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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: DinheiroGanheNaInternet




Kingdom777 Kingdom777 acquired the asset of WCM777 on Dec. 30th, 2013 from World Capital Market. Kingdom777 is renamed “Kingdom777”. Company is founded by a group of visionaries with faith. Kingdom777 will transform WCM777 and improve on a global level. The payout ratio will be fair and reasonable after the restructuring period. Also, the company will launch 777 Points Trading, which is a capital integration period. Kingdom777 will take responsibility and serve for all WCM777 customers. Under new leadership of Kingdom777, the company will evolve into a top global organization and will be a blessing to the global community, providing solutions for human sustainability as a social capital company. VERSION 01232014 2

Value of Kingdom777 Kingdom777 is a social capital company with the mission of building a community united by love. The community is the most valuable among all the business models because it dramatically reduces the transaction costs. This community will be the origin of a perpetual business ecological system. The base is the straight line combination of belief and benefit. The birth of the Internet marks the first Internet Revolution. Software Automation and Networking have greatly improved the efficiency of information dissemination, reduced transaction costs, and created representative companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. The second Internet revolution, which is the social network revolution continued to reduce transaction costs, creating a more transparent market. Then it gave birth to representative companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Zynga, a social game provider, obtained 100 million users in just seven weeks through social networking as it went viral business mode. Social networking connects people around the world. As a result, it makes the world more accessible; lowering the marketing costs. Kingdom777 is leading the third Internet revolution— the social capitalism revolution. Kingdom777 establishes trust among people, which plays a key role in reducing transaction costs. With the leverage of SNS (social networking service), Kingdom777 will build a social capital network. With an ultimate goal of realizing common wealth driven by social capitalism, Kingdom777 is devoted to creating a new kingdom model of economics to serve the best interest of all communities In this Kingdom777 community, we all have the same mission and culture. We shall create the history together that will lead the entire human race into a brand new kingdom. The value is beyond comparison. Union is strength. To incubate hundreds of companies becomes so easy. Bring the welfare from the world to the kingdom by building the new paradise model. VERSION 01232014 3

Duty of Kingdom777 Kingdom777 is invested and owned by World Capital Holding, Inc. The model of Kingdom777 is the model of the future city. Kingdom777= The model of Investment Incubation + Future City + Securitization + Kingdom belief. Kingdom777 shall build a City upon a Hill franchising business globally. It will become the last sanctuary at the end of the world, and will be the universal city of love in the near future. Kingdom777 shall give away the opportunities to all of our members to become kingdom city stockholders. In the near future, every stockholder will have the opportunity to use the kingdomcard in owning a home and accessing the community trading system. It is the city of freedom where in everyone shares, owns and rules, it is a utopia city of equality, love and altruism. Its duty is glorifying God and serving human beings. Kingdom777 also incubates high-tech enterprise, hardware to cover new power, new material, quantum communication and computing, cloud computing, etc. The software covers educational systems, medical systems, training systems, etc. It is a loop cycle eco-friendly system that can selfsupport current global anti-disaster systems. VERSION 01232014 4

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS World Cloud Media Products What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is one of distributed computing technologies, a basic concept, to split the enormous computing processing program into smaller programs through network and transfer them to multi-servers to process, network service providers will be able to process thousands of information in seconds and reach to as powerful network service as “Super-Computer” . That is to say, to turn your personal computer into a super-computer through network! VERSION 01232014 5

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS World Cloud Media Products Kingdom SPACE Kingdom MUSIC STATION Kingdom VIDEO Kingdom SOCIAL Kingdom BOOKS LIBRARY Kingdom TV VERSION 01232014 6

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS Packages of Cloud Media Products KINGDOM 2K KINGDOM 400 Kingdom 2000 Five-year period of use for Kingdom777’S all contents of service; Kingdom 400 Five-year period of use for Kingdom Space, Kingdom Music Station; VERSION 01232014 7

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS A . Agent/Member Packages Grades Of Agent Products purchase Price Business Volume Director Kingdom2000 $1,999 1900BV Junior Distributor Kingdom400 $399 300BV The grade will be decided by the type of the package agents/members initially purchase. Later members’ grade can be upgraded by purchasing higher package. The higher agents can obtain the equivalent products and points by choosing and purchasing the lower package and their grades of agent won’t be affected. *The specific policies of the global business bonus are subject to adjustment by the company, according to future market development situation. Such adjustment won’t affect agents’ times of bonus-sharing and amount obtained, as promised. VERSION 01232014 8

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS B . Illustration of Bonus Global Consumption Bonus Leadership Bonus Global Business Bonus Kingdom Trade Referral Bonus Binary Matching Bonus VERSION 01232014 9

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS 1. Referral Bonus Direct Membership Referral (1st Generation), agents can obtain 20% of their BV Indirect Membership Referral . Indirect Membership Referral (2nd - 6th Generation), agents can obtain 1%-3% of their BV. See below for details: Generation Junior Distributor Director 1 20% 20% 2 1% 3% 3 1% 3% 4 1% 3% 5 1% 3% 6 1% 3% VERSION 01232014 10

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS 2. Binary Matching Bonus A Twin-Track Approach (left and right) One track on the left and one track on the right. When L R the achievement on both tracks reaches to 360 BV each, the prize can be touched once, each touch is a bonus of 20. The remaining achievement will be Each day, as high as 10,000can be drawn C B reserved and won’t waste. (1900) D (1900) E (1900) (1900) VERSION 01232014 11

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS 3. Leadership Bonus The structure is the same as the one of Binary Matching Bonus. Board director level’s agents within 15 levels of structure will obtain 0.3% of the actual payment from the downline payer as leadership achievement bonus. Senior managers can obtain up to 13 levels, managers up to 11 levels, directors up to 9 levels and regular agents up to 7 levels. Below is the example for all 2000 paid user structures, which is paid 6 each. Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Unit 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 8192 16384 32768 Max Bonus on this level 12 24 48 96 192 384 768 1536 3072 6144 12288 24576 49152 98304 196608 Total Bonus 12 36 84 180 372 756 1524 3060 6132 12276 24564 49140 98292 196596 393204 VERSION 01232014 12

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS 4. Global Consumption Bonus Any level of agents will have a consumption bonus unit entered into system ram disk in the time order of obtaining from top to down and from left to right in sequence every time they purchase a package of products (any type) Each bonus unit can achieve up to 7 levels, finally up to 22,953as the bonus. (See below for details) Level 1 (3units)………………………………………………………………….. Level 2 (9units): ……………………………………………………… 1 , 2 , 3 4, 5, 6 ……………………….……10, 11, 12 Level 3 (27 units): ………………………………............. 13, 14, 15 ………………………………………….37, 38, 39 Level 4 (81 units): …………………………….…. 40, 41, 42 ……………………………………..………...118, 119, 120 Level 5 (243 units): …………………..….. 121, 122, 123……………….............................................361, 362, 363 Level 6 (729 units): ………….…. Level 7 (2,187 units):…. 364, 365, 366……………….......................................................1090, 1091, 1092 1093, 1094, 1095……………….................................................................3277, 3278, 3279 Finally obtained up to 7x3279=22,953 as the bonus. VERSION 01232014 13

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS 5. Global Business Bonus* Agents will obtain 100 profit-sharing units, namely 100 times bonus-sharing of the P point. General company will periodically compute the net profits of the global business, and appropriate 50% as the bonus of profit-sharing. Different grade of agents with each different profit-sharing unit will obtain different amount of bonus. Junior Distributor 4 × 100 =400 P point Supervisor 8 × 100 =800 P point Manager 12 × 100 =1,200 P point Senior Manager 16 × 100 =1,600 P point Director 32 × 100 =3,200 P point *The specific policies of the global business bonus are subject to adjustment by the company, according to future market development situation. Such adjustment will not affect the times of bonus-sharing and amount obtained, as promised. VERSION 01232014 14

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS Kingdom777 Repurchase and P point Repurchasing requires a Repurchase Permit, in order to achieve greater benefit and finish the process of repurchasing a unit. After repurchasing, with consuming 400 point top-up card, you can enjoy the same package of Cloud Service. The purchase and repurchase will gain 100 times 777 points payout for our kingdom trade. VERSION 01232014 15

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS 6. Kingdom Trade New Kingdom trade platform offers the chance for everyone to buy and sell 777 points for a higher value return, we highly believe our 777 points will become more and more valuable, by collecting more points, you can receive a great return!! More info please visit at VERSION 01232014 16

DEVELOPMENT PACKAGE FOR MEMBERS C . Illustration with Examples A. Referral Bonus A=BX20%+CX20%+(D+E+F+G +H+I+J+K +L+M+N+O)X3% =380+380+57X12 =760+684=1,444 point A (1900) C B B. Binary Matching Bonus (1900) (1900) Twin-Track Touch of Zone B and Zone C 1900X7÷360=36.944… D 36X20=720 point F E (1900) G (1900) (1900) (1900) C. Leadership Bonus There are 14 new units in total below A. 6X14=84 point H I J K L M N O The Total Bonus A Has Achieved: 1,444+720+84=2,248 point VERSION 01232014 17

Kingdom Cards Partnership Kingdom 777 business partner,Kingdom Card Kingdom Card is a membership type of service community, is a connection platform among members’ supply and demand. Trade for all products and services of merchant members globally Convenience Mobilized, localized, and socialized needs-to-supplies services Points Value Keeping by linking point value to basic material commodities Points Value Increasing with options, such as fixed-rated reward and pre-IPOs Tax Free* for loyalty points exchange Low Fee for trading points More: free financial planning with discounted products; charity etc. * Taxation is required for all members upon all tax laws. VERSION 01232014 18

Contact us Please login the following WebPages for more info. Kingdom777 Customer Service Help Center: Kingdom777 Customer Customer Kingdom Card Customer Service: VERSION 01232014 19

Thank You Thanks for all your participation! Let’s all grow together, Be well beings, And create our Kingdom! VERSION 01232014 20

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