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Published on February 28, 2008

Author: Ariane

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Korean War:  Korean War Lisa Shimizu Modern World History Korean War Time Line:  Korean War Time Line 1950 June 25- North Korea invaded into South Korea with hundred thousand men. June 28- The South Korea military took flight and soon North Korea took over the capital, Soul. November 15- America institute to the United Nations and soon they send the UN forces to help South Korea. The UN forces were lead by man named Douglas Macarthur. November 18- Macarthur attacked from the west side of the Inchon and defeated the North Korean military from the back. November 26- The UN forces regained Soul from North Korea. October 19-Soon they took over the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang. In the end of October, UN forces cornered the North Korea military to the north. October 25- China at that time was anti-America, so they started supporting North Korea. And by this support, the UN forces backed up. 1951 January- Pyongyang was regained by North Korea and again Soul was taken over. The Chinese alliance didn’t have any guns or tanks but they used human wave tactics and defeated the UN forces. March 14- the representative of the USSR, Malik, started concerning about ending the war. April 11- Macarthur was planning to bomb Manchuria and blocking the sea of Shanghai but he was fired by Harry Truman President, and instead Ridgeway became the leader of UN forces. 1953 July 27- War ends by signing a treaty between North Korea and South Korea.   Korean War:  Korean War   The Korean War was the war between South Korea and North Korea. The war started on June 25 1950 by the North Korea’s invasion to the border. There were thousands of men led to invade and take over South Korea. In three days, the North Korean army defeated the South Korean army and took over the capital Seoul. From then, for about three months, South Korea was under control of North Korea. But in November, America instituted to the United Nations telling them that they must stop North Korea because they are communists and if they start getting power, then they will spread communism to the world. On the 15th, they send the UN forces to help South Korea and a man named Douglas Macarthur led the army. Three days later on the 18th, Macarthur attacked from the rear of the North Korean army from the west side of the Inchon. North Korea fought with the UN forces, but soon was defeated by their power and on the 26th, the UN forces regained Seoul. And soon they took over the North Korea capital, Pyongyang. Korean War:  Korean War Macarthur started to push back the North Korean army but he actually went too far. The army went close the border of China, and China started to warm the army not to come too close. But Macarthur refused to listen to them and China made a decision to fight against the UN forces. The American president, Harry Truman fired Macarthur because of his mal decision of getting close to China. Soon another man named Ridgeway led the UN forces instead of Macarthur. It is also said that Macarthur actually was planning to bomb Manchuria and block the sea of Shanghai. Fighting China and North Korea was not the best thing for the UN forces and soon they were pushed all the way down to the south. And again, in January 1951, Pyongyang was regained by North Korea. Also the Chinese alliance didn’t have any guns or tanks but they used human wave tactics and defeated the UN forces. Then in March 14, the representative of the USSR, Malik, concerned about ending the war and in then in 1953 July 27th, war ends by both North Korea and South Korea signing a treaty between them. Key People:  Key People Douglas Macarthur- The leader of UN forces who defeated the North Korean army but were fired because he went too far.   Kim Il Sung- The leader of the North Korean army and the person himself who started the Korean War.   Harry Truman- The president of America and the one who fired Macarthur.   Malik- Representative of USSR and the one who said to end the war.   Ridgeway- the leader of UN forces after Macarthur was fired. Ideological Differences:  Ideological Differences Ideological differences was the most part that caused the Korean War. North Korea was a communist country while the South Korea was not. So when North Korea invaded into South Korea, the UN feared that if North Korea took over South Korea, they were going to spread communism. So that is why America wanted to stop the invasion of North Korea. But there was also a miscommunication between countries. It was between China and the UN forces. When the UN forces were pushing back the North Korean army back to the North, they went very close to China’s border. China feared that the UN forces will invade into their country and so they warned them not to get too close. But Macarthur did not listen. And so China starts a fight between the UN forces because of the miscommunication between America and China. Slide7:  Invasion Maps Cites :  Cites "朝鮮戦争 “血で結ばれた友誼”は今?." 1 Sep 2003. 朝鮮戦争 “血で結ばれた友誼”は今?. 19 May 2004 <http://www.panda.hello-net.info/keyword/ta/chousensensou.htm>. "朝鮮戦争." 25 Feb 2002. 朝鮮戦争. 19 May 2004 <http://www1.cts.ne.jp/~fleet7/Museum/Muse081.html>. "Korean War." 朝鮮戦争. 19 May 2004 <http://www.aka.ne.jp/~deguchi/hobby/DPRK/KoreanWar.html>. "Democratic People's Republic of Korea." 朝鮮民主主義人民共和国(北朝鮮). 19 May 2004 <http://www.sarago.co.jp/nfhtm/kp.html>. North Korean Advance. 19 May 2004 <http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/images/korea_1950.gif>. "Korean War." 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