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Published on August 17, 2009

Author: iStaynerdy



Brief rules to Ice Warriors of the 2007 age. More Rules to be added soon

Keys to 2007 Ice Warriors The Tutorial to the Things Should Be.. Created on: 1/18/09

Rule #1 Do what is said to you. Example:Icey or Sriv informs you to handle a task. You do your assignment without question.

Rule #2 When things are cancelled by Icey, do not insist on going with your plan. Example:Icey cancelled FW invasion. Ruggy insist on going with invasion.

Rule #3 Don’t be disrespectful towards ranks that are higher than you. You may think you know stuff, but you don’t.

Rule #4 Have Fun. Everything isn’t always so serious. Remember, there always have to be a balance between things.

Rule #5 This is how the system goes: When Icey isn’t online, Sriv is in charge. When Sriv isn’t online, Ruggy is in charge. When Ruggy isn’t on….

Rule #6 When I, or Icey come to you for constructive criticism, don’t turn on your defensive mode. Listen to what we have to say. We have over 4 years(combined) of CP Warfare information.

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