Knowing What You Don't Know

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Published on March 20, 2008

Author: regor2012


Knowing… What You Don’t Know: Knowing… What You Don’t Know ? PowerPoint Presentation: Knowing What You Don’t Know… in new situations/ideas during change when collaborating in problem solving in problem prevention PowerPoint Presentation: Easy! Just look around you… BUT The mind gets in the way… Worldviews: Worldviews Beliefs Assumptions Values Who? What? When? Why? How? Mental Health Warning! PowerPoint Presentation: How do you see the world? PowerPoint Presentation: What is a Worldview? PowerPoint Presentation: ? Questions… Who? What? Why? When? How? Forming a Worldview : Step 1 As we look onto the world we seek meaning about what we see… PowerPoint Presentation: ? Using… Senses Reason Authority Intuition Revelation Forming a Worldview : Step 2 We use a range of sources to explain what we see… PowerPoint Presentation: Collecting data and forming… Beliefs Assumptions Values Facts Theories Knowledge Forming a Worldview : Step 3 We collect information about the world we see… PowerPoint Presentation: Organise ‘answers’ into… Mindsets Belief Systems Paradigms Worldviews Ideologies Forming a Worldview : Step 4 We find relationships and structure our ‘answers’… into worldviews . PowerPoint Presentation: In 1790 French scientists concluded that meteorites were lightning… ? ‘Purple’ Worldview Worldviews change our expectations and filter our perceptions. PowerPoint Presentation: In the 16 th C Amerindians with no concept of boats or sailing could not see the boats of the Spanish Conquistadors... ? ‘Orange’ Worldview “The eye is blind to what the mind does not see.” PowerPoint Presentation: A “Red Planet” or a Red Worldview? Is NASA “colour correcting” photo’s from Mars? The European Space Agency doesn’t. NASA Colours? and Why Isn’t the Martian Sky Blue… or PowerPoint Presentation: A worldview is: a set of assumptions which may be true or false which we hold consciously or subconsciously about the world around us PowerPoint Presentation: Ancients Earth, Air, Fire, Water Socrates (470-399BC) Asked questions Plato (427-327BC) Theory of ideas Aristotle (384-322BC) Logic, Physics  Traditionalism Who am I? Where did the world come from? What is it made of? Plato and Socrates Ancient Worldviews PowerPoint Presentation: Rationalism Logic and Mathematics lead to knowledge Empiricism Sensory experience leads to objective knowledge Mechanism Clocks, machines show how things work  Modernism The struggle to free philosophy and science from theology René Descartes (1596-1650) Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Isaac Newton (1643-1727) 17th C Worldviews PowerPoint Presentation: 21 st Century - 2005 17 th Century Mechanistic Worldview PowerPoint Presentation: Metaphors Brains ticking away Switched on thinkers Learning objects It didn’t compute Wheels of change Machinery of government Runs like clockwork Wired up Mechanistic Worldview PowerPoint Presentation: Crisis in Physics There is no ‘objective’ observer Existentialism Criticism of positivism, rationalism, empiricism Critical Theory Mind and culture influence knowledge  Postmodernism Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) Albert Einstein (1875-1955) Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) Friedrich Nietzsche (1800-1899) Early 20th C Worldviews PowerPoint Presentation: Contradictory Worldviews? PowerPoint Presentation: Complementary Worldviews? Religious – Scientific – Spiritual Traditionalism - Modernism – Postmodernism Newtonian – Systems – Quantum Indigenous – Eastern – Western Atomism – Systems – Holism PowerPoint Presentation: We have many ways of seeing the world around us Which coloured lens are you using? PowerPoint Presentation: Socratic Method Religious Medievalism Logic Rationalism Empiricism Meditation Romanticism Logical Positivism Existentialism Aestheticism Psychology Systems Theory Postmodernism Phenomenology Transpersonal knowing Which should we use? Integral Theory says “all of them” If we do not include them all in our thinking we will only have a partial understanding. PowerPoint Presentation: 1: Mechanistic Worldview "The world is a machine." 2: Systems Worldview "The world is a system." 3: Transpersonal Worldview "The world is a field of energy and consciousness." Integral Theory  All three Source: 2004 PowerPoint Presentation: ‘I’ Subjective Knowing ‘IT’ Objective Knowing ‘WE’ Cultural Knowing ‘ITS’ Systems Knowing 4 Quadrant Integral Theory Individual (Singular) Collective (Group) Objective (Outer) Subjective (Inner) PowerPoint Presentation: All approaches are valued ‘I’ Inner-Individual I feel loved I love Spiritual Love ‘IT’ Outer-Individual Love as a chemical reaction Love as sex Love as ‘animal magnetism’ ‘WE’ Inner-Collective Romantic Love Mythology of Love Erotic Art ‘ITS’ Outer-Collective Love for species survival Parental Love Love for social harmony      Integral Map of Love PowerPoint Presentation: All approaches are valued ‘I’ Inner-Individual Feel success Play roles ‘IT’ Outer-Individual Hardware Spec’s Gamer’s Posture ‘WE’ Inner-Collective Gaming Culture Mythology and Symbols ‘ITS’ Outer-Collective Computer System   Developer’s Networks Integral Map of Gaming Knowing What You Don’t Know…: Knowing What You Don’t Know… I THOUGHTS and FEELINGS IT SEEING and DOING WE CULTURE and WORLDVIEWS ITS ORGANISATIONS and PROCESSES Use a Conceptual Framework Knowing What You Don’t Know…: Knowing What You Don’t Know… Student-Directed Inquiry 2008 Hobart College

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