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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: mickeyheil

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learn how Kony platform can help you to build better apps & accelerate your time to market

Empowering Everywhere. January 2014

Agenda      Partners overview Kony Overview The Multi Channel Challenge How does Kony address the Challenge Platform Overview

HMS – Company overview • The leading Financial IT & professional services consulting firm in Israel • 200-strong elite team of professional experts focused on financial organizations • Over 21 years of “hands on” experience Our uniqueness • We leverage our expertise, business knowledge and technological capabilities to continually provide our customers with sustainable business advantage 3

Selected Customers by Sectors Financial Institutions Leading Corporations Investment Houses and Credit Agencies Insurance Carriers Regulators 4 Business Partners 4

Ideomobile – Company overview • Full service provider of mobile and cross channel solutions with focus on financial services and healthcare sectors • In charge of delivery and support of digital customer engagement channels for 6 leading financial institutions and healthcare providers 5

A leader in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Mobile App Development Platforms • • • • • Founded in 2007 First product released in 2009 1400 employees 350 customers 600% growth in past two years (fastest in the industry) 600+ 20 million+ Top 20 1 billion+ published apps app users every day global SI partners annual user sessions 3 of the top 6 3 of the top 5 2 of the top 3 3 of the top 5 US auto brands insurance companies US banks US airlines

Financial Services Hospitality Manufacturing 1 million+ $750M 20% active users worldwide in mobile booking revenue field productivity gain Value—promised and delivered. Health Insurance Pharmaceutical Airline < 49 days 70% $750M to pilot a multi-channel app saved in mobile dev costs increase in mobile sales

Customers Utilities/Services Manufacturing Healthcare / Pharma Mining Insurance Financial Services Automotive Partners Platform Partners Technology Partners SI Partners Consumer / Retail Hospitality

The Multi Channel Challenge Video:

‫יתרונות מרכזיים של ‪Kony‬‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫פיתרון ‪ Multi Channel‬מלא כולל ‪.Desktop Web‬‬ ‫חווית משתמש אופטימאלית לכל פלטפורמה.‬ ‫פיתרון קצה לקצה משולב לכל מחזור חיי היישום.‬ ‫פיתרון אינטגרטיבי – לא שילוב מוצרים שונים.‬ ‫קוד אחד, לכל סוגי הפלטפורמות / תצורות.‬ ‫‪ SLA‬לתמיכה עתידית בכל מערכות ההפעלה והמכשירים החדשים.‬ ‫פורטפוליו אפליקציות עשיר כולל קוד המקור.‬ ‫‪ – Fast developers on-boarding‬עושר של חומרי הדרכה.‬ ‫מחיר תחרותי ו- ‪ ROI‬מוכח.‬ ‫הצלחות מוכחות במאות לקוחות ‪ B2C‬ו- ‪.B2E‬‬ ‫פלטפורמת הדיגיטל הצומחת בעולם‬ ‫01‬

‫תועלות עסקיות של ‪Kony‬‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫קיצור זמני עיצוב, פיתוח ותחזוקה (‪.)TTM‬‬ ‫הקטנת סיכונים בזכות:‬ ‫‪ SLA ‬ייחודי בעולם.‬ ‫‪ ‬מעבר חלק בין עיצוב, פיתוח והפצה.‬ ‫‪ ‬טמפלטים של אפליקציות מוכנות לשימוש מיידי.‬ ‫‪ ‬צמצום תלות במפתחים בעלי ידע ייחודי.‬ ‫הקטנה מהותית עלויות פיתוח ותחזוקה.‬ ‫שיפור איכות – כתיבת קוד אחד, כלי ניהול ובדיקות מובנים.‬ ‫11‬

The Multi-Channel Challenge

Consistent view and experience in every interaction 11:00 AM – tablet While on the plane with her iPad, she locates the offer, reviews and submits the application 9:00 AM – desktop Customer logs in to view and modify her spending goals for the period and notices a credit card offer on her home page 8:00 AM – mobile Customer views her account balance upon receiving a paycheck alert and securely transfers money between accounts 1:00 PM – mobile Upon landing, the customer receives a notification that her application has been approved. She clicks to read the details 3:00 PM – tablet While in a cab, she pulls her iPad for a better view of all her accounts and links the credit card to her consolidated accounts view 6:00 PM – laptop Customer accesses her account to set scheduled payments for the new credit card and ties spending goals.

“ I want to access our data and apps— User-First Experiences anywhere and everywhere.” Multi-Channel SaaS Apps Line of Business “ I need to develop for new platforms, but it’s hard and expensive.” Multi-channel Application Development Developers Enterprise Experience Platform “ I need an easier way to manage all this new stuff…” Edge-optimized IT Security Management & Security

How does Kony address this challenge?

Write once. A single code base. Build everywhere. Run everywhere. Broad Native Support Mobile Web (mobile + desktop) Tablets Individual, device-optimized sites Single Page Architecture Standard Hybrid Mixed Mode Desktops and Kiosks MBaaS Messaging Sync Integration

Kony SLA: Future Proofing Today Kony Platform Version 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 iOS 4.x 5.x Android 2.3 3.0 6.0 OS Upgrade: 30 days* 7.0 10.x New Device on New OS: 90 days* Blackberry Windows Phone 7.5 Windows 8 6.x 5.5 7.x 4.0 Kony has you covered * from release to developers 7.0 8.0 8.1 6.0 6.5

Forrester Report 2012 Reflects our learning: Market infancy now, growth in full lifecycle coming Highlights • Recognition from customers that delivering Apps for each OS by building them all natively is cumbersome • The scale of supporting Mobile Apps is now being recognised • Mobility market and Spend $s will comprise • Developing monetization strategies • Process re-engineering on back-end services • Multi-platform testing ( and multiple device variants ) • Building in security and quality • Managing the distribution and updates of Apps to App stores • Aiding App discovery and distribution • Capturing appropriate analytics and reviewing them • Evolving Apps over time to make them better • Integrate mobile apps into the single customer view 20 Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 20 20

Actual Customer Case Study: Tier 1 US National Insurance Company Copyright © 2012 Kony Solutions, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL 21 21 21

Platform Overview

Kony Multi-Channel Experience Cloud Kony Apps Cloud Customer Apps Kony Visualization Cloud Enterprise Apps Kony Development Cloud SaaS Foundation Kony Management Cloud Kony Cloud Foundation Public Cloud Hybrid Hosting On-Premises

The Kony Experience Platform: Design, build, and manage great apps.

Kony Apps Cloud: Customer Experiences Ready-to-run apps. Get to market with speed and confidence. Activate fully customizable and brandable to meet your needs. Full of best practices and features unique to your industry. Kony Healthcare Kony Private Banking Kony Retail Banking Kony Commercial Banking Kony Retail Kony Utilities Kony Insurance

Visualization Cloud

Multi-Channel Design Challenges 70% of defects in app development are categorized as UI defects.  Legacy tools are blank-canvas  Design for each platform/device  No re-use of prototype code  Legacy tools don’t implement designs  Reinterpret business requirements  Recreate designs  Must rely on image assets and style guides  Lacks ability to easily collaborate  Unable to experience the real app before production  Live apps fail business requirements

Designer Tools Visual Canvas  WYSIWYG interface  Design for all or each channel individually  Native widget rendering  Dynamic multi-channel flex layout  Device library of phones, tablets, and desktop  Switch between OS, device, and screen orientation

Designer Tools Design Library  Device-specific or common widget collections  Theme and skin library  Pre-packaged & user defined  Customizable asset properties Drag once, use everywhere.

Designer Tools Dynamic design link to Photoshop Instantly copy image properties Adobe Photoshop Kony Visualizer

Designer Tools Workflow Editor  Design navigation and workflows  Event-based actions  Native operating system actions  Export JS to Kony studio  Mirror workflows across devices

Designer Tools Design Viewer Preview on simulators in real time

Designer Tools App Generator  Functional apps in HTML, CSS, and JS  Native rendering on devices for review  No compilation or coding required  Functional app as development spec

Designer Tools Requirements Manager  Visual requirements authoring  Validate, prioritize, and approve  Track through development & QA

Development Cloud

Kony Development Cloud Build once, deploy everywhere. The enterprise grade platform to design, develop, test and manage native, web and hybrid applications. Multichannel with a single code Enterprisegrade cloud services Intuitive developer tools Analytics and reporting

Kony Development Cloud 3rd Party / Native SDKs Developer Tools Kony Studio Visual App Designer Integration Designer Data Mapper JS Code Editor Event Flow Editor Device Simulator 1-Click Deploy Developer Frameworks Development Framework API Capabilities Channel-Specific: Web Cross-Channel: Hybrid Native Kony Cloud Foundation Cloud Services Blend native capabilities with rich HTML 5 for fully optimized apps Web Apps Integration Orchestration Device Detection Messaging Sync Provisioning Account Management Authentication & Authorization Reporting & Analytics Monitoring Billing

Kony Developer Tools Visual App Designer  Form, service, data mapping and event designers  Consistent user experience  Extensive library of native and web widgets  Import native SDK and 3rdparty widgets  Configure native UI controls without coding

Kony Developer Tools Integration Designer  Point-and-click integration to enterprise systems  Explore business objects within enterprise and 3rd party systems  Test service request and responses  Define custom web service fields

Kony Developer Tools Data Mapper  Map backend data objects to frontend assets  Create composite data fields  Execute data transformations

Kony Developer Tools JavaScript Code Editor  Write code as needed  Intellisense to speed up coding  Access to Kony APIs and backend enterprise services (mBaaS)  Debugger to test and fix code  Import and reuse native code

Kony Developer Tools Import & Reuse Native Code  Import custom code and 3rdparty libraries  Single API to access custom code  Import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows code  Incorporate device peripherals such as barcode reader and Bluetooth

Kony Developer Tools Event Flow Editor  Configure complex app workflows  Manage navigation, enterprise integration, functions and more  Create inline code snippets and expressions  Visually manage conditional logic and branching

Kony Developer Tools Device Simulator  Instantly preview on devices and simulators without compiling code  Auto preview on actual phones, tablets and desktop  Share with reviewers on the cloud

Kony JavaScript Developer Framework JavaScript APIs  Open standards-based JavaScript interface  Thousands of Packaged APIs  Native API mapping  Consumable via 3rd-party tool / native SDK or Kony Studio Security Cryptography Enterprise IAM FIPS 140-2  Reuse existing code UI/UX Rich Drawing Charm Badge Live Tiles Gesture Themes & Skins Utilities Math String Table Time Alerts i18n Device Services Operating System Phone Accelerometer Geo Location Camera SMS Internationalization Bookmark & Refresh Network Network Cross-channel push Streaming Service Invocation Header Manipulation Availability Data Services Access Native Storage Offline Data Access Sync Services with conflict resolution

Kony JavaScript Developer Framework Next Generation HTML5  Develop web apps with HTML5, JS and CSS3  Deliver device specific browseroptimized HTML5 markup Tools / Frameworks Outcomes API Integration HTML 5/4 Hybrid Device Specific Mixed-Mode Channel Specific Kony mBaaS  Reuse UI/UX and business logic with HML5 SPA  Incorporate native device capabilities into hybrid apps  Import and reuse 3rd-party frameworks

Kony JavaScript Developer Framework Development Outcomes  HTML5/4, JS, and CSS3 for browser optimized web apps  Device-optimized native apps  Combine HTML5 in a native container with hybrid apps  Web and native capabilities – only where needed with mixed-mode apps  Cover iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, J2ME

Kony Cloud Services Integration  Proprietary Enterprise Connections  Kony for SAP Data Transformation Enterprise Explorer Sky Explorer  SharePoint  Siebel Visual mapping tools  Salesforce  PeopleSoft  Many more  JD Edwards  Support all Web Service protocols Functional Services / Capabilities SkyMobile Realtime Batch Sync/ Offline Web Services Firewall adapters  JSON  SOAP Kony Enterprise Federation Security (VPN, HTTPS, …)  REST  Web scraper  JDBC Database Connectors  MS SQL Server connectors  Oracle  IBM DB2 and more  Data mapper & integration designer to tie frontend to enterprise

Kony Cloud Services Orchestration  Composite web services definition editor  Synchronous/asynchronous service execution workflow  Optimize performance  Record and simulate service definitions

Kony Cloud Services Device Detection  Database with over 10,000 devices  Dynamic device identification  Optimized rendering for HTML5/4 and SPA  Cover iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, J2ME

Kony Cloud Services Messaging JavaScript  Single API interface for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry Kony Messaging Service  Context-aware targeted messages  Segmented marketing campaigns  Apple Passbook integration Push (Coming soon: Email / SMS) IOS Android  Reporting and analytics console Tablets

Kony Cloud Services Sync  Manages offline app behavior  Reconcile and sync offline data  Support persistent or direct sync  Rules-based conflict resolution  Define sync events (timer, scheduled, event-based)  Management console

Management Cloud

Multi-channel management challenges Staying ahead Supporting growth  Supporting the ever growing mobile environment  Mitigating risks posed by a wide variety of devices.  Managing the complexity of securing and managing apps, devices, and content. Managing complexity Mitigating risks  Staying ahead of today’s variables and being ready for the next shiny new thing

Kony Management Cloud Intelligent Enterprise Mobility Management A next-generation EMM platform to manage your mobile apps, devices and content. Cloud Foundation Enterprise-Grade Cloud Services Development Framework Developer Tools

Kony Cloud Services Device Management: Surgical control  200+ policy configuration options  Disable device features such as camera, app store, Siri  Blacklist WiFi networks to restrict man-in-middle attacks  Utilize geo- and time-fences  Easily resolve policy conflicts with wizard UI  Secure browser (on roadmap)

Kony Cloud Services Device Management: Locate and Wipe Employee 1 iPhone Employee 2 iPad Employee 3 Android  View all enrolled devices on map  Lock any device with just two clicks 3 1  Wipe with confirmation — full or enterprise  Prevent future enrollment of lost devices 2

Kony Cloud Services Device Management: Automate tasks Role Location  Use geo- and time-fences to change security policies on the fly  Update permissions in real-time for role changes  Set compliance actions for jailbreaking, removing MDM control and more Information

Kony Cloud Services App Management  Containerize private apps and add security policies  Deploy apps using secure enterprise app store  Build context-aware apps

Kony Cloud Services App Management: Containerize App Kony Management Cloud  Inject security layer at app build  Wrap security at app publish  Reduce development complexity  Enable SSO, context-aware features App App  Automatically Secured

Kony Cloud Services App Management: Enterprise App Store  Publish private apps  Import public apps  Role-based access  Volume Licensing (on roadmap)

Empowering everywhere. ‫תודה על ההקשבה‬ ‫דן ליכטנפלד‬ Ideomobile ‫מנכ"ל‬ 054-3454451 :‫נייד‬ Dan@Ideomobile.com ‫רשף רדין‬ HMS ‫מנהל תחום מוצרים‬ 050-7970777 :‫נייד‬ Reshef@hms.co.il

Appendix – Case Studies

Citi: Creating a global application across 28 countries Solution • • • • • Deployed in 28 countries across 18 different languages Electronic Wallet on Mobile Phone Mobile Payments using P2P & NFC payment technologies Consumer credit functionality with location-based services (ATM & branch locater) Remote Deposit Capture Benefits • • • Accelerated multi-channel deployment: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian, mobile web Total effort savings of 50% leveraging Kony Configurability capabilities Servicing customers across 28 countries throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America

BAYER: Mobilizing CRM for a more efficient sales process Bayer is a global leader in the fields of health care, nutrition and high-tech materials Solution • Global Mobile CRM solution for Bayer Healthcare OTC products (Aspirin, Bepanthen, etc.). • Backend integration with Salesforce • iPad and Windows 8 tablets Benefits • Will roll-out in 50 countries in the next two years • Multilingual support from one code-base • Increased efficiency of sales reps when visiting hospitals or remote doctors as a result of offline capable sync

Aetna: Embracing multi-channel exclusively with Kony A leading diversified health care benefits company with 37.2 million members Solution • The “full feature” Member App with resources to engage them on-the-go: • Search for a provider • Check drug prices based on coverage • View personal health records • Find information on claims, coverage and benefits • Access ID cards • Developed a mobile strategy and implemented mobile center of excellence • Reengineered SDLC to align with the Mobile First approach Benefits • • Shortened SDLC from 9-12 months to 2-3 months. A major shift from retrospective information to real-time information, putting Aetna’s most popular online features at the member’s fingertips • Improved the members’ health care experience

Marriott: Increased revenues and decreased costs with future proof mobile strategy Marriott International has grown to be a leading lodging company with more than 3,700 properties in 73 countries and territories worldwide Solution • • • • MobileWeb, Android, iOS and BlackBerry Rewards Program log-in and detail view Proximity search for hotels with property photos & descriptions Book reservations with a list of upcoming reservations, cancelling reservations functionalities Benefits • • • • 1st release in 3.5 months, 4 channels 750,000 downloads in one year $160M in booking revenue 50% reduction in call center volume

SIEMENS: Increasing productivity of remote employees with a multi-channel CRM solution Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors Solution • Support of a global multi-channel CRM solution • Support for tablets, smartphones and desktop web. from a single code base. • Integration with Siebel Benefits • Will roll-out across several countries • Multilingual support from one code-base • Increased productivity of remote employees by allowing access to CRM data on-the-go

KPMG: Enabling human capital management on-the-go A leading provider of audit, tax and advisory services Solution • Mobilized SAP business processes related to • Time Recording • Universal Work Lists • CRM • A light-weight and secure mobile app accessible from iPhone devices Benefits • Improved employee productivity • Reduced data capture errors • Encouraged more regular and timely submission of timesheets

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