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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: shannon_anicas



A presentation on Ukraine as part of the #KYCKYW project.



OPEN WORLD LEADERSHIP PROGRAM Since its founding by Congress in 1999, the Open World Program has enabled more than 14,000 current and future Eurasian leaders to experience American democracy, civil society and community life; work with their American counterparts; stay in American homes; and gain new ideas and inspiration for implementing change back home. Some 6,000 American host families and their communities in all 50 states have partnered with the U.S. Congress and Open World to make this ambitious public diplomacy effort possible.


COUNTRY QUICK FACTS Full name: Ukraine Population: 45.1 million (UN, 2011) Capital: Kiev Largest city: Kyiv (Kiev) Area: 603,700 sq km (233,090 sq miles) Major language: Ukrainian (official), Russian Major religion: Christianity Life expectancy: 64 years (men), 75 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 hryvnya = 100 kopiykas Main exports: Military equipment, metals, pipes, machinery, petroleum products, textiles, agricultural products • GNI per capita: US $3,120 (World Bank, 2011) • • • • • • • • • •


LANGUAGE: • Hello привіт, вітаю!, здоровенькі були pryvit, vitayu!, zdoroven'ki bul Bye бувай! buvay! YES так tak no ні ni • THANK YOU дякую тобі/вам, спасибі diakuyu tobi/vam, spasybi • YOU’RE WELCOME ласкаво просимо! laskavo prosymo! • PLEASE будь ласка bud' laska • I LOVE YOU я тебе кохаю, я тебе люблю ya tebe kokhayu, ya tebe liubliu • HOW ARE YOU як справи yak spravy

UKRAINE •LEADER: President: Viktor Yanukovych •GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary •VOTING AGE: 18


ECONOMICS  What products or services is your country known for? What are the products that are grown/made (agricultural, manufacturing, mining, services)?  What kinds of products are imported to your country?  What kinds of products are exported from your country?  What is the economy like today in your country?

EVERYDAY-ECONOMICS • Currency- Banking- Cultural Financial Literacyloans, credit cards, cash… • Jobs – what age do young people start working kinds of jobs- ? • Students and money- Impact for this age group?do kids get an allowance? Work?


GENDER- ROLE OF GIRLS / BOYS – MEN/WOMEN • How is it growing up as boy or girl in family and society • Dress • Gender rites / rituals • Education- College-Grad • At Work • At Home • Roles in Society




EVERYDAY LIVING • • • • • • Typical Day- schedule A School Day/Week- 11-12yrs old Study-Homework Extracurriculars Family Life- traditional housing- extended familyPets / Wildlife- Attractions to visit-amusement parks-zoos-parks etc.

SIMILARITIES-DIFFERENCES • Wrap up with what they notice- similar their country to us- differentFuture- Where do they see themselves- 5-10 years from now Why is the international exchange important to them Conversation- what has the class learned from their presentation- most surprising-

LINKS • Learn more- social media in their countrywebsites with more info- music- city- travel • News Media

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