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Information about know more bobble heads printing process

Published on July 23, 2019

Author: smithoffical


Slide 1: 3D Printed Bubbleheads What is Bubbleheads| 3D dolls | 3D Miniatures?: The 3D bobble heads are mostly used for games animation, for experience the real life. Most of the 3D Dolls are developed by ZBrush , which is a 3D sculpting software . Nowadays it is printed with 3D printers, to save special moments in toys. 3D bobble heads are printed in two types of materials like PLA and Sandstone. What is Bubbleheads | 3D dolls | 3D Miniatures? Fig. example of 3D bobble heads designed in ZBrush software Bubblehead | 3D figurines Example: Bubblehead | 3D figurines Example Fig. A – single bubblehead Fig. B - couple bubblehead 3D Selfie | 3D figurines Example: 3D Selfie | 3D figurines Example Fig. E – sports bubblehead Fig. F – super hero bubblehead How to Print a 3d model of yourself ?: 3D Printing. To print a 3D sculpted design from ZBrush , We need a 3D printer. Think of PolyJet like your home 2-D paper printer. Your 2-D color printer lays out minuscule droplets of color onto your paper, forming words and images. In a similar fashion, PolyJet uses fine print head nozzles to deposit droplets of photo curable material in layers as fine as 16 microns to form detailed 3-D parts. Material is simultaneously cured as it is deposited via UV light. How to Print a 3d model of yourself ? Fig. 3D FDM printer 3D Printed Bubbleheads for Any Occasion: Birthdays Wedding anniversaries Anatomical phases of pregnancy Dance recital uniforms Sporting Teams in uniform Grandchildren, parents & grandparents Pets 3D Printed Bubbleheads for Any Occasion About iKix My3D Prints: About iKix My3D Prints iKix My3D is the newest member of the iKix family. iKix 3D Prints is the world's largest provider of 3D printed mock-up models for a range of industries. We have been in the business of turning your vision into reality for over a decade. We turn your 2D pictures into 3D B ubbleheads . We design, create and print 3D figures of you and your loved ones (including your pets!) that you can hold, display and show off. We love turning your memories to reality and believe that they are keepsakes which you will cherish. Our young and dynamic team works with the latest technology to give your figures life-like features. Each sandstone figure is created with great care and precision and printed using high-tech 3D printers.  Contact Us: Contact Us Thank You Website URL : Mail us : Make a Call: India – (+91) 78248 78248 (+91) 89398 68664 /ikixmy3d Follow us on:

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