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Published on January 10, 2019

Author: AntonyHammond


1. King of Shaves “The World’s Best” range of shaving gels, oils, serums and skincare. Created in 1993, King of Shaves is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. It’s now regarded as a cool challenger brand to the established shaving duopoly. The company has powerful retail presence throughout the UK, with listings in all major retailers as well as smaller independent outlets. King of Shaves is also available throughout the world, including USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan as well as an online store “‘With Access SupplyChain we get the best of both’ in terms of finance and manufacturing functionality.” Jane Greenaway Business Systems Manager The challenge In 2002, with business growing and core requirements changing, King of Shaves knew it needed software with MRP functionality. The company was using Encore Ebis from Anagram Solutions Ltd, and MRP was run using Excel spread sheets! “You can imagine what that was like for a growing business,” says Jane Greenaway, Business Systems Manager for King of Shaves. “More and more components were coming on board, BOMs were becoming more complex and we were trying to manage it all through Excel. It wasn’t easy.” The journey Jane worked with the financial director to research software vendors and their solutions. In addition to Access, King of Shaves considered Sage, Lakeview and Kewill. “We were looking for an affordable solution with functionality, performance, reliability, multi-currency capability and a user-friendly front end,” she says. “Once we had narrowed down the list, a presentation demo was given by Access. The managing director and chairman then made the final decision.“ The solution In total, the process took around six months. “We chose Access SupplyChain because of the level of service they provide and the fact we were getting ‘the best of both’ in terms of finance and manufacturing functionality. So many of the solutions we explored seemed to excel in one but lack in the in other,” says Jane. Implementation Access’ consultants worked with King of Shaves to implement the system in two phases. During the first phase, the company implemented the basics Industry Manufacturing Geographic Buckinghamshire Employees 15 Turnover £10m Solution Access SupplyChain Core ledgers SOP & Invoicing POP Works orders Stock control Forecast configurator Location & Lot control MRPII Dashboards Access TaskCentre consulting | software | solutions 0845 345 3300 supplychain access

2. such as sales and purchase orders, receipt, despatch and invoicing, work forms and stock reconciliation. Six months later, Jane worked with Access to introduce and test MRP. “We needed to make sure the basics worked before we started,” says Jane. “We hadn’t used MRP before, so it took time to determine the most suitable parameters, understand the results and validate what the system was telling us.” The results As Jane says, “We now have a fully integrated system with a flexible reporting facility. Our MRP processing has been automated enabling us to react quickly to sales trends and ensure that we always hold the correct levels of stock in our multi-warehouse locations.” Drill-down forecasting King of Shaves’ forecasting starts with the sales team entering data into spreadsheets. Once a month, that information is exported into the stock forecaster and the master schedules. The MRP process automatically runs every night. “The sales team run a very precise forecast down to SKU by customer by month for a rolling 18months,” says Jane. “They are very aware that we are going to produce the quantity they forecast. Weekly meetings backed up by system reports make sure we’re achieving the sales and not excessively stock piling. We hold roughly 4 weeks stock in warehouse and monitor our stock turns closely.” Better reporting and visibility For King of Shaves, ASC’s strong reporting functionality allows the company to manage its KPIs, producing a clear picture of the state of the business at any time. “In total we created a bespoke range of about 80 reports,” says Jane, who is well-versed in Crystal reports. “Once mastered, Crystal enables you to extract any information in any format so it’s extremely powerful” “Key information is readily available at summary and at detail level and with the addition of Access Task Centre, many of these reports are emailed to specific staff at specific key times,” says Jane. Future-proof system Since implementing its system in 2003, King of Shaves has seen many changes to its business. “At one point, we were running two companies, but because Access SupplyChain is so flexible, we were able to operate both companies on one system and benefit from the continuity that gave us” says Jane. After attending a couple of Access customer events, the company discovered new ways to use its system. “When we met other Access users and saw how they were using the system, we realised we weren’t exploiting its full potential,” she said. “That’s when my role evolved from Production manager to Business Systems Manager, learning Crystal, analysing business needs and writing process procedures to ensure we were maximising the functionality available” Recently, the company upgraded its system to the newest version of ASC. “We wanted to move up to the current version to make sure we’re getting the latest benefits from it. With an even more intuitive front end and increased flexibility in terms of screens we were keen to ensure we benefit from all future developments and this is the platform we need to be able to do that” explains Jane. Summary “Using Access SupplyChain has assisted our business growth whilst enabling us to keep tight control on inventory and cash,” says Jane. “Access Supply Chain provided automation of our purchase requirements. It’s flexible reporting provided justification of these decisions and improved forecast analysis allowed us to focus on core business objectives” Jane Greenaway Business Systems Manager T: 0845 345 3300 E: W: About Access We are a leading UK author of ERP solutions to the mid-market. Twice winners of The Manufacturer’s ‘ICT in Manufacturing’ awards and shortlisted for 2012, we help our customers achieve tangible return on their manufacturing system and operate lean manufacturing processes. Our product suite includes dedicated solutions for process and discrete production, including industry-specific requirements such as catchweights, variable yields and multiple units of measure.

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