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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: Mrs_Shearer



Norse Tale of the Kidnapping of Idun

By: Brandon W Zimmermann & Paul W Prorok

 Her name means “the rejuvenating one”  Married to Bragi and is the keeper of the special fruit/nuts

 Loki and some other gods were in the mountains  Eagle wanted some meat from their ox  Loki tried to hit him with a branch  Eagle flew off with the branch and Loki  Eagle turned out to be Tjasse  Loki made a deal with the Tjasse

 Loki told Idun of some fruit outside the wall of Asgard  She followed him outside the wall into the forest  Tjasse(in eagle form) snatched her up and took her to Thrymhiem “Thunder-Home”  It is a very icy place in the highest mountains and has two towers

 As result the Gods began to age  They found out about Loki  Threatened him with death if he could not return her

 Freya lent Loki her hawk feathers  He flew to Thrymhiem  He turned her into a nut  The fellow gods built a huge pile of kindling  Set Tjasse on fire  And everything returned to normal


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