the talents of Shahadeva could guide them to have a most favourable day which could help them a lot score the great success.   Shahadeva is one among the five brothers of Pandavas. The war was with their own cousins. On the honour of relationship, Duriyodhana requested shahadeva to choose a successful day through the guidance of Astrology. The planetary positions and the Moon’s transit could be calculated and as a result the Astrology could help the diviner to find a suitable day. 

COMMANDER SELVAM  Here Duriyodhana is the person of enemey’s side. Being an astrologer, the lie or any false hood should not be used in giving prediction to anybody. So, noble and honour, Shahadeva detected the day and told to Duriyodhana the thithi and date for commencement of war. It was the “new Moon Day” of that month. Duriyodhana was happy to get the prediction from Shahadeva and returned to his palace.   Lord Krishna in his role of a mediator and being bound to maintain, the nutral – Position, he agreed to give his whole regiment and Soldiers to Duriyodhana. It was only a personal guidance to be in the side of pandavas and accepted to drwe the chariot of Arjuna in the war field. The duty of the Lord was to secure the justice and maintain the law. 

COMMANDER SELVAM  The date fixed for war was nearing one day prior to “New moon” day. Lord Krishna went to the River and started doing rituals to his forefathers. This was the customary prayer for the departed souls of elders of the family. All the people on earth should show respect and do homage to their elders lived on this earth. That is what, Lord Krishna was doing.   This performance of Ritual, created the suspicions between “Sun” and “Moon”. They were puzzled to see the Lord who was performing the rituals one day earlier. In reality only on the next day Sun and Moon can join and rise simultaneously on the eastern horizon.   To get cleared of their doubts, both of them appeared before Lord Krishna and requested the Lord to tell the reasons for his doings of prayers, one day prior to the scheduled date.

COMMANDER SELVAM  Lord Krishna smiled and replied them, that the occasion when Sun and Moon jointly coming, could be considered as “Ammasha” thithi. To the earth, it was the actual happening of joint arrival of ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’. So, that day, itself the ‘Ammasha’ the so called ‘new moon’ day arrived and fully active.   Lord Krishna had to enact this performance because, he had to save the justice. The pandavas after the period of Exile, came and requested the Gaurawas to hand over the country which was owned by them 15 years back. The Gauravas refused to keep up their promise and made the injustice and involved them to be on the war field to claim their rights.   Gauravas did not agreed to the treaty of Lord Krishna who claimed at least five houses, one each, to the five brothers of pandava. The cunning and guilty persons are now being scaled by Lord Krishna who knew well about the Astrological predictions given by shahadeva. As per the predictions of Shahadeva the new moon day, if commence on the actulday, the victory will go to Gauravas and the pandavas will have suffer further. To avoid this injustice, Lord Made this voluntary arrivals of sun and moon and to the world the next day could only be a “Pattima” that is next day to full Moon day.

COMMANDER SELVAM  Lakhs and Lakhs of soldiers and the regiments of back warriors on Elephants and Horse were assembled. The commanders of armies from both side were regulating the crowds in order.   Certain times justice rise only after claiming lakhs of lives. The country Bharat never to its history, met with such a big war. That is why it was called as “MAHA BHARAT YODH”.   These days the studies towards war affair and process of Bow and arrow were taught by the great teachers like “Dhronacharya”. Both the sides of pandava and Gaurava had theis proper lessons from “Dhronacharya”. Arjuna was the great and faithful student of Dhronacharya. Pandavas family had large members of supporters. The supporting kingdoms and their warriors were also annexed towards the army of pandavas. Arjuna had the notable merit and his father in law and all the friendly kingdoms were joining the issue. It was a scene of Lakshs and lakhs warriors armed and showed the paradical exhibit of strength.

COMMANDER SELVAM  At this juncture, the chariot of Arjuna came there duly driven by Lord Krishna. For a moment Arjuna began to look at the army and made a survey by glance. All of a sudden he felt with distress and covered with sorrow. He looked the birth and cousins on the opposition side. For the sake of Land how many persons and their precious lives are risked? How many deaths that could be accumulate? The pendulamic mind produced all such thoughts. It was not at a fear on account of Arjuna. He was the brave and bravest. How many days the war will prolong and how many persons from his side as well as the opponent side could die? What was the purpose? It was after all the land. If duriyodhana was greedy and forget the justice let the pandavas maintain the humanitarian consideration and forgo their claims. All the lives could be saved. His thoughts were on the path of nonviolence. It was not any kind of fear or calculation on failure. But he was confusioned.   Lord Krishna actually understood the hesitating mood of Arjuna. When the extremity rules over good and expend the territory of violence and injustice, the justful end should reach and that alone could establish the honesty and the faithfulness. If the evil occurance permitted with free Dom then the good things could not be surrived while times point out the cruelty, that should be curbed and eliminated from the deep routes. Then only the maintenance of justice could be possible.

COMMANDER SELVAM  Lord Krishna drove the charriot to a nearly place and began to clarify the doubts of Arjuna. Lord was having a in hand. It was called as “Pancha Jenya”. Previously on one occassion when the teacher saint “Kasibini” was educating the lessons on war and preventive manthras, he asked Lord Krishna to give him his son whom he lost when they were swimming on the sea waters.   Lord Krishna and Balarama went to sea shore to fetch back the son of the saint “Kasibini”. Actually they had to fight against the “Samudra Raja” (king of the ocean). The king surrendered and gave the reply about the son of the saint “Kasibini”. 

COMMANDER SELVAM  It was one demon called as “Pancha” who captivated the boy and kept in his custody. The demon was living in the underwater of sea in a shell – house. Lord Krishna commanded him to return back the Boy. The Demon with out knowing the strength and power of Lord denied and fought with the Lord. The demon was defeated. The demon came to know the Divine supreme in form of Lord Krishna. He surrendered and gave back the boy. The demon fell at the feet of Lord and requested him to permit as servant to be along with the Lord for ever. According to his request Lord accepted to give him a prestigious position in form “TRITON” in his hand. (TRITON A CURVED SEA SHELL).

COMMANDER SELVAM  This is called in the name of the demon “Pancha”. In the form of instrument Lord has given asylum to the Demon. The echoing sound of this instrument “Panchajennya” will be terribly vibrating the war field for the purpose to maintain Justice in “MAHA BHARATHA WAR”.

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