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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: kristeljoyjadormio9


Types of Instructional Materials

I. Non- Projected Displays II. Printed and Duplicated Materials III. Projected Displays IV. Audio Materials V. Linked Audio and Still-Visual Materials VI. Film and Video Materials VII. Computer-Mediated Materials

all visual displays that can be shown to a class, small group or individual student without the use of an optical or electronic projector of any sort. NON-PROJECTED DISPLAYS

Such as: • Chalkboards • Marker boards • Flip Charts

•Chalk or Marker Board Keep it clean Write or draw large enough for everyone in the group to see. Use colored chalk or marker for emphasis. Use a pointer when appropriate. Erase all irrelevant material. Stand to one side of the board to avoid hiding the essential information.

all textual and handout materials to be used by students or trainees which can be run off in large numbers by printing machines, photocopiers and duplicators. PRINTED AND DUPLICATED MATERIALS

Such as: • Hand outs • Assignment sheets • Individualized study Materials

motion pictures, filmstrips, slides of various sizes, transparencies for overhead projection, and specialized equipment such as rear screen projection or an opaque projector. PROJECTED MATERIALS

Still Projected Displays • Filmstrips • Overhead • Slides Projector Transparencies

all the various systems whereby straight forward audio material can be played to a class, group or individual. AUDIO MATERIALS

media that enable audio signals to be combined with moving visual sequences, thus enabling a further dimension to be added to integrated audio visual presentations FILM AND VIDEO MATERIALS PAPER MOTION ANIMATION.MP4

all the various materials that require a computer of some sort to enable them to be displayed, studied or used. COMPUTER-MEDIATED MATERIALS

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