Know how Indian notes have evolved

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Published on October 13, 2017

Author: deanwinchester123


Know how Indian notes have evolved : Know how Indian notes have evolved Slide 2: If one looks at Indian Notes in the past, there was nothing significant about them. They weren’t unique; neither did they hold any special trait. After the British rule, the notes didn’t go through any transformation as the government wanted to focus on other priorities. The notes depicted historical monuments and places that showcased India’s rich culture and tradition. Slide 4: Many years have passed since 1947 but Notes of India weren’t modernized. But things began improving after the year 2000. However , the Indian government started getting influenced by many foreign countries and began changing the dynamics of notes. Slide 6: Indians accepted the idea of bringing in some new technological features in currency notes of India . Some features really helped the visually challenged people as they could identify the value of the note. Slide 8: Currency notes in India gradually evolved after the new government was formed and they brought about significant changes. Finally , the process of demonetization came to India where old notes of India were scrapped as legal tender. Slide 10: A new series of rare notes of India came into existence and they were technologically advanced, which left counterfeiters with a frowned face. Indian notes are definitely finding a new path to evolve making their presence felt around the world.

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