[KEYADE CASE STUDY] Applying the Remarketing List for Search Ads to long-tail SEM

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: Keyade



MISSION: Increase market share
CHALLENGE: Generate sales from non-brand requests
SOLUTION: Qualify the audience and adjust ad distribution parameters accordingly
RESULTS: +210% ROI on the long-tail requests

Nathalie Feyte SEO & SEM Manager "Applying RLSA to Air France's long-tail is a simple but innovative concept. We congratulate Keyade for implementing a strategy particularly well suited to our goals for growth." The long tail only targets generic requests (also called "non-brand"). As with all highly popular brands, the Air France brand often acts as a catalyst for sales at the last SEM lever. To increase Air France's market share, Keyade designs a strategy for boosting revenue on routes searched for in the long tail. The idea is to increase profitability by increasing the contribution of non-brand searches to the air carrier's sales worldwide. GENERATE SALES FROM NON-BRAND REQUESTS CHALLENGE Air France is the second largest air carrier in Europe, with over 243 destinations served in 103 countries. The result is a considerably large number of departure and arrival city combinations. Taken together, requests for these combinations generate a significant amount of traffic on search engines worldwide. To capture all possible sales opportunities, Air France targets all of these routes (the long tail) with SEM, using dynamic ads which are automatically updated via datastream. This makes it possible to update prices and promotional offers automatically and in realtime. INCREASE MARKET SHARE MISSION APPLYING THE REMARKETING LIST FOR SEARCH ADS FORMAT TO LONG-TAIL SEM

Keyade is an independent company specializing in performance-based online media acquisition (Keyade Agency), and its conversion using dedicated technologies and services (Madmetrics). Launched in 2006, Keyade now operates in over 80 countries from its offices in Paris, France, and Dubai, UAE. Its client portfolio includes OLX, Meetic/, Air France, Jumeirah, Redoute and Voyages-SNCF. Headquarters: Keyade, 8 rue du Sentier, 75002 Paris - France Simplified joint-stock company (SAS) with a capital of 49,481 Euros, registered with the Trade and Commerce Register of Paris under number B 490 339 207—CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Privacy) no. 1244457 / / +33 (0) +210% ROI ON THE LONG-TAIL REQUESTS RESULTS +210% ROI ON THE LONG-TAIL REQUESTS Keyade initially implemented the strategy in three countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Brazil. Within several months, the results were clear: on average, the conversion rate on the long-tail requests had increased by a factor of 2.5, while ROI was up 210%. Additionally, Air France reported an overall 27% increase in revenue for these same campaigns across the three countries in question. After this initial conclusive test, Air France and Keyade rolled out the campaign to 9 other countries. SOLUTION QUALIFY THE AUDIENCE AND ADJUST AD DISTRIBUTION PARAMETERS ACCORDINGLY Keyade recommends using Google's RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) to long tail requests. In concrete terms, RLSA makes it possible to create pools of target users by country, using a universal remarketing tag placed on the advertiser's site. These audience pools are then used on the Google search engine, following a specific scenario, to retarget users who have already visited the advertiser's site. RLSA allows several campaign parameters to be adjusted: - Ads: Targeted promotional deals can be delivered to encourage a particular user to complete their purchase. - Bids: Since targeted users have already shown an interest in the advertiser's products, the chances of conversion are higher; this means the CPC can be adjusted upwards. - Campaigns: Campaigns are duplicated to retain a control campaign from which the target audience is excluded. Lastly, as part of a ROI-focused strategy, advertisers prefer to target all hot prospects with ads using RLSA, rather than display ads to non-qualified web users through the classic long-tail approach. APPLYING THE REMARKETING LIST FOR SEARCH ADS FORMAT TO LONG-TAIL SEM Air France is the second largest airline in Europe, with 77.4 million passengers in 2012. The airline serves 253 destinations in 105 countries. With an online turnover of more than 2 billion euros in 2012, it is one of the leading French companies on the internet.

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