Knee Anatomy, Cartilage

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: huddlesm



EXSC 202-01
Chapter 20, pgs 570, 599-600
Prentice, W. (2014). Principles of athletic training: A competency-based approach. (15th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

Prentice, W. (2014). Principles of athletic training: A competency-based approach. (15th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. CARTILAGE OF THE TIBIOFEMORAL JOINT Chapter 20 Pgs 570, 599-600 Spring 2014 1EXSC 201-01 1. Describe functions of meniscal and articular cartilage. 2. How do the medial and lateral menisci differ?

Cartilageof the Tibiofemoral Joint 1. Meniscal - interarticular cartilage of crescent shape; gristle-like cartilage 2. Articular or Hyaline - thin layer of dense connective tissue firmly fixed to the joint surfaces; capable of withstanding pressure or tension Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 2

Purposeof Menisci 1. deepen joint to improve contact between the femur and tibia 2. absorb shock and protect articular surface 3. transfer weight from upper to lower leg 4. ease “glide” of tibia on femur Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 3

Purposeof Articular Cartilage 1. spread weight over a larger area 2. minimize friction between two bony surfaces 3. provides some shock absorbency for bones Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 4

Maintenance & Repair Nutrition supplied from peripheral blood vessels and synovial fluid clear, slightly yellow liquid that provides lubrication inside the articular capsule at synovial joints Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 5

Menisci: Medial vs. Lateral Medial • wedged-shaped profile • C-shaped • ~ 3.5 cm in length • asymmetric with wider posterior horn than anterior Lateral • wedged-shaped profile • O-shaped • slightly smaller in length • width is uniform Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 6

Menisci: Medial vs. Lateral Medial • may slide up to 5 mm Lateral • may slide up to 10 mm Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 7 Because of its shape, mobility and attachment, the medial meniscus is more likely to be injured than the lateral meniscus.

Risk of Injury, Articular Cartilage Injury may occur independently or in conjunction with other knee injuries Spring 2014 EXSC 201-01 8

Homework There will be a Flash Quiz on Friday! Terms from Knee, Bony Anatomy, Knee, Ligaments and Knee, Cartilage that are on the Anatomy Terms Test (i.e., box is checked on study guides). Fill-in-the-Blank! Spring 2014 EXSC 202-01 9

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