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Published on February 19, 2014

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If you are trying to get pregnant, here are important things to know about your ovulation day to get pregnant. You must be able to understand a woman’s menstrual cycle first

Know Your Ovulation Day To Get Pregnant How do I know when I'm ovulating? Some women try to have sex on the 14th day aiming to get pregnant, but the fact remains that women don’t ovulate on the 14th of their menstrual cycle. It can occur as early as 10th day and as late as 20th day or later especially if a woman’s cycle is irregular.

• Understanding ovulation and pregnancy helps to know about the female sexual organs, and to understand how a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle and periods work.

The best time to get pregnant In order to get pregnant, you should have sex before your ovulation starts. Keep in mind that two to three days to your ovulation are your most fertile days. But when and how many times should I have sex if I want to get pregnant? Some studies shows that the best day to have sex if you want to get pregnant is the day you realize the most fertile cervical mucus but you should not wait for ovulation only because you might miss a chance.

Knowing your ovulation day is a good approach It is true that conception is most likely during the ovulation period. This is almost at the midst of your menstrual cycle. Try to track your menstrual cycle for a couple of Three ovulation signs are: • Breast tenderness • Some discomfort in the middle of the abdomen • More virginal discharge • Feeling more sexy months by: •Marking down the days on your calendar from the day bleeding starts to the day before the next period starts and dividing those days by half. This is the 14th day when a woman ovulates.

A woman averagely has 28 day cycle. But you can have as low as 22 day cycle and 35 day cycle where ovulation can take place around 21st day. The timing of ovulation is complex though. You can use a combination of methods like •studying cervical fluid •taking your body temperature and •tracking your periods. Although you can calculate your time of ovulation, the day of ovulation differs from woman to woman and can be different from moth to month. Normal ovulation can occur as early as day 10 and as late as day 20 (or even later, especially if your cycles are irregular). Unfortunately, a number of women do not ovulate on their 14th day in their menstrual cycle.

The fertility window • • • • The fertility window is the best time to get pregnant. It is the day of the menstrual cycle when intercourse is most likely to result in pregnancy. It extends for 6 days starting at 5 days before ovulation until the day of ovulation. Your fertile days are the 4-5 days before and the day of ovulation, but the most fertile days are just the 2 days before and the day of ovulation. But fertility window can be tricky to predict especially if the woman has an irregular menstrual cycle.

• Women with irregular menstrual cycle have problems in determining their fertile windows, they rely on the following: – Physical symptoms like abdominal pain and breast tenderness. – increased sex drive, feeling wetter and headache. – Basal body temperature falls once ovulation starts and rises immediately after. – Cervical fluid becomes thinner and stretchable as ovulation approaches. – Lutropin surges in their bodies once in each menstrual cycle when they are most fertile and likely to conceive. The increased hormone can be determined in the urine with the help of Ovulation Test Kits for example, Cheap Ovulation (Billiga ägglossningstest)

• Having Sex a day after an established ovulation is unlikely to improve your chances getting pregnant and these chances are nearly zero. • But you might improve your chances if you have sex once a day during the fertile 4-5 days before ovulation. There fore understanding your ovulation process is the most important thing you can do. • According to research published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, the day of ovulation is not the best day of a woman’s cycle to conceive. • The day before ovulation is better to conceive than the day after ovulation.

How often should I have sex if am trying to conceive? • • • • Sperm can live up to two to three days while an egg can be around for only 12 to 24 hours. You can have sex more than once to increase the chances of conception. It is important to have intercourse three to one day before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. This can provide an healthy supply of sperm in the fallopian tube when an egg is released. Research made by the Environmental Health Sciences shows that the more often you have sexual intercourse, the greater your chances of achieving pregnancy. Couples who have sexual intercourse every other day had better luck at conceiving than those who did so every day. couples who have sex once a week have 10% chances of conception because they have a higher probability of missing the fertile window when it is the best opportunity to conceive a baby.

Reverse rhythm method • Couples who do not wish to get pregnant use the rhythm method in order to make sure pregnancy is avoided. – By keeping themselves from having sex on the ninth day of menstrual cycle. – By stopping when they notice the cervical discharge. • Those who are willing to conceive can use the same method, only reversed. • They start having sexual intercourse during the 9th day of their cycle. • They also start having sex when they see their body’s sign of fertility.

Conception during a period • Sometimes a woman can conceive a baby during her period. This is against what ovulation rules say but it can possibly happen. – The cervical mucus can not block a powerful sperm that can swim against the thick flow of mucus, get to the female reproductive tract and stay there. – The sperm can survive for a maximum of five days, this can also lead to pregnancy.

Having fun • Remember that it is better to have fun in your sexual activity as a couple. – We should not get so obsessed about having sex at the right time. – Sex should not feel more like a chore than a fun. • • • Neglecting love and connection can put tremendous stress on a relationship. Don’t only wait and focus ovulation signs as you might miss them or they could occur when sex just isn't possible. It is best to keep the fun in your sexual activity because marriage problems may arise.

Stress • Stress affects fertility and extreme stress may affect the ovulation period. – Wanting a baby and getting pregnant difficulties is one of the more stressful things a family may ever experience. So, relax, exercise, eat a balanced diet, and avoid harmful substances such as tobacco, caffeine and alcohol.

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