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Published on December 23, 2007

Author: Sevastian


Slide3:  What is Kids Help Phone? Slide4:  Who contacts Kids Help Phone? What do young people ask? :  What do young people ask? Slide6:  What is counselling anyway ? Counselling is really just a conversation between two people. What are kids telling us about Bullying?:  What are kids telling us about Bullying? Get help now – you choose how:  Get help now – you choose how Get Informed:  Get Informed Sample of our Bullying Forum :  Sample of our Bullying Forum Slide11:  Date Created: Friday October 27, 2006 Thanks for your advise on what to do ..... Since I had sent you that message I talked right to the girl that was doing it an I told her to stop (in a nice way) and ever since that, so far she has stopped .... I don't hang out with them but they do say hi, so to me that is AWSOME! .. I told her I don't care if you ever talk to me again or don't want anything to do with me. That’s fine all I want is respect ! It worked. I have gone through this before with those girls in grade 6 and it just started again but hopefully it has stopped forever! Slide12:  Date Created: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 I've been getting bullied every day and I'm quite upset about it. This guy told me he would hurt me and throw me in a ditch to die. I'm quite scared at school because I have to watch my back all the time. I've talked to the Principal and he called his parents, but nothing is happening. I'm really scared and I don't know if I should go to school anymore. The other day I was actually caught skipping school because of him. I was so scared I left. I have no idea what I could do to stop this. Even when I go out for lunch he follows me to the Restaurant. For heaven's sake I've even started to self harm (edit) hoping I wouldn't be scared anymore. I need help with this. MAJOR help. Slide13:  Date Created: Friday, November 03, 2006 … But thanks for your advice. Reading it a few weeks ago made my day, so thanks sooooo much!!! I feel like I can actually start making more friends now. The people who used to bug me mostly stopped, since those people who used to bug me were in my class last year, and this year, only like, 1 is [and they don't bug me as much, since they can't really bug me unless there's more than 1 person on me at the same time, which shows me they're cowards for fighting for themselves]. But even that one person is sometimes nice. I helped him a few weeks ago from getting a detention on a science project, and we had a MSN conversation once, which was fine and dandy, no insults or anything. Just a regular convo. And unlike his friends [which are the ones that bullied me] he hasn't blocked me on MSN, so yeah. Slide14:  Date Created: Friday, December 29, 2006 Hey, you guys helped me with a problem before and I’m saying I was really bullied before I became friends with my bff. I was best friends with a boy in my grade because I was the only girl in my grade. I mean, how many girls in the same grade can you get in a school of 64 kids? Anyway some girls saw that I was in a really deep hole in my life and they decided to be my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I was still friends with that boy, but he moved away and I stayed friends with one of the girls, who is now my closest friend. I NEVER get bullied anymore, because our class is so tight, and we just hang around with each other. Plus, there was this girl who didn’t seem to have any friends at all, except these girls who truly didn’t like her. I ignored the girls and started to talk to the loner girl and we feel somewhat comfortable around each other. Lately, though she has been following me around everywhere. My friends have noticed this too, especially when I don’t have any time to myself. She even follows me to the bathroom. My friends want to help, but we don’t wanna hurt her feelings or be potentially mean. Is there a nice way to say "get your own life?" Slide15:  Date Created: Sunday, January 28, 2007 Well, all that stuff helped. Actually on Friday the bully came up to me and asked me to be friends, and that he was sorry for all the things he said and did. I'm just a little curious, should I trust him, and be friends? Or should I just stay away from him? Thanks. Kids’ Solutions:  Kids’ Solutions How Adults Can Help:  How Adults Can Help Slide18:  Thank You

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