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Published on October 26, 2007

Author: Freedom


Kievan Russia:  Kievan Russia Mrs. Miroff Brookwood Middle School Russia:  Russia Cities such as Novgorod and Kiev lay along Viking trade routes. Many areas in Kievan Russia were led by princes who governed with the advice of councils made up of boyars, or nobles. A very important ruler during this time was a man named Yaroslav. Yaroslav the Wise:  Yaroslav the Wise Yaroslav the Wise:  Yaroslav the Wise Yaroslav ruled from A.D. 1019 to A.D. 1054, which was a great period in Russian history. He built many churches and introduced Russia’s first law code, known as the Pravda Russkia (Russian justice). A Church Built by Yaroslav:  A Church Built by Yaroslav A Kievan Church:  A Kievan Church Kievan Russia:  Kievan Russia The area known as Kievan Russia makes up the western part of Russia today, as well as the Ukraine and Belarus countries. Kiev is still a very popular trading city, and is the capital of the Ukraine today. Russian Religion:  Russian Religion Traders and Greek missionaries brought Christianity to Kievan Russia. Vladimer I was responsible for bringing lots of Christian beliefs to the Russia people. When the church split in 1054, the Russians followed the Eastern Orthodox Church. A Russian Church:  A Russian Church Kievan Russia’s Economy:  Kievan Russia’s Economy Kievan Russia included two major agricultural regions. North of the steppe lies the TAIGA. The taiga has great forests and receives much rainfall. However, winters are long and cold. Taiga:  Taiga Russian Winters:  Russian Winters Winter in Russia can be VERY cold and frigid. The following photos are pictures of Kiev in the winter. Russian Ice Festivals:  Russian Ice Festivals In some parts of Russia, it gets so cold and icy, the people have huge Ice Festivals. Some of these festivals attract thousands of people every year. The ice sculptures are magnificent. A Russian Winter is a good theme for a Faberge Egg. Everything is made of Ice!:  Everything is made of Ice! The Beauty of Russia:  The Beauty of Russia Russia is filled with beautiful cities and spectacular buildings. Many people travel to Russia each year, as they are fascinated with Russian culture. Russia encompasses 14 time zones, and is very large. Research for Faberge project:  Research for Faberge project After this powerpoint, you can begin researching information for your project. Here are a few good websites:

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