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Published on February 27, 2014

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This article has been written for Techkriti Blog for a Cause Contest.
The topic was:
“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World.” Write about a particular issue concerning the position of women in today’s society.

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Women’s role in the society A woman. Most people would add adjectives like emotional, weak, softspoken, caring, etc to describe her. But there are some people who say that women are strong. They are optimists and the best persons to learn something from. A woman is someone who has made life possible. If say ‘woman’, she may be a mother, a wife, a daughter or even a grandmother. A woman in her lifetime has a lot of chores to do and plenty of roles to play. No wonder a woman should be proud to be herself.

The journey of anyone’s life starts at birth. A woman is born as a little girl. Do you think all women as girls see the outside world at birth? Unfortunately ‘NO’. How shameful it is to know that crimes like female feticide still persist in many parts of the world. Everyone wants a boy child, but why? If there were boys left, then that would be the end of human life. Without a woman no man can continue the later generations. This is today’s mentality. It needs liberation. Of course, there are variations in the masculine and feminine genders. But why are the males preferred more? Is it because they are bread winners? Today, there are many women working and earning. But there should be change from ‘many’ to ‘almost all’ which needs society’s encouragement for women’s education. Today, there are many women who are at par with men. But the others should also try and become independent and earn a living. Decision making is done mostly by the man of the family and everyone has to accept it. But the fact is that many problems are there which can be tackled only by women and not by men. For example, it can be said that women have the power or the capacity for emotional bonding and attachment. This is the result of the nurturing role played by a woman with her children. Which woman wants conflicts? Which mother having children wants a war? The mother always aims to keep her children safe and secured. So, a woman is the one who brings peace into the world. A woman harbours care and concern for the society. These are the qualities of the ‘feminine’ which are needed to nurture the children. The society needs these powers of the woman. So, the sooner they come forward, the better it is. But, what returns are women reaping for bringing peace in the society? Domestic violence, sexual assaults, etc.

These are the most common occurrences that we can observe in many houses in India. Wife beatings, no food and endless torture and suffering. We should respect the woman who does such a lot for each and everyone. Many women today are employed. But today for employment, they are expected to live their days like men. They are expected to have a ‘manly’ attitude towards their jobs. They have to forsake their time with their children, their time with their families for whose sake they have opted to work and earn. Unmarried women are also educated and are employed. They then enter the world of business, earning and money. However, instead of appreciating their work output and respecting them for it, women are treated disrespectfully and looked upon as objects of entertainment. There are cases of rape and sexual harassment reported from within the four walls of the corporate room almost every second day throughout the world. Don’t these women deserve bigger measures of respect? Don’t they have a right to live their life without any fear? Because of this grave reality, the family members think twice before letting a matured girl step out into the outside world. So the girl is married off to some male and she has to take care of the children and the family and that is what her life is all about. There are some women who are strong enough to enter the male dominated arenas. Then what about their children? Are they to be left with the not so trust worthy maid? What will a mother with a hard-hearted boss do when he thinks that the ‘Mom and Child’ valuable time should be considered not so important on the days when there is a lot of work? What will the

consequences of this be? After all, every mother wants some precious time with her children to become their best of friends. Everyone wants women to work and earn and be a ‘masculine woman’. They expect them to be strong, aggressive and have a ‘manly’ attitude. But working also needs patience, care and emotional bonding. There are some characteristics needed for the working world that we observe only in women. The inherent nature of women also brings peace into the working world and thus reduces the misunderstandings and disturbances in the same. So, let the women be what they are and how they are. There are hardships encountered by women in all good deeds they do. They aspire to make a better stand in the working world. But to truly make a better stand, it is necessary for them to be better heard and understood and treated with pride, carrying their capacity to nurture and spread peace to a higher platform and create a place of respect for them in the society. Now it’s our turn to do something for women and bring happiness into their world. Because of them we are here and because of their nurture and care, their children are reaching great heights of success. A woman truly rules the world, so we should respect the ruler and make her feel that she is indeed someone precious. - Khushi Daxini

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