Kinetic Model of Matter

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Published on September 15, 2013

Author: IsabellaCorrales



Made for my Physic presentation

The Kinetic Model of Matter

MAIN IDEA NO. 1 is made up of tiny particles… atoms, molecules, parts of atoms

MAIN IDEA NO. 2 The particles are constantly moving MAIN IDEA NO. 3 When the temperature goes up, the particles move faster. When the temperature goes down, the particles move slower. When the temperature is at absolute zero (-273 Celsius), the particles stop moving (Brownian Motion)

MAIN IDEA NO. 4 Matter contracts when cooled because slower moving molecules do not move as fast. Matter expands when heated because faster moving molecules move further.

MAIN IDEA NO. 5 Matter exists in 4 states Solid Liquid Gas Plasma

MAIN IDEA NO. 6 In solids the molecules are closely packed by the forces between them. They vibrate constantly about the fixed positions. They have definite shape and volume

MAIN IDEA NO. 7 In liquids the molecules are slightly farther apart than in solids. Molecules vibrate, at the same move rapidly over short distances, slipping past each other in all directions. Liquids don’t have definite shape but have definite volume.

MAIN IDEA NO. 8 The molecules in gases are much farther apart than in solids or liquids. Molecules move randomly at very high speed in all the space available. They hit each other and collide with the wall of the container. Gases go not have definite shape and volume

MAIN IDEA NO. 9 Temperatures are so high that atoms come apart. We think the and the are made of plasma. On the Earth, plasma is found in , , , and starssun Lightning bolts Fluorescent light bulbs Plasma screen TV’s metal cutting torches

MAIN IDEA NO. 10 The Brownian movement (movement of particles in a fluid) is named after Robert Brown The botanist who first discovered the continuous, random motion of pollen grains, suspended in water, and deduced that water molecules were in constant, random motion.


Questions: 1. What is the Absolute Zero in Kelvin degrees? 2. What happens to a solid when it is heated? 3. What is the 4th state of matter? 4. What are the two states of matter that cannot be compressed? 5. What happens to matter when it is cooled? 6. What does not have definite shape but has a definite volume? 7. Who discovered the Brownian motion? 8. How did he he discover it? 9. What state of matter have molecules that are randomly arranged and slightly far apart? 10. What state of matter has the lowest density? 11. What object can exist in all three states of matter? 12. What is the Brownian Motion? 13. What state of matter has the highest temperatures? 14. What is matter made up of? 15. What state of matter has closely packed molecules?

References: ple%20Kinetic%20Molecular%20Model%20of% 20Matter&v=true s/PCochran/files/WS%20Kinetic%20Model%20o f%20Matter%20Hndt.pdf

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