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Published on June 16, 2009

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0:00 - The first clip on the teaser trailer for ‘Knocked Up’ shows the production company behind the film. Due to the reputation of the company, this suggests to the audience that the film will be well produced. 0:05 – This clip establishes the scene of the film, the restaurant atmosphere and the candle suggests the genre is romance. However the slang phrase ‘knocked up’ signifys the comic sign of the film. 0:09 – This sort of clip is often used in teaser trailers. It shows a sneak preview to the plot of the film, without giving too much away. Usually asking questions to the audience, which teases the audience. 0:11 – The over-the-shoulder shot puts the audience in the point of view of one of the main characters. The camera also cuts to over-the-shoulder of the female character, to track the conversation. Furthermore, there is diagetic sound of two people having a casual conversation. Mental Health Media inc. Teaser trailer analysis

0:14 – This next title is extremely influential on the teaser trailer, and switches the tone of the mood of the film into a comedy. ‘The second date’ suggests that conversation would be casual. 0:25 – The female character tells him that she is pregnant. The camera cuts to show the male character’s expression, and there is diagetic sound of him saying, “fuck off”. The use of the swear word in a loose way is a generic convention of comedy. 0:31 – The non-diagetic music adds to the comic effect, and the camera cuts to a medium shot of the female character, to then show her expression. This plays on the stereotypes of men being inconsiderate to women. 0:34 – This title shows that the film company have also made a previous comedy favourite. This promotes the film company as being able to create good comedy films. Therefore, the audience will have confidence that this film will be a good comedy. Mental Health Media inc.

0:45 – The trailer continues with the cutting of over-shoulder shots. However, as the argument gets more intense, the comic non-diagetic music increases in volume to relate back to the comedy. 1.00 – The next title is introduced at the pinnacle of the argument. The phrase ‘knocked up’ is slang and is used in a derogatory manner. The use of the sperm images in this clip suggests the sort of themes in the film, and again suggests the genre of the film is comedy. 1:14 – The final title is especially clever. The word ‘expected’ is a word commonly used when someone is pregnant, for when they are expecting the baby. It also informs the audience of when the film will be released. Mental Health Media inc.

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