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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: shannon_anicas



A presentation on Iran as part of the #KYCKYW project.

Know Your Community – Know Your World IRAN

Introduction MaysamSodagari 2

• • • • • 28 years old I am from Iran In USA since Jan. 2008 PhD student at The University of Akron Chemical Engineering 3

• Where is Persia?! 4

Persian Empire • Iran with its inception in 3200 BC, is the oldest country in the world • Known as Persia until 1935 5

Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 6

• • • • Area of Iran = 1/6 of USA, 15 times of Ohio Caspian Sea: The world’s largest lake. The Persian Gulf: World's largest single source of crude oil. Dasht-eLut: the world's hottest place with a temperature of 159 °F by NASA.

Quick Facts • Full name: Islamic Republic of Iran • Population: 74.8 million • Capital: Tehran 8 million (Metro: 14 million) • Major cities: Mashhad: 3 million Isfahan: 2.5 million • Major language: Persian • Major religion: Islam • Life expectancy: 72 years (men), 75 years (women) (UN) • Monetary unit: Iranian Rial • Main exports: Petroleum, carpets, agricultural products 9

My Hometown: Tonekabon 10

My Hometown Population: 45,000 11

My Hometown Alborze Mountains 12

My Hometown Alborze Mountains Caspian Sea 13



• Rice, Kiwi, Orange 16

Tourists destination 17

Mount Damavand Iran is one of the world's most mountainous countries. The highest volcano in all of Asia. Iran has the world's highest number of major earthquakes (magnitude higher than 5.5 Richter). 18

Mount Damavand and Tehran 19

Tehran 8 millions (14 millions Metro) 20

• Highest number of national capital relocations in the world • Iran has had 31 former capitals before Tehran 21

Tehran Azadi Square Freedom Square 22

Tehran was the world's least expensive capital city based on CNN in 2007. 23

Tehran Milad Tower The world's fifth tallest tower 24


Tehran Winter Snow 26

Tehran Ski resorts 27

Air Pollution Smoke Days!! • Dusts from deserts in Saudi Arabia and Iraq • Cars and Factories 28

Isfahan In the 16th century it was the capital of Persia SiosehPol = 33 Bridge 29

Mosque Isfahan Oldest Hotel~300 yrs old Persian Palace 30

Isfahan 31

Persepolis Perse Polis= Persian City About 550 BC2560 years ago 32

Persepolis Persepolis 33

Farvahar Persian Soldiers The Gate of All Nations 72 columns- 62 feet high 34

Economy The economy of Iran: 18th Iran possesses: 10% of the world's Oil reserves, 15% of its gas reserves. 55% of the government's revenue from oil and natural gas revenue (2008). Pistachios, propane, methanol, carpets and automobiles are the Iran's non-oil exports. Iran is the world's largest producer of saffron, pomegranates and pistachios.

Rice Pomegranates: 1st Kiwi Oranges: 7th Pistachios: 1st Dates: 2nd 36

Economy Gas: 40 cents/Gallon 1 USD= 32,000 IRR = 1 USD= 17,000 IRR (Jan 2012) Everything is two times more expensive! Medicines for patients: Cancer, MS 37

Persian Carpets 38


Typical Day School: 6 days per week From 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM Have lunch at home Do homework Playing videogames Playing soccer Watching TV 40

Educations Public universities: • No tuition (Free) • Lunch for 10 Cents • Free Transportation Highest science & technology growth rate in the world, 1000% increase in 9 years (1995–2004). Azad University: the world's 3rd largest university: 1.3 million students It is also the world's largest private university. 41

Women in Iran • Women make up more than 60 percent of Iranian university students. • Iran Female to Male ratio of School enrollment = 1st in the world 42

Women in Iran 43



Sports BehdadSalimi: The Strongest manon Earth 46


Religions • Muslim: 99% • Christians, Jews and others: 1% • Christians are protected in the Iranian constitution and two seats are reserved for them in the Parliament (Congress). • Jews are protected in the Iranian constitution and one seat is reserved for a Jew in the Parliament (Congress). 48

Jews • Iran hosts the largest Jewish population of any Muslim country. • After Israel, it is home to the second-largest Jewish population in the Middle East. 49

Church in Tehran Church in Isfahan Church in Tehran Church in Isfahan 50

Language Farsi or Persian Official language of three countries: Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan 110 million people 32 Alphabets We write from right to left. 51

Farsi • • • • • • • Hello Salaam Good bye Khoda Hafez Yes Baleh No Nah Thank you Mamnoon Your Welcome KhaheshMikonam • Please Lotfan • • • • • • 52

Farsi • I love you • How are you? • Excuse me! • I am sorry • Do you speak English? • I am an Iranian • Doosetdaram Chetori? Bebakhshid • • • Sharmandam Ayainglisibaladi? Man Iranihatsam • • 53

Iranian calendar The most accurate solar calendar. Iranian Persian Order It is based on the four seasons: 1. Spring 2. Summer 3. Fall 4. Winter Days 1 Iranian-months Gregorianmonths 31 Farvardin March-April 2 31 Ordibehesht April-May 3 31 Khordad May-June 4 31 Tir June-July 5 31 Mordad July-Aug 6 31 Shahrivar Aug-Sept 7 30 Mehr Sept-Oct 8 30 Aban Oct-Nov 9 30 Azar Nov-Dec 10 30 Dei Dec-Jan 11 30 Bahman Jan-Feb 12 29/30 Esfand Feb-March

Week Country Week Days Weekend Iran Sat. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. USA Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun. 55

Food • Breakfast: 6-9 AM • Lunch: 12-2 PM • Dinner: 8-9 PM Rice with Saffron Kebab (Beef or chicken) Grilled tomato Vegetables 56

Food • Salad: Tomatos Onions Cucumbers Lemon Juice Salt and pepper Dessert: SholehZard=Yellow Flame Rice+ Saffron Sugar+ Rose water Pistachio 57

Wedding 58







Holidays 1. Cultural and Traditional 2. Religious 3. National 65

Iranian New Year • Norooz No= New Rooz= Day The first day on the Iranian year is on the March 20th or 21st ,the first day of spring. 13 days long holiday. 66

Iranian New Year • Santa • HajiFirooz 67

Haft Seen Christmas Tree Haft Seen Haft= Seven Seen= S Seven S 68

1st S Seeb = Apple 69

2nd S Sir= Garlic 70

3rd S Sekkeh= Coin 71

4th S Sonbol= Flower 72

5th S Saa’t= Clock 73

6th S Serkkeh= Vinegar 74

7th S Sabzeh= Green 75

Golden Fish Eggs Mirror 76

Haft Seen 77

Haft Seen at the University of Akron 78

Food 79

Yalda Night Longest night of the year Beginning of the winter (20-21 of December) Celebrating that Day (Sun) overcomes Night (Darkness) It is believed that you should eat forty things at this night! 80


Tehran, Iran, 3 weeks ago 82

Tehran, Iran, 3 weeks ago 83

Isfehan, Iran, 3 weeks ago 84

Shiraz, Iran, 3 weeks ago 85

Isfehan, Iran, 3 weeks ago 86

Isfehan, Iran, 3 weeks ago 87

Comment of an American I am so pleased you are in Iran and sharing their human-ness. Wow aren't we all really the same - small world isn't it really? It gives me a sense of unity and "sameness" worldwide despite the differences in race, religion, geography. 88

Sa’adi (1184–1283) Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you've no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain! 89 Questions? 90

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