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Published on October 30, 2007

Author: Danior



Slide1:  LHC Computing Grid Project – LCG Les Robertson – LCG Project Leader CERN – European Organisation for Nuclear Research Geneva, Switzerland March 2005 Slide2:  LHC data (simplified) Per experiment: 40 million collisions per second After filtering, 100 collisions of interest per second A Megabyte of digitised information for each collision = recording rate of 100 Terabytes/sec 1 billion collisions recorded = 1 Petabyte/year CMS LHCb ATLAS ALICE 1 Megabyte (1MB) A digital photo 1 Gigabyte (1GB) = 1000MB A DVD movie 1 Terabyte (1TB) = 1000GB World annual book production 1 Petabyte (1PB) = 1000TB 10% of the annual production by LHC experiments 1 Exabyte (1EB) = 1000 PB World annual information production With four experiments, processed data we will accumulate 15 PetaBytes of new data each year Slide3:  Starting from this event… You are looking for this “signature” Selectivity: 1 in 1013 Like looking for 1 person in a thousand world populations! Or for a needle in 20 million haystacks! The LHC Data Challenge We will need ~100,000 of today’s fastest PCs to extract the physics from all of this data Slide4:  reconstruction analysis interactive physics analysis batch physics analysis detector event summary data raw data event reprocessing event simulation analysis objects (extracted by physics topic) Data Handling and Computation for Physics Analysis event filter (selection & reconstruction) processed data Slide5:  LCG-2 120 Grid sites 10,000 CPUs 10 PetaBytes LCG Service Hierarchy:  LCG Service Hierarchy Tier-2 – ~100 centres in ~40 countries Simulation End-user analysis – batch and interactive Slide7:  Requirements from December 2004 computing model papers Reviewed by LHCC Jan 05 Preliminary planning data Tape LHC Computing Grid Project - a Collaboration:  LHC Computing Grid Project - a Collaboration The physicists and computing specialists from the LHC experiments The projects in Europe and the US that have been developing Grid middleware The regional and national computing centres that provide resources for LHC The research networks Researchers Computer Scientists & Software Engineers Service Providers Building and operating the LHC Grid – a global collaboration between Virtual Data Toolkit Summary:  Summary LHC computing – Data intensive - Geographically distributed Independent regional centres LHC Grid – Reliable environment for data intensive batch work An early example of a working data-intensive grid Co-existing with multiple grids, other sciences Current status Large global grid established – and being used for real work by LHC experiments Middleware – basic functionality, reliability & performance issues Learning how to operate a facility with 150 centres Ambitious schedule to achieve required service level by March 2007 Long-term expectation – Science grids operated as national/international infrastructure

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