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Published on April 14, 2008

Author: Pasquale


Proposal to Introduce Table Tennis to the Youth of Hoboken:  Proposal to Introduce Table Tennis to the Youth of Hoboken Presented by the Hoboken Table Tennis Club Who We Are:  Who We Are The Hoboken Table Tennis Club (HTTC) is a non-profit organization formed to promote the game of Table Tennis in Hoboken. We are an affiliate of the United States Table Tennis Association (USATT). Mission Statement:  Mission Statement The purpose of HTTC is to provide a fun and friendly place for table tennis enthusiasts, create protégés, generate interest of new participants, and encourage improvement for every one. HTTC Proposal to the Hoboken Board of Education:  HTTC Proposal to the Hoboken Board of Education HTTC would like the Hoboken Board Of Education to consider Table Tennis as an extra-curricular activity for interested institutions. Benefits of Table Tennis:  Benefits of Table Tennis All levels of participation from recreational to competitive Inclusive. Socialization: promotes team play, team work, respect and good sportsmanship Heightened Confidence and Self-Esteem Equal competition for males and females Little risk of injury (non-contact sport, injuries are rare) Promotes Health: Research demonstrates improved balance, mental alertness and concentration, eye-hand coordination, and general fitness development. Positive alternative to negative activities and environments (sedentary and time-wasting computer and game addiction, TV watching, unsupervised street activities) Accessible to the physically challenged Skills learned give a lifetime of athletic outlet. Why should kids play table tennis?:  Why should kids play table tennis? Could serve as a mechanism to keep kids off the streets: It’s fun! Table Tennis is accurately described as ‘high-speed chess’. The mental alertness encouraged by the sport’s tactical challenges is particularly good for concentration. Table Tennis can serve as an alternative to address the growing threat of computer games addiction: The ability to create an opportunistic circumstance is very important and most determines the outcome of the game. Table Tennis has been known to stimulate confidence and sharpens the intellect of kids. Good exercise activity: The table tennis ball travels really fast within a short distance, a New Zealander, Lark Brandt, won the inaugural "Worlds Fastest Smash Competition" with a smash of 112.5 kilometers per hour (69.9 MPH). Table tennis is played at professional level; It is an Olympic sport. School competition is also key. Table Tennis can help address the following challenges: What we offer:  What we offer Formal instruction and coaching Help organize tournaments (as soon as there are a sufficient number of youth that know how to play) Help organize teams and prepare teams for competition Help establish a positive climate that will recognize effort and skill development among all participants Facilitate and train voluntary teachers to coach or help acquire professional trainers Advice on Budget and equipment quality; recommendations for equipment purchases Possible programs:  Possible programs Create a program that attracts young people and inspires them to succeed, whether it be learning a new skill and having fun with Table Tennis as recreation, or in competition Create positive learning outcomes Provide positive alternatives to non- or negative activity Create an after school program in which students may begin learning basic skills Create an after school table tennis team at the School(s), which then has the opportunity to compete against other schools in the area as well as in statewide and national tournaments Create a continuing program in which interested students may learn new skills Support (by recommendation of hiring professional coaches or recommending coaching certificate programs for current staff) the inclusion of Table Tennis in the regular school programming (physical education) Family, Adult and Community participation in HTTC activities What is a good beginner’s age?:  What is a good beginner’s age? Here in picture is a four year old player, Timo Boll, already showing great potential. At 5 years old?:  At 5 years old? Here in picture is a picture of the young Timo Boll at the age of 5. At 6 years old?:  At 6 years old? Once the sport has captivated the child’s interest, most children become determine and driven towards perfection. At 6, improvement and persistent are now obvious! At 9 years old:  At 9 years old Protégés at 9! At 12 years old:  At 12 years old Developing a competitive spirit is a key objective in introducing Table Tennis to Children in our community and here in picture you can see a competition between a 12 years old Timo Boll, playing competitively within his age group. At 15 years old:  At 15 years old Table Tennis is a spectator sport. And you can see a 15 years old Tim Boll competing on the National level representing his state. Slide15:  A standard match looks like this. Here in picture Germany’s Timo Boll vs. Denmark’s Michael Maze. A standard tournament between top athletes representing their countries. Slide16:  Timo Boll, now 24 years old, is Germany’s star athlete and last competed in the Athens 2004 Olympics Who knows.. Maybe the next U.S. Olympic star will come from Hoboken, NJ. Needs and Requirements, and Operational Challenges:  Needs and Requirements, and Operational Challenges Getting schools approval and support Generating interest in the game Finding qualified coaches Supervisory staff Scheduling Managing Space and Organizing tournaments and Activities Sponsorships Budget:  Budget The costs of starting and maintaining Table Tennis are minimal. Necessary equipment is as follows: Public Opinion:  Public Opinion “There is more than a trademark that separates table tennis from Ping-Pong. Table tennis, as a sport, is so much more than Ping-Pong, a casual activity confined to basement play. It is arguably more mental than physical, yet still leaves players catching their breath and wiping sweat from their brows. It is not just something to do on a rainy day. Table tennis is an Olympic sport.” BY MARY KATE BRENNAN, Star-Ledger Staff

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