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Published on December 24, 2008

Author: moesds



We, PT Mobee Indonesia & PT BlueMoon Tech Holding Company, using Knowledge Management (KM) to bring together our three core organizational resources – emerging technologies (ET), emerging market (EM)/ Biz Development, and emerging people (EP) / Community Development – to enable organization to use and share information more effectively. By learning our KM content which is functioned as a contextual tool, then we hope to get understanding the contextual issue among the content of our ET, EM as well as EP – and at last to enable the organization to use and share information effectively.

“Learn how to be in state of LEARNING, GROWTH, and INNOVATION by learning the issues of our enterprise emerging Technologies, Market (Biz Dev), and People (Comm Dev) through our Community of Practice (CoP) (http://mobeeknowledge.ning,com ) in Knowledge Management (KM)”. MOBEE – BLUEMOON TECH KNOWLEDGE MAP by : Md Santo (Knowledge & Learning Manager) Updated Dec 22, 2008 : 131 members - 60 discussion topics @Mobee – BlueMoon Tech 2008, Allrights Reserved .… my primary interest in KM is knowledge transfer, knowledge visualization and information visualization for decision making. I do not have quot;articlesquot; as yet, but this ( what he intended : “OUR KNOWLEDGE MAP”- ) is the current focus of my thesis…. ( William Simpson, USA - member # 66 ) 1

MOBEE – BLUEMOON TECH KNOWLEDGE (ASSETS) MAP is an entity comprise of : • Contextual cluster : Knowledge Management (KM) topics as “cross-cutting theme” to facilitate the contextual learning on relationship and connectedness among our 3 (three) Content clusters : • Content cluster 1 : our Emerging Technologies – (ET) • Content cluster 2 : our Emerging Market / Business Development (Biz Dev) – (EM) • Content cluster 3 : our Emerging People / Community Development (Comm Dev) – (EP) Emerging Emerging Emerging People Knowledge Technologies Market (EP) Management (ET) (EM) (KM) 1. MOBEE BACK OFFICE 1. Retro Techno 1. Klasifikasi Proses Tugas 1. Mobee Site Map APPLICATION : BACKGOUND http://mobeeknowledge.ning. Personil PT Mobee : INFORMATION com/forum/topic/show?id=20 m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 90583%3ATopic%3A805 /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% %3ATopic% 10 m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 Attachment : 1. retro- 3ATopic%3A142 Attachment : 1. SITE MAP PT %3ATopic%3A791 techno.pdf Attachment : 1. PCF TEAM MOBEE INDONESIA.doc Attachment : 1. Mobee BUSINESS N ENGINEERING Backoffice Manual.doc MOBEE.pdf 2

2. Mobile Media Backoffice 2 quot;WANTEDquot; : 2. PEDOMAN KNOWLEDGE Application List.pdf KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (KM) 3. MobileContent Simple Step INVESTOR 2 Warning to an effort BLUE MOON – MOBEE by Step.ppt http://mobeeknowledge.ning. selling Mobee source com/forum/topic/show?id=20 code m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 90583%3ATopic%3A903 %3ATopic%3A108 2. HEY, LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT Attachment : 1. WANTED /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% Attachment : 1. BLUE MOON WHAT MOBEE & BLUEMOON KNOWLEDGE INVESTOR.pdf 3ATopic%3A344 MOBEE KM GUIDANCE.pdf HAVE DONE 2. .KNOWLEDGE CAPITAL Attachment : 1. To be sold 2. PEDOMAN KM BLUE MOON HARUS DIHITUNG.pdf Mobee source code.doc MOBEE (IN BAHASA).pdf m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 %3ATopic%3A981 Attachment : 1. 3. Peta Aset (Tangibe & 3. Cloud of Mobee case : Intangible) Perusahaan 3 THE FUTURE OF MEDIA “Learning in Cloud (Awan)” s/slideshows BUSINESS and THE m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 PROSPECT OF MOBEE ON- /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% %3ATopic%3A162 DEVICE PORTAL (ODP) 3ATopic%3A762 3. HOW MOBEE & Attachment : 1. PETA TECHNOLOGY / MASA Attachment : 1. LEARNING IN BLUEMOON TECH KEKAYAAN ASET.pdf DEPAN BISNIS MEDIA DAN CLOUD OF MOBEE CASE.pdf ANTICIPATE GLOBAL SOLUSINYA MOBILE MEGATRENDS http://mobeeknowledge.ning. 2008 4. Input for Singapore com/forum/topic/show?id=20 4. Planning a University meeting : Taxonomy of 90583%3ATopic%3A1104 supervised Technology m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 Mobee knowledge Attachment : 1. White Paper based Business %3ATopic%3A1033 product policies Masa Depan Bisnis Media 3

Attachment : 1. TOWARDS dan Solusinya.pdf Incubator (TBI) MOBILE MEGATRENDS 2008.pdf m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% %3ATopic%3A222 4 EFFECTIVE MOBILE 3ATopic%3A682 Attachment : 1. TAXONOMY 4. KNOWLEDGE-DRIVEN CAMPAIGN IN Attachment : 1. PLANNING OF MOBEE INA - SIN.pdf AND PROCESS-BASED INDONESIA AND TBI.pdf MOBEE’S R&D : MOBILE WORLDWIDE BY 5. Arsitektur PT Mobee CONTENT DELIVERY OFF-PORTAL MOBILE TECHNOLOGY ROAD COMMERCE - ALL 5. SUGGESTIONS FOR m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 MAP BEGIN IN MOBEE SEHATI FOUNDATION %3ATopic%3A283 OPENHOUSE (BANDUNG) PROGRAM Attachment : 1. SimpleGuideTo m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 http://mobeeknowledge.ning. DEVELOPMENT IN Enterprise Architecture.pdf %3ATopic%3A1484 com/forum/topic/show?id=20 COMMUNITY 1. ARSITEKTUR SISTEM Attachment : 1. Mobile Content 90583%3ATopic%3A1107 DEVELOPMENT AND KNOWLEDGE PT Delivery Technology Road Attachment : 1. MOBILE ALLIED HEALTH MOBEE.pdf Map.pdf CAMPAIGN IN INDONESIA INFORMATION & AND WORLDWIDE.pdf EDUCATION PROGRAM 6. Summary of topics 5. CLARIFICATION OF /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% between 3 - 21 May, 2008 5 Good input proposal SOCIAL NETWORKING 3ATopic%3A1244 from us to mobile SITE (SNS) “MOBEE Attachment : 1. PROPOSED IDEA m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 content owner to get KNOWLEDGE CoP” AS COMMUNITY-BASED MOBILE %3ATopic%3A421 any potential AN ENTERPRISE HEALTH INFO.pdf Attachment : -- advertiser LEARNING RESOURCES 2. SKEMA HEALTH INFO http://mobeeknowledge.ning. 4

SITE com/forum/topic/show?id=20 CONTENT AGREGATOR.pdf 7. Operational concept of 90583%3ATopic%3A1247 3. EPISTOMOLOGY E-LEARNING quot;BlueMoon-Mobee taxonomy- m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 Attachment : 1. SMART ENVIRONMENT.pdf based sitemap %3ATopic%3A1724 FRIENDLY ADVERTISING.pdf Attachment : 1. Mobile Content Delivery Technology Road Map.pdf m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 6. GUIDE TO INTERNSHIP 2. Affordable Electronic Paper Device.pdf %3ATopic%3A542 AT MOBEE / BLUEMOON Attachment : 1. SITEMAP 6 OSCAR PROGRAM TECH BLUEMOON MOBEE (One Solution 6. Mobee E-Flyer (CONCEPT).pdf Campaign Revolution) /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% http://mobeeknowledge.ning. 3ATopic%3A1362 m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 com/forum/topic/show?id=20 Attachment : 1. OVERVIEW %3ATopic%3A1742 90583%3ATopic%3A1571 MISSION OF SNS MOBEE 8. MOBEE CONTENT Attachment : 1. Total Attachment : 1. Digital Brand KNOWLEDGE COP.pdf MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) Publication1 mobee.pdf Through.pdf 2. WHAT OUR SOCIAL 2. Mobile Event Launching by NETWORK SITE MOBEE m/forum/to your own brand.pdf KNOWLEDGE COP CAN pic/show?id=2090583%3ATopic DELIVER.pdf %3A722 7. 12 STEPS INTO MOBILE Attachment : 1. CMS PT Mobee MEDIA (12 LANGKAH MOBILE . Indonesia.pdf MEDIA) 7. CLARIFICATION OF SOCIAL m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 7. Towards Pioneering NETWORKING SITE %3ATopic%3A1787 Mobile E-Learning in the 9. Mobee Indonesia Basic (SNS) “MOBEE Attachment : 1. 12 Langkah Indonesian Higher Guidance (Statuta) Mobile Media.pdf KNOWLEDGE COP” 5

AS AN ENTERPRISE Education : The goal of Manual LEARNING close collaboration RESOURCES SITE between UT (Universitas m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 8. PROPOSAL OF INTERACTIVE http://mobeeknowledge.ning. Terbuka) / Indonesia %3ATopic%3A702 MOBILE PORTAL SERVICES FOR UNIVERSITIES com/forum/topic/show?id=20 Open University and Attachment : 1. PEDOMAN 90583%3ATopic%3A1724 PTMOBEE DASAR _STATUTA_ PT m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 %3ATopic%3A1902 Attachment Attachment : 1. Bluemoon MOBEE.pdf : 1. Proposal for universities.ppt Strategic Roadmap for /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% Investor.pdf 3ATopic%3A1583 Attachment : 1. Presentation1 UT 10. CARA PANDANG BARU 9. Bluemoon Tech Trend, Mobile August.pdf YANG KITA BUTUHKAN Bluemoon as main holding of 8. MOBEE-DRIVEN 2. SPOKEN TEXT PRO MEETING (THE NEW PARADIGM Mobee CAMPAIGN : GENERAL _20 AGUST 2008_ DG OU.pdf WE NEEDED) m/forum/topics/2090583:Topic:2 ELECTION GOES MOBILE http://mobeeknowledge.ning. 087 Attachment : Bluemoon Technology trends.pdf http://mobeeknowledge.ning. com/forum/topic/show?id=2 com/forum/topics/mobeedriv 8. HOW TO 090583%3ATopic%3A1502 en-campaign-general UNDERSTANDING PT Attachment : 1. NEW 10. MOBEE - INNOVATED BACK Attachment : - MOBEE & BLUEMOON PARADIGM.pdf OFFICE MOBILE CONTENT TECH IN BUSINESS PRACTICE : MOBEE m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 9. OUR MOBILE BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE 11. HOW TO %3ATopic%3A2389 Attachment MODEL FRAMEWORK ENTERPRISE UNDERSTANDING PT : 1. MobileContent Simple Step http://mobeeknowledge.ning. ARCHITECTURE MOBEE & BLUEMOON TECH by Step.pdf 2. Ten Definitions com/forum/topics/our-mobile- IN BUSINESS PRACTICE : of Innovation.pdf 6

business-model /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% MOBEE KNOWLEDGE Attachment : - 3ATopic%3A1623 ENTERPRISE 11. WE BRING YOU FROM ON- Attachment : 1. MOBEE ARCHITECTURE LINE TO ON-YOU 10. POINTS SHOULD KNOWLEDGE ENTERPRISE http://mobeeknowledge.ning. CONSIDERED BY PT ARCHITECTURE.pdf com/forum/topic/show?id=2 m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 BLUEMOON TECH/MOBEE IN 2. CONTENT COMMUNICATION 090583%3ATopic%3A1623 %3ATopic%3A2584 Attachment : ESTABLISHING SHARE TABLE.pdf Attachment : 1. MOBEE 1. MOBILE MEGATREND HOLDER COMPOSITION KNOWLEDGE ENTERPRISE 2008.pdf 2. MOBEE WITHIN A JOINT PROJECT ARCHITECTURE.pdf MICROPAGE EDITOR vs WEB 9. Mobee Open House ( an http://mobeeknowledge.ning. 2. OUR KNOWLEDGE EDITOR CONTENT PROVIDER event in the form as Back com/forum/topics/points- MAPPING - RENEWAL.pdf ROUTES TO END USER.pdf 3. Office Application should-considered-by TOWARDS MOBILE Training ) Attachment : 1. MEGATRENDS 2008.pdf KNOWLEDGECAPITALHARU 12. BACKGROUND /events/event/show?id=2090583 SDIHITUNG.pdf 2. OUR LITERATURES FOR %3AEvent%3A782 UPDATED KNOWLEDGE STUDYING HUMAN 12. OUR MISSION : NOT Ref : MOBEE BACK OFFICE ASSETS MAP.pdf RESOURCES (HR) AND MAKING SMART PHONE, BUT APPLICATION : BACKGOUND BUSINESS PROCESS IN MAKING PHONE SMART INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE 11. BAD NEWS FOR MEDIA MANAGEMENT (KM) m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 /forum/topic/show?id=2090583% BUSINESS : “WHY http://mobeeknowledge.n %3ATopic%3A2824 Attachment 3ATopic%3A791 NEWSPAPERS ARE FAILING : 1. MOBEE MICROPAGE Attachment : 1. Mobee ONLINE AND WHAT THEY w?id=2090583%3ATopic EDITOR vs WEB EDITOR Backoffice Manual.doc NEED TO DO ABOUT IT” %3A1763 Attachment : CONTENT PROVIDER ROUTES 2. Mobile Media Backoffice 1. ROLE OF HR IN 7

TO END USER.pdf 2. WITH (from : Podcasting News : Application List.pdf INSTITUTIONALIZING MOBEE TOWARDS MOBILE New Media Update) - HOW 3. MobileContent Simple Step by KNOWLEDGE MEGATRENDS 2008.pdf 3. COULD MOBEE Step.ppt MANAGEMENT IN A Introduction to OnDevicePortal KNOWLEDGE TURN IT INTO COMPANY.pdf 2. BIZ Mobee.pdf GOOD NEWS ? 10. OUR SOCIAL NETWORKING PROCESS ORIENTED OF http://mobeeknowledge.ning. SITE (SNS) “MOBEE KNOWLEDGE WORK.pdf com/forum/topics/bad-news- KNOWLEDGE CoP” IS AN OPEN for-media-business SOURCE KNOWLEDGE 13. OUR MOBILE Attachment : 1. Why are MANAGEMENT (KM) EDUCATION 13. TO BE “WELL TECHNOLOGY 2.0 MORE THAN newspaper failed online.pdf INFORMED” OR TO BE JUST PUTTING CONTENT INTO 2. MOBEE DRIVEN NEW /forum/topics/our-social- “KNOWLEDGEABLE”? THE PHONE ECOLOGY TOWARDS E- networking-site-sns http://mobeeknowledge.n PAPER.pdf Attachment : 1. What Is Open m/forum/topics/our-mobile- Source.pdf 2. OPEN SOURCE w?id=2090583%3ATopic technology-20-more KM EDUCATION from KM- %3A1844 Attachment : Attachment : - online.pdf 3. Peran Strategis 1. KNOWLEDGE Open Source Bagi Indonesia.pdf WORKER INFRASTRUCTURE.pdf 14. MOBEE MICROPAGE 2. EPISTEMOLOGY of E- TECHNOLOGY ( from : QB 11. THE USE OF MOBEE – LEARNING HEADLINES, Dec.5, 2008 - BLUEMOON TECH KNOWLEDGE ENVIRONMENT .pdf 3. ) MAP TO ENHANCE OUR MOBEE CORPORATE CONTEXTUAL LEARNING SOCIAL m/forum/topics/mobee- PROCESS RESPONSIBILITY 8

micropage-technology (CSR).pdf Attachment : 1. QB HEADLINES /forum/topics/the-use-of-mobee- on Mobee Micropage _English bluemoon Version_.pdf 2. QB HEADLINES Attachment : 1. OUR UPDATED 14. Knowledge Management on Mobee Micropage _Bahasa KNOWLEDGE ASSETS MAP.pdf Controversy Version_.pdf http://mobeeknowledge.n 12. what were people think about w?id=2090583%3ATopic 15. “ Putting Newspaper into this one: %3A1862 Attachment : the Phone : Thanks to Mobee in bluemoon tech (Is it being well 1. knowledge realizing the Internet goes known or only for specialized managment mobile on Phone Screen” (from : person?) controversy.doc TEMPO Magazine, Dec 8-14, 2008 : pp 46-47) /forum/topics/what-were-people- think-about m/forum/topics/putting- Attachment : - 15. DEVELOPMENT IN newspaper-into-the Attachment MANAGING : 1. TEMPO MAGAZINE - MOBEE KNOWLEDGE BETWEEN TECHNOL.pdf 2. 13. E-Learning and the role of 2002 and 2008 : MOBEE MASADEPANBISNISMEDIADAN Learning Management System & BLUEMOON SOLUSINYA.pdf (LMS) ANTICIPITATION http://mobeeknowledge.n /forum/topics/elearning-and-the- role-of Attachment : 1. E- w?id=2090583%3ATopic %3A2026 Attachment : 1. 9

Learning.pdf KM 2002WorkingKnowledge 14. just launching 4.pdf 2. KM2008 AND THE WEB 2.0.pdf /forum/topics/just-launching- qbyouthcom Attachment : - 16. OUR KNOWLEDGE MAP m/forum/topic/show?id=2090583 %3ATopic%3A2062 Attachment : 1. OUR KNOWLEDGE MAPPING - RENEWAL.pdf 17. THE ANATOMY OF KNOWLEDGE WORKER http://mobeeknowledge.ning. com/forum/topic/show?id=2 090583%3ATopic%3A2203 Attachment : 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF A KNOWLEDGE WORKER.pdf 2. Knowledge Workers in 10


KNOWLEDGE http://mobeeknowledge.n w?id=2090583%3ATopic %3A2481 Attachment : - 20. TYPES OF INNOVATION : MOBEE ACHIEVEMENT m/forum/topics/types-of- innovation-mobee Attachment : MOBEE TYPES OF INNOVATION.pdf 21. SOME NOTES ON QB LUNCH TALK (DEC 17, 2008) FROM KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (KM) ASPECTS m/forum/topics/some-notes-on- qb-lunch-talk Attachment : 1. THE DYNAMIC OF TECHNO BIZ 12


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