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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: dunkeyike

Source: slideshare.net


3월8일 KJ-CODE 발표 자료

KJEvent *newEvent = [[KJEvent alloc] initWithTitle:@“UIDynamics” withDateString:@“2014-03-08” withSpeaker:@“Ji Sanghoon” withSubtitles:@[UIDynamics, UIMotionEffect]]; ! [newEvent readyToPresent]; KJ-CODE Since 2010

UIMotionEffect + UIDynamics KJ-CODE Since 2010 Ji Sanghoon 2014. 3. 8 in KJ-CODE

UIMotionEffect & UIDynamics is.. • It work only iOS7 • NOT for game programming (see SpriteKit) • More better UI / UX • For realistic motion KJ-CODE Since 2010

Helps • Tect Talk 2013 - Architecting Modern Apps, Part 1  • UIMotionEffect Class Reference  • Introduction to UIMotionEffect • UIDynamic Catalog Sample Code KJ-CODE Since 2010

Waht is UIMotionEffect Make depth between views & make reality KJ-CODE Since 2010

UIMotionEffect • Abstract class • Easily more than UIAccelerometer • Just one Motion - UIInterpolatingMotionEffect • Not working in AirPlay KJ-CODE Since 2010

HOW TO USE ? KJ-CODE Since 2010

UIDynamics • Realistic • Physics-based engine • Collisions, springs, gravity, attachments • Dynamics exists to enhance UI / UX KJ-CODE Since 2010

UIKit Dynamics Animator View View Collision View Bounce Gravity KJ-CODE Since 2010 View Collision

UIDynamicBehavior • UIAttachmentBehavior • UICollosionBehavior • UIGravityBehavior • UIPushBehavior • UISnapBehavior • UIDynamicItemBehavior KJ-CODE Since 2010

DEMO KJ-CODE Since 2010

[newEvent getQuest]; KJ-CODE Since 2010

[newEvent release]; KJ-CODE Since 2010

감사합니다 ありがとうございます 谢谢 cảm ơn Thank You KJ-CODE Since 2010

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