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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: arminis



A plataforma comercial kingdom trade do Kingdom777 está oficialmente aberta. Utilize o serviço e confira as informações detalhadas e procedimentos.

Kingdom Trade User Guide 2014

Content A. Note B. Login C. Transaction Code D. Trading 1 E. How to transfer 777 points from to F. How to submit the trading? G. Deal and Cancel H. e-cash transfer to Kingdom Card

A· Note According to the U.S. Government’s requirements, a citizen of the United States (Residents) engaging in the trading platform, if the user is the citizen of the United States (Residents), the company will cancel all the income. Thank you for your cooperation. Kingdom Trade website address: B· Login The member of kingdom777 can use their username and password to log into C· Transaction Code Please use the master account transaction code (also known as the security code, level 2 password) trading commissioned, the primary account transaction code is in main accounts which are in your own Settings.  A special reminder: not Sub-account transaction code. D· Trading Currently Kingdom trade only opened 777 points as the trading content, in the future we will gradually open the gold, oil, gems, antique art, stock, options, virtual currency trading.etc E· How to transfer 777 points from to 2

After login to account, enter a Sub-account, click the all kinds of wallet in the sidebar, and select 777 points. As shown in the figure below, and continue to select 777 points to transfer to trading platform. Then fill in the transfer information, as shown below: Completed, click on the transfer. 3

F· How to submit the trading? Commit to buy  The price you buy in is the default price for the current market price, in order to improve your matching in the chance of success; you can improve your bid appropriately. If you foresee the market, you will reduce the price; also you can offer a lower price than the current market price.  The minimum is a hundred 777 points, there is in unlimited amount to purchase.  The security code is the main account security code. 4 Submit to sell  Low selling prices by default for the current market price; you can set the price according to the forecasting market anticipation, higher or lower than the current market price bid.  The lowest number is a hundred 777 points, commissioned by the highest limit is 99%. For example, if you have 200 777 points, there is up to 198 that can be sold.  The security code is the main account security code.  Once the order is completed, the system will charge a 10% handling fee, directly deducted from your return. For example, you sell 100 777 points,

then you get 500 e-cash. We will charge 500 x10 % = 50 points, in which your real return is 450 e-cash. G· Deal and Cancel Once you submit your request, the system will automatically match buyers and sellers, in accordance with the following principles first match. I. Low selling price list in front; II. High buying price list in front; III. The same price, the list will be based on the time of request;  If the market can't match your orders, you will continue to wait, and cannot complete the request. You can decide whether to cancel orders according to the market change. As shown below, click on the menu bar on the left of the "buy" documents or "sell" documents. On this page, you can cancel your orders, once the sold orders are canceled; 777 points will automatically back to your account, after deleting the purchasing commission, e-cash will automatically return on your account. 5

 If the market can match to your orders, there clinch a deal automatically.777 points will be automatically transferred to the buyer account, also, e-cash is in after deducting 10% handling charge will be automatically transferred to the seller account. H· e-cash transfer to Kingdom Card Through the e-cash points gained by the market to buy and sell, temporarily it can't transfer, we are developing procedure, in the early February the system can transfer to kingdom card or account. 6

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