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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: unexlab



Gutemberg changed the way news was recorded and disseminated

Modern newspapers turned news into a business, they democratized access to information

The internet further facilitated access and democratized content creation

Today we’ve hit a wall, innovation is stalling

Our mindsets our stuck in the print era. Innovation only aims at taking the newspaper experience online.

The way we consume print news is the same as it was a century ago: through reading.

What if we could change this?

What if we could make news articles come to life?

Introducing KIM: Knowledge In Motion

KIM instantly turns any text article into a video

How KIM works KIM uses a complex, proprietary algorithm to go through the text of any article to capture its substance and tone. Based on this analysis, KIM taps a database of images and video clips to create a short video (typically between 60 and 120 seconds) that includes video content (with most important quotes superposed above the images) and an audio narration of the article. Thanks to unique data compression algorithms, KIM is blazingly fast and fully optimized for mobile access.

KIM combines the best of all media types Print news • • • • Diversity of sources Depth of analysis Ease of access Low cost of production Video news • Impact • Easy to consume • Usage of audio + images for a deeper imprint • Convenient to share KIM tears down the barriers between news formats to combine the best of both worlds

KIM completely changes the way people consume news  Faster consumption allows you to get more in less time: KIM allows to consume a standard 1000 word article in less than 1 minute versus 3 minutes for text version  Better retention: 30% better retention rate of key information than for text version thanks to combination of audio + video  Easier sharing: 100% better sharing rate than for text version  Increase in total number of articles consumed: KIM leads to a 40% increase in number of articles consumed by making it easier to consume news on the go

How can KIM be used? KIM represents a potential revolution in the news business and has virtually limitless applications  Creation of a proprietary content curation app  Partnerships with established media outlets (Ex: LeMonde, Le Figaro, New York times…)  Partnerships with aggregators such as Flipboard or Google News  Licensing of technology on the open market

Accolades We are still at the early stage of product development but KIM has already been hailed as a potential game changer.

What’s next  Finalization of algorithm  Roll out in French and English  Partnerships with established media outlets

The founders Terry Burrowitz Michael Dupraz At 32 Terry is a world renowned leader in the field of automated text analysis and language engineering. A graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique in applied mathematics, he was formerly head of IBM’s Knowledge Management Research center where he spearheaded the development of text recognition algorithms. A former Rhodes Scholar, Michael is currently the Laurence B. Albert professor of computer science at MIT. He is a recognized authority in the fields of artificial intelligence and serves as an advisor for startups in the fields of robotics and AI.

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