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Published on February 16, 2020

Author: LImedresponsive


slide 1: Know the Key Trends in Social Media to Attract Potential Customers Associate with a provider of digital marketing in Long Island to utilize social networking avenues effectively to attract maintain the targeted audience. Developing a website is not enough for any business active participation is also essential to attract potential buyers. Social media is a platform for the users to interact create or share their ideas and participate in social networking. A company’s online reputation depends on social media influence. This means that the more influential you are on social media the better your reputation is. So associate with a provider offering social media marketing in Long Island to effectively utilize social networking platforms to gain traffic and attract the targeted audience. Social media marketing allows you to increase brand awareness create brand advocates and increase page rank. Social media can also improve SEO traffic. It has gained a lot of prominence over the years and social media trends keep changing each year. What are the likely trends for the year 2020 and beyond Social media and search engine experts suggest the following. slide 2: The end of “LIKE” button on Instagram: “like” “share” and “comment” buttons on social media platforms are a way to popularize your company and improve brand recognition. But this has become such an obsession that people generally follow the crowd and do not engage meaningfully with the brand. This has led to social media platforms making “likes’ less important and Instagram is one such site. While you can still see the likes your post gets you cannot see what other Instagram posts receive. This is a technique to “depressurize” Instagram and it could also help fight fake likes and followers. Fake likes are added to make brands and influencers appear to have a wider reach than they actually do. If likes become less prominent then brands and marketers will have to look for other alternative measures to adapt to the new change. Videos will continue to be popular: Video plays a significant role in digital marketing and this trend would continue to grow. According to Social Media Today video can make up to 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2020. Social media platforms are looking for various ways to optimize video content to target specific markets. Creative storytelling and engaging videos can attract more target audience. Minimal prominence to vanity metrics: Losing “Like” button in Instagram is to de-emphasize the use of vanity metrics on social media. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said that follower counts are now meaningless and in a TED conference talk he said if he could go back he wouldn’t emphasize the “like” button so much. It is time for social media marketers to consider actionable metrics like the rate and quality of user engagement on social media. TikTok and other video-driven platforms will continue to grow: Video-driven platforms like TikTok Lasso etc. will continue to gain popularity. Among these TikTok is the most popular social media disruptor. This Chinese-owned social video app is well-positioned to shape this trend as it offers fertile ground for influencers including micro-influencers. TikTok is a growing user engagement platform with fresh and entertaining content that is not overly focused on hard sell. Segmentation of social media audience to gain increased focus: Keep your audience in mind when you are crafting social media posts. Most businesses have the problem of not knowing the niche and thus are unable to do a good job of customizing their message to target specific audiences. This one-size-fits-all approach may not work. Segmentation refers to slide 3: tactically dividing your audience into groups on the basis on individual preferences. In the coming years segmentation will be the factor distinguishing those that employ the shrewdest social media strategies and those that are just improvising. Focus on personalized video marketing: Audience segmentation goes hand in hand with personalized social media marketing. When you develop video content it should be highly relevant and customizable for your specific audience groups. Social media platforms including Facebook Instagram and Snapchat are already pushing brands to produce video content through Story Ads. Twitter is also adopting this trend with six-second video ads. More private and less public interactions: When social media friends’ list increases concern about information privacy also rises. So many users are going for private groups and messaging apps to stay connected. Apps like Facebook Messenger WhatsApp and Instagram Messaging allow us to create more intimate groups where we can feel secure in sharing intimate and detailed information with others. This trend is huge and the messaging apps have become the major connective tools of choice for many users. Meaningful connections will grow in importance: People are very guarded about what they are posting on social media and interactions are mostly private. Marketing will also need to follow this trend. Brands must make arrangements for more private and intimate connections with the audience. This will help in building brand communities or groups where your brand message is relevant but where you are also receptive to direct messaging. For instance in a 2018 Facebook survey of 8000 people 69 percent of respondents said that directly messaging with a company made them feel more confident about the brand. Other platforms like Instagram provide a list feature that helps users share posts and stories with a selected group of friends. The aim is to give the audience more meaningful connections and a feeling of being in an exclusive and intimate environment. Key to social selling is relevant content: When it comes to impressing potential buyers to buy from ecommerce sites it is rather challenging because users are very sceptical. They want to gain insights from real people before they close the sale. In this situation user- generated content and employee- generated content are important. User-generated content provides some proof about the value of the product and employee -generated content is broader that includes videos images or blog posts that convey the company’s mission and values and the advantage of the products and services. slide 4: Influencer marketing is very important: Brands should now take into account the impact of micro as well as nano influencers. Do not underestimate the power of micro influencers. They have smaller but better defined audiences. They also offer a greater level of personalization and better audience engagement. Build trust with social media: Brands and marketers must be aware that social media platforms are not just avenues for marketing and advertising alone but also a stage to build trust and credibility. Social media offer the opportunity to communicate brand value and engage with potential customers on their level. The use of social media has increased to more than 70 in the past decade. With appropriate social media strategies and planning businesses have a greater chance of exposure and can ensure more visitors engagement conversion and finally retention. Social media offers companies with consumer insights that help to build a brand impression that will last in the long run. If your business is online and you have not developed any social media marketing strategy or you have not created business accounts on social media platforms your business may not grow. So consider getting professional assistance from a SEO company in Long Island to target the right audience and maintain them successfully. 631 494-3324

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