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Published on January 19, 2018

Author: foreignlanguages


slide 1: Kids Speak Spanish Many of the foreign language programs on the market were for adults and are now packaged and sold to the homeschool community. Foreign Languages for Kids is different. Our program was created to give parents like you a fun and easy way for their children to learn Spanish. Have you been frustrated by the other programs you’ve tried or while looking for a program that is fun and engaging That’s how our founder Kit Strauss found when she was looking for quality foreign language products for her children. So she created her own slide 2: Spanish Curriculum For Elementary School When your child is learning to say his first words how does he do that Does he watch a video Repeat into a microphone after hearing a word No. He picks up on his first words by being involved in day to day life. He hears the words he sees the words and he feels the words. This is called immersion. And this is exactly how Foreign Languages for Kids teaches Spanish. Our videos walk you through a family’s day to day life. slide 3: Homeschool Interactive Program Our program is truly open and go. Our teacher’s guide provides homeschool parents with the tool they need to teach their children in just minutes a day. It includes ideas for games lessons on geography cultural experiences and much more. The program is flexible so it is up to you the parent whether or not you want to teach every day or a couple of days a week.  The key is to open the guide and have fun with your kids slide 4: How to Learn Spanish for Kids One of the best parts about Foreign Languages for kids is that even though it is designed for kids the whole family can learn together. The videos are geared towards preschool through sixth grade but if you watch them with your children you and your teens will learn too. With an immersion approach it is nearly impossible to not pick up on the Spanish language. This means the whole family can use our program together slide 5: Visit Our Website: slide 6: Come Be Social with Us slide 7: Contact Us Foreign Languages for Kids Address :- 10221 River Road 59232 Potomac Maryland 20859 Email :- Phone :- 301-299-8000

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