Knowledge Test Sheets (Vers 2.2.) 27th January 2009

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Information about Knowledge Test Sheets (Vers 2.2.) 27th January 2009

Published on January 29, 2009

Author: rhinoneill



Test to see whether you should make a commitment to Knowledge Management

2. Would loss of key personnel/knowledge cripple or ruin your business? 3. Do you keep making the same mistakes? 4. Do staff find it difficult to find out information about company processes, procedures & policy? 7. Do you want feedback from the end user of your product? 8. Do you need to share information on collaboration projects? 9. Do you want to stimulate innovation and learning within your company? 10. Do you want to tap into the talent of your workforce? 5. Ever had something go wrong, and then someone say to you “If only you had asked me because I know about that?” 6. Ever heard discussions around the company/staff “I know we do this, but I don’t know who is responsible”. Knowledge Test – Page 1 (Continues Overleaf) The Knowledge Test 1. Would your company fail if the critical information/expertise disappeared? Yes No

12. Ever struggled to solve a problem, and someone says “I’m sure we’ve done that before but I can’t remember the answer”. 15. Someone say “That worked well on my project why didn’t you ask me for some advice?” 18. Had a critical element of your business fail because a key member of your organisation left? 11. Has someone left the company and performance was adversely affected 19. Ever thought that if you had the Knowledge of Person X then you could do your job better 20. Have you ever had to search for someone who knows about a particular Widget/Process/Subject 13. Ever had someone say “don’t feel bad we made that mistake on our project!” 14. “That’s a coincidence - we made that same mistake on the last project” or 16. Do you need to share information/knowledge with partner organisations? 17. Do you need to make knowledge/information accessible at any time/place? Knowledge Test – Page 2 (Starts Overleaf) Yes No

If you answered ‘No’ to all of the questions then you need to ask yourself are you being truthful! If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions then you would benefit from Knowledge Management

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