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Published on November 8, 2011

Author: ICOPartners



Lecture for the KGC 2011 in Daegu

Past, present and future of online games in Europe

Thomas BIDAUX - ICO Partners

Past, present and future of online games in Europe Thomas Bidaux - ICO Partners

DisclaimerAll numbers are estimates.MAU numbers are Monthly Active Users (connected once in the past 30 days) and have been estimated by ICO Partners.Lecture doesn’t delve into Social games specifically.




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Definitions EuropeOnline games


HistoryMy first online game ever...Rogue36 15 Casus



HistoryEurope early contribution - MUD

HistoryFirst commercial successes – Games from the US • Ultima Online (May 1999) • Everquest (November 2002 for Ubi)  No critical mass on their own in Europe

History• First european successes – US licensed games • (T4C in 2000; Dark Age of Camelot in 2002) – European developed 3d games • EVE (2003) • Anarchy Online (2001) – European browser games • Runescape (2001) • Ogame (2002) • Seafight (2006) • Dofus (2004) • Travian (2004)

History• Getting large scale – Asian MMO licenses • Metin 2 (2006/2007) • Flyff (2006/2007) • Rappelz (2008) – Browser games expansion • Gameforge • Bigpoint • Ankama • Jagex – American Pay-to-play • NCsoft Europe (Guild Wars 2005) • Blizzard (WOW 2005)

HistoryOnline games in Europe were built on:• Free-to-play browser games from Europe• Pay-to-play from the USA• Free-to-play client games from Asia

History Asia F2P-Client MMOs Online Games In Europe USA EuropeP2P-Client F2P Browser MMOs MMOs/Strat


State of the Market • Still very fragmented • Still growing • F2P very dominant • A lot of competition on the main territories : Germany, France, Spain, Poland

Germany Title Publisher Est MAU 1 League of Riot 500k Legends Games 2 WoW Blizzard 450k 3 Runes of Frogster 130k MagicPopulation - 82M Title Publisher Est MAUHome PC equipment84% of the households 1 Farmerama Bigpoint 1.2M 2 Comunio Comunio 450kBroadband Connections 3 Habbo Sulake 400k65% of the households

France Title Publisher Est MAU 1 Dofus Ankama 1.8 M 2 World of Blizzard 200k Warcraft 3 League of Riot 160k Legends GamesPopulation - 63MHome PC equipment Title Publisher Est MAU69% of the households 1 Habbo Sulake 900k 2 Equideow Owlient/ 350kBroadband connections Ubisoft58% of the households 3 Travian Travianga 340k mes

United Kingdom Title Publisher Est MAU 1 World of Blizzard 140k Warcraft 2 League of Riot Games 120k Legends 3 World of Wargaming 90kPopulation - 62M tanksHome PC equipment Title Publisher Est MAU81% of the households 1 Moshi Mind 1.5 MBroadband connections Monsters Candy70% of the households 2 Club Penguin Disney 900k 3 Bin Weevils Bin 800k Weevils

Italy Title Publisher Est MAU 1 League of Riot 40k Legends Games 2 World of Blizzard 35k Warcraft 3 Combat Arms Nexon 20kPopulation - 60MHome PC equipment Title Publisher Est MAU61% of the households 1 Travian Traviangames 250kBroadband connections 2 Farmeram Bigpoint 170k39% of the households a 3 Hattrick Hattrick 150k

Spain Title Publisher Est MAU 1 Dofus Ankama 600k 2 League of Riot 150k Legends Games 3 World of Blizzard 80k WarcraftPopulation - 46MHome PC equipment Title Publisher Est MAU66% of the households 1 Comunio Comunio 600k 2 Habbo Sulake 400kBroadband connections51% of the households 3 Club Disney 300k Penguin

Poland Title Publisher Est MAU 1 League of Riot Games 270k Legends 2 Metin2 Gameforge 100k 3 World of Wargaming 70k TanksPopulation - 38MHome PC equipment Title Publisher Est MAU66% of the households 1 Farmerama Bigpoint 750kBroadband connections 2 Stardoll Stardoll 400k51% of the households 3 Moviestar 350k Planet

Important companies Online games companies Europe revenues - million € 310 140 110 57 56 52 40 22 22 20 18 17 15 13 7source : ICO Partners


TrendsTrend #1 – Blurring territories specifics

TrendsTrend #2 – Browser games production value increase

TrendsTrend #3 – F2P production value global increase; IPs

TrendsTrend #4 – MMO loss of traction, even with high production value

TrendsTrend #5 – New genres

TrendsTrend #6 – Social media integration

TrendsTrend #7 – Mobile as a platform

TrendsTrend #8 – F2P prevalence on mobile

TrendsTrend #9 – Platforms convergence

TrendsConclusion – Harder market than 2 years ago – Fatigue of MMOs and emergence of new genres favour original titles – Focus on quality and niches – Long term objectives ot be considered carefully when looking at either licensing or self-publishing


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