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Published on March 21, 2008

Author: Viviana


“Growing Green Leaders”:  “Growing Green Leaders” China Study Tour & Internship Program SAGEVISION Launching: Summer 2007 Road Map:  Road Map An Urgent Need for Green Leaders Our Vision and Values The Green China Study Tour & Internship Program Program Overview Green Study Tour Green Internship Key Rollout Activities & Timeframe Benefits to Sponsors Benefits to Participants Program Investment About Lynn King, MA About SAGEVISION An Urgent Need for Green Leaders:  An Urgent Need for Green Leaders “… McKinsey Global Institute forecasts that developing countries will generate nearly 80 percent of the growth in world energy demand between now and 2020, with China representing 32 percent and the Middle East 10 percent. So if Red China doesn’t become Green China there is no chance we will keep the climate monsters behind the door… The good news is that China knows it has to grow green — or it won’t grow at all.” --- Thomas L. Friedman Source: The New York Times April 15, 2007 “The Power of Green” An Urgent Need for Green Leaders (cont’d):  An Urgent Need for Green Leaders (cont’d) “We don’t just need the first black president. We need the first green president. We don’t just need the first woman president. We need the first environmental president.” --- Thomas L. Friedman Source: The New York Times April 15, 2007 “The Power of Green” An Urgent Need for Green Leaders (cont’d):  An Urgent Need for Green Leaders (cont’d) Sustainability “is the mechanism by which we strive for a desirable quality of life, not only for ourselves, but for all future generations.” -- Joe Ling “Mr. Pollution Prevention”, 3M Our Vision & Values:  Our Vision & Values “Grow global green leaders*”… committed to “more unity AND more diversity**” in addressing key global challenges Unity in principle, diversity in practice who choose sustainability as a core value in all decision-making practices * “Growing green leaders” was coined by Marina Rose, a green consultant in San Francisco, and used with permission ** This concept was coined by Dr. Evelin Lindner, founder of “humiliation studies;” see her website: Introduction to the Green China Study Tour & Internship Program :  Introduction to the Green China Study Tour & Internship Program The Green China Study Tour: Participants from China, the US, Japan, Mexico, and elsewhere have a unique opportunity to visit successful organizations using sustainability practices in China Non-Chinese students will develop China-specific knowledge with respect to Chinese language and culture The Green Internship Program: Participants offer practical, short-term service to organizations in China demonstrating “green leadership” Participants learn and practice intercultural competency as well as global team skills Program Overview:  Program Overview The “Green China Study Tour and Internship” program consists of the following components: an orientation to living and working in China training in Chinese language and culture training in intercultural competency training in using complex problem-solving technology a Study Tour to visit leading “green” organizations in China a Green Internship experience at a sponsoring organization individual and group reflection on how to grow the organization’s “the triple bottom line” benefit the company, the community and the environment Green China Study Tour:  Green China Study Tour Students will visit selected “green organizations”… in the Shanghai area representing a variety of industries chosen for their leadership in implementing sustainable practices who are members of the SAGEVISION community Green Internship:  Green Internship The Green Internship program facilitates learning in the following ways: student learning goals are articulated and matched to sponsoring organizations intercultural skills are practiced global team skills are developed group learning is leveraged using state-of-the-art, problem-solving technology academic credit may be possible Key Roll-Out Activities & Time Frame:  Key Roll-Out Activities & Time Frame Preparation (Projected Deadline: May 30, 2007) Recruit and Select Sponsor Organizations Recruit and Select Student Participants Finalize Study Tour Logistics with Sponsoring Organizations Finalize Green Internship Agreements with Sponsoring Organizations Week One (Projected Starting Date: July 1) Opening Ceremonies China Orientation Introduction to Chinese Language & Culture Experiences Intercultural Competency Training Week Two (Projected Starting Date: July 8) Travel To Sponsors’ Sites Week Three Through Six (Projected Start Date: July 15 – August 11) TRACK 1: Intensive Chinese Language and Culture Training TRACK 2: Green Internship Project and Team Assignment Global Team Skills, Complex Problem-Solving, & Peer Coaching Training “Lessons Learned” & Team Reports Closing Ceremonies Celebration Benefits to Participants:  Benefits to Participants Individual and team learning from this unique experience will be useful to participants in any future work or endeavor Participants will have an opportunity to maximize learning at many levels: Societal Level: learn sustainability concepts and observe green practices in China Organizational Level: practice intercultural communication and global team skills in a real-life work environment Group Level: learn a structured, culturally inclusive, computer-assisted dialogue process for collective complex problem-solving Individual Level: develop self-reflection, journaling, and peer coaching skills to increase personal and group learning Benefits to Sponsors:  Benefits to Sponsors The Green Internship experience will be designed to benefit the sponsoring organization in the following ways: Students with a demonstrated interest in sustainability will be selected from leading universities in China, the US, Japan, Mexico, and other countries Students will be assigned to real work projects which add value to the sponsoring organization Students will write a report at the end of their internship sharing ideas for how the sponsoring organization can further improve its “triple bottom line” This “Green China Study Tour and Internship” program can be a channel for identifying future high potential hires for the sponsoring organizations The Green Study Tour will increase public awareness of sponsoring organization’s leadership role in China’s sustainability movement Program Investment:  Program Investment Estimated cost per participant: $2500 USD Includes all group travel within China, Chinese language and culture lessons, professional trainings, group activities, housing, and some meals Participants cover transportation/visa to Shanghai, insurance, medical, and personal expenses in China SAGEVISION needs university, organization, and “angel” sponsorship to enable the most qualified mix of deserving Chinese & international students to attend this unique program Sponsorship Categories:  Sponsorship Categories University Sponsor Organization Sponsor Green Study Tour Green Internship Green Angel Sponsor Sponsor Responsibilities:  Sponsor Responsibilities University Sponsor Provides channels for introducing this program to interested faculty and students Assigns a liaison person to coordinate activities and establish criteria for academic credit to be attained Organization Sponsor for Green Study Tour Joins the SAGEVISION “Green Leadership Circle” Assigns a Coordinator to plan Green Study Tour visit logistics Provides a Tour Guide to speak to the group Provides group meeting space as needed Participates in the Program’s Opening and Closing Ceremonies Sponsor Responsibilities (cont’d):  Sponsor Responsibilities (cont’d) Organization Sponsor for Green Internship Joins the SAGEVISION “Green Leadership Circle” Assigns a liaison person to collaborate with SAGEVISION Co-create the Green Internship critical success factors Provide interns with meaningful work assignments Participate in the Program’s Opening and Closing Ceremonies Gives recognition for good intern service and contributions Sponsor Responsibilities (cont’d):  Sponsor Responsibilities (cont’d) Green Angel Sponsors Provide full or partial scholarships for Chinese and other deserving students Sage: $15,000 - $20,000 USD Elder: $10,000 - $12,000 USD Mentor: $4000 - $6000 USD Friend: $1000 - $3000 USD Invitation:  Invitation You are most cordially invited to join the SAGEVISION Green Leadership Circle by… being a participant in the Green Study Tour and/or Internship Program being a sponsor at the University, Organization, or Green Angel levels sharing knowledge and resources to help SAGEVISION grow more green leaders! Slide20:  Lynn King is a Chinese American Global Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Consultant specializing in cross-cultural interventions and organizational effectiveness. Since 1989, her broad range of professional experience includes change management, cross-cultural/diversity training, team building, conflict management, leadership development and organization development research in the People’s Republic of China. She is conversationally fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has been living in Shanghai since 2003. She has coached and/or trained managers and executives at multinationals such as Philips, Roche, Bosch, Gemplus, Amersham/General Electric, Mitsubishi Chemical, Proctor & Gamble, Ubisoft, United Auto, and others. Training topics include: Diversity, Creativity, and Innovation; Effective Management Skills; Change Management; Performance Appraisal & Interviewing Skills; Meeting Management; and Presentation Skills as well as Train-the-Trainer and Living and Working in China programs. She has presented at national conferences, including the Global Leadership Conference in Shanghai (2007) on “Leading Global Virtual Teams.” In Silicon Valley, Lynn reported directly to the CEO and worked with the executive team as Director of Human Resources and Organization Development for RAE Systems, Inc. and as Manager of Organizational Learning and Development for Rapid5 Networks, Inc. In a USAID project, she was Director of Training for a summer “Peace Camp” which successfully brought together youth from Georgia and Abkhazia to learn conflict management skills. Furthermore, she was a staff developer for educators and administrators for innovative conflict management programs in New York City for Educators for Social Responsibility and Creative Response to Conflict. Her volunteer work has included serving as Co-Chair of the Annual Forum and Board Member of the Women of Color Action Network (WCAN – an organization dedicated to the professional and personal development of women of color) in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001-02. She also organized a unique, year-long community “Rites of Passage” youth development program (1998-99). About Lynn King, MA Slide21:  Qualifications Master’s Degree in Organization Development, The Fielding Institute, CA, USA Bachelor’s Degree: Visual Art & East Asian Studies, Princeton University, NJ, USA Certified Gestalt Organization and System Development (OSD) Practitioner, OH, USA Certified Global Leadership Coach: Global Coaches Network, USA Certificate in Leadership Development, Santa Fe Leadership Institute, NM, USA Certificate in Human Resources Management, University of Albuquerque, NM, USA Certified Cultural Orientation Indicator (COI) Practitioner; TMC, New Jersey, USA Certified Diversity Trainer, Cultural Bridges Consulting Group, IL, USA Certified Mediator, Brooklyn Mediation Center, New York City, NY, USA Diversity & Conflict Management Trainer: Ellen Raider International, Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) & Children’s Creative Response to Conflict (CRC), NY, USA Trained with Al Kraemer, Ph.D., inventor of the “Critical Incident” cross-cultural training methodology used worldwide, NM, USA Trained with Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., founder of Process-Oriented Psychology, OR, USA About SAGEVISION:  About SAGEVISION Founder and Director: Lynn King, MA Vision: “Growing Global Green Leaders” Mission: “Living Wisdom” -- Leadership and organization development for a more sustainable world Address & Contact Info: Jianguo W. Road, Lane 91, Building 3, Suite 16F Mobile: +86 135 1212 1261 Tel/Fax: +8621 6473 7506 Email:

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