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Published on February 18, 2014

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Check out Kitchen Craftsmen latest designer kitchens in Perth, Western Australia

At Kitchen Craftsmen we believe that a ‘kitchen in a home’ is so much more than just a ‘kitchen in a home’. It’s a hub. It’s where laughter reigns, where tears fall, it’s from where the family daily news is broadcast. Life happens in a kitchen and it’s keeping this in mind that ensures that every kitchen we design, build and install is as individual as you are. Love , life , longevity. All key ingredients of a great kitchen. Then of course there’s food preparation. Functionality comes into play, features are paramount and practicality is essential. You will find to your delight that we are masters at utilising available space to its full advantage and will create inspired logic to achieve a design that is pleasing both ergonomically and aesthetically. In terms of your decision making process on who to entrust with your kitchen, you should ask ‘what sets Kitchen Craftsmen apart from the rest’? Well, the person that you deal with in our showroom is an experienced designer and not just a sales representative. They have a complete understanding of your needs, budget and aspirations from consultation through to design, manufacture and installation. For you, most importantly, we are master craftsmen and take absolute pride in the quality of our work. A Kitchen Craftsmen kitchen is built for life, for love, for longevity. Love your craft. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 3

Some say craftsmanship’s a thing of the past, but not for us. For us, craftsmanship is the delivery of a perfect finish, it’s a working functionality that goes beyond the construction of a perfect meal and - because we are involved hands-on with every process from sale and Our designs are crafted for you design through to manufacture and installation - it’s very personal. right here in Western Australia. Established in Perth, WA in 1999, Kitchen Craftsmen is a privately owned, family company. Since inception we have built an outstanding reputation for service, quality and an enduring ability to meet customers’ needs - from small budgets through to creating beautiful kitchens that are central to some of the state’s most luxurious homes. We pay particular attention to detail at the planning and design stages to ensure that your Kitchen Craftsmen journey is a seamless continuation of work with minimal inconvenience right through to the completion of the project. Our highly skilled craftsmen and strict project management values ensure that your kitchen’s installation is as perfect as the initial concept that you fell in love with. Whether your preference is for traditional elegance or modern, cutting-edge design you can be guaranteed that the end result will be tailored to perfection. L O V E 4 Y O U R C R A F T

“Finishing all of our doors by hand means we are truly able to make sure that every kitchen we make has a craftsman's touch.” Jim, Production Manager

designer artisan ribbon craftsmen

Our ranges. As individual as you. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 7

designer range Featuring the finest and most stylish modern cut doors available, the Designer Range is perfect for creating a contemporary look with sleek lines and smart handles. Available with both light gloss colours and soft matte wood prints, the Designer Range delivers brilliant value. L O V E 8 Y O U R C R A F T

ar tisan range With its choice of beautifully shaped doors, the Artisan Range offers a wonderful variety of both classically crafted styles and internationally influenced design. Easy to maintain, there is something for even the most discerning eye. The Artisan Range will suit all home styles from traditional through to modern chic. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 11

ribbon range Punctuated with high gloss finishes and textured wood pattern, the beautiful Ribbon Range is ideal for something special where both quality and contrast are key. Superb combinations that bring to life surfaces and provide for an almost unlimited design palette add real zest to the look and feel of your home. L O V E 12 Y O U R C R A F T

craftsmen range The Craftsmen Range, undoubtedly our most outstanding kitchen selection, is exquisitely creative and unique. Abounding with both style and elegant materials, from the warmth of real timber to the depth of gloss from painted glass, right through to the breathtaking use of steel, the Craftsmen Range features some of the most inspiring kitchens available. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 15

We understand that a kitchen has to fit the people who use it. On top of looking fantastic, its role should be to simplify daily life and add great convenience, which is why we partner with Functionality that fits you. Häfele, the global leader in clever storage technologies. Like Kitchen Craftsmen, Häfele is passionate about providing super intelligent design and a product that delivers incomparable kitchen comforts and convenience through optimal functionality. Häfele famously pioneers ideas for kitchen areas and innovative storage space management. L O V E 16 Y O U R C R A F T

“As a cabinet maker I know which drawers are the best to both install and to use - and the best is Blum.” Sean, Cabinet Maker

Functionality is so important and therefore we choose to recommend Blum. With its range of ‘perfecting motion’ innovations Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture into an An open and shut case . experience of comfort and ease. Additionally, because Kitchen Craftsmen designs for the end user, all fittings systems must shout “high quality” with their well-thought-out functionality, faultless design and high durability. Blum products are designed to spark inspiration and create an emotional experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks. Along with Blum, one of the world’s most trusted and innovative brands, we offer you a comprehensive range of elite products. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 19

Kitchen Craftsmen partner with Fagor, world leaders in induction and self-cleaning technology. Fagor appliances suit the discerning buyer looking for cutting-edge design matched with the latest technology, as well as a product committed to the environment. Kitchen Craftsmen has meticulously selected items from the Fagor range that offer balanced Cooking on the cutting edge . aesthetics and match perfectly with your kitchen design. For over twenty five years Australia’s top restaurant professionals have trusted Fagor. Now, with Fagor and Kitchen Craftsmen you can look and cook like a chef at home. IAG kitchen appliances are the result of extensive research, design and commitment to creating state-of-the-art technology, built to provide superior performance and quality. Together with Kitchen Craftsmen, IAG offers a range of appliances with functions to match your cooking needs and lifestyle, with quality inclusions that help you prepare the perfect meal and reduce your energy consumption. L O V E 20 Y O U R C R A F T

“I love working with quartz. It's strong and yet so versatile. I'm always proud of the end product.” Elliot, Stone Mason

Kitchen benchtops are some of the most used surfaces in any home, so not only should they A product we lean heavily upon. look amazing but they also need to function well and be highly resilient for constant daily use. Caesarstone engineered stone surfaces provides you with a smart and distinctly modern alternative to products such as marble and granite for kitchen benchtops and splashbacks. Kitchen Craftsmen’s long term partnership with the global market leader means we can offer you a product range that delivers a contemporary approach to kitchen design and renovations, whilst maintaining the quality and luxury that you come to us for. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 23

Quantum Quartz is a premium Kitchen Craftsmen benchtop, renowned worldwide and containing more than 93% natural quartz, making it an extremely hard wearing, practical and Things that look great on the surface . highly versatile surface. These designer stone benchtops reflect the modern style and trends that leading architects prefer and offer your kitchen work space strength and durability, as well as very high resistance to abrasion. Beautifully finished, Quantum Quartz is low maintenance, looks great and will give you the many happy years of lasting beauty and style that you would expect from a Kitchen Craftsmen kitchen. L O V E 24 Y O U R C R A F T

Offering an enduring appeal, Kitchen Craftsmen’s association with essastone adds style, luxury, and sophistication to any space. With essastone, we proffer a truly contemporary Let’s get to work. selection of design palettes, featuring modern and emerging design trends specifically developed for our unique Western Australian market. Essastone also comes with a 15 year limited warranty, a factor guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. From an environmental aspect, quartz is one of the world’s most widespread and sustainable natural resources. Feel free to ask us about using essastone in your beautiful new kitchen. L O V E Y O U R C R A F T 27

Delightful ser vice fr ee de sig n • pro fes sion al proj ect ma n ag ement ed lifi qua • ed nc ie r pe ex ip sh an m rk wo • ue val for As a privately owned, family-run company we are completely aware that great product alone is not enough for long term business sustainability. Great relationships with customers are equally important. Since 1999 we have worked tirelessly to ensure that your journey with us, from start to finish, is a thoroughly delightful one. We are also happy to let you know that once your dream Kitchen Craftsmen kitchen has been installed, we will leave you with our Kitchen Craftsmen warranty*. That’s peace of mind for you and our way of saying thank you. r y e a r w a r r a ty five ye a * t y y* n t t e n en wa L O V E Y O U R C R A F T r n n r a s e v e w a tw 7 10 25 years years years a r y e r r a n t y* *seven year warranty on selected doors in the designer and artisan ranges *ten year warranty on selected doors in the ribbon and craftsmen ranges *twenty five year warranty on selected cabinets in all ranges *full warranty details are available on our website 28 y m one

With over 30 years international kitchen design experience, Simon and his team have the expertise to make the most of your renovation. As Simon explains to clients, “Great design is everything; it can turn an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary living experience.”

The next step We are proud to be pioneering suppliers of internationally renowned brands, helping us to provide clients with world class products along with craftsmen-inspired kitchens. With our elite combination of unique materials and our very own state-of-the-art workshops, Kitchen Craftsmen is able to make all of its kitchens in a bespoke way and to your personal design requirements. We use environmentally positive materials that are sourced and made from sustainable supplies with over 90% of all wood products from within Australia. Additionally we recycle over 95% of all our workshop timber waste. As a Western Australian, family-owned company we work closely with our communities and are proud sponsors of various local organisations. We can be found in many locations around Perth and look forward to helping you with your new build or renovation project soon. SH OWROOM LOC AT I ON S CANNING TON • 1240 ALBAN Y H I GHWAY, TEL: (08) 9258 4219 JOONDAL UP • 52 WI N T ON ROAD, TEL: (08) 9300 0064 K AR R ATHA • LOT 2870 C OWLE ROAD, TEL: (08) 9185 5766 L O V E Y O U R C R A F T MIDL AND • U N I T 4, 142 G REAT EASTERN HWY, TEL: (08) 9250 8866 O'CONNOR • U N I T 3, 291 ST OC K ROAD, TEL: (08) 9331 5377 OS BOR NE PAR K • 23 RU SE ST REET, TEL: (08) 9443 7200 MANDUR AH • U N I T 3, 24 ROU SE ROAD, TEL: (08) 9581 8166 30

“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey. It is unwise to pay too much, but it is unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money, that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing you bought it to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot...It can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.” John Ruskin (1819 - 1900) L O V E Y O U R C R A F T

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