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Published on April 10, 2008

Author: Saverio


THE FUTURE IS INTELLIGENCE:  THE FUTURE IS INTELLIGENCE by Pete Griffin, Chairman of HomePlug Director of Corporate Technology RadioShack March 28, 2006 WHAT IS A TRANSFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY?:  WHAT IS A TRANSFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY? Changes Our Lifestyle Sets New Boundaries Foundational Creation of Ecosystems ARE THESE ?:  ARE THESE ? WIRELESS ? WIRED ? OPTICAL ? POWERLINE ! OBSTACLES TO NEW TECHNOLOGIES:  OBSTACLES TO NEW TECHNOLOGIES Ham Radio Operator Opposition RF Interference to Licensed Users Government Regulatory Agencies Competing Technologies Limited Uses CALCULATOR OR TYPEWRITER?:  CALCULATOR OR TYPEWRITER? HOMES - WHERE WE HAVE BEEN:  HOMES - WHERE WE HAVE BEEN SHELTER RESPITE MODERN HOME SMART HOME HOMES – WHERE WE ARE GOING:  HOMES – WHERE WE ARE GOING THE INTELLIGENT HOME Market Requirements For Command and Control:  Market Requirements For Command and Control ROBUST (100% Connectivity, and in the case of critical functions, with or without a “live” line) RELIABLE (Meets Specs Decades Later) COST EFFECTIVE INTERFERENCE (Regulatory ,1.0, AV, BPL, etc.) MULTIPLE VENDORS / TIME TO MARKET TYPICAL APPLICATIONS:  TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Command & Control (“Smart Home”) Remote appliance diagnostics, service and support Lighting and HVAC control Controlling appliances after leaving home or prior to arriving Home monitoring and security systems control while away Entrance control Metering and Energy Management AMR - Automatic Meter Reading (Power Utilities) Sub-metering for high rise buildings, house complexes and industrial buildings Energy management and saving and time of use Internet Slide13:  System error house will reboot in 20 seconds Checking the integrity of the security system You have a fault in the security system – House closing down Ring 0870 333 4444 for support services Closing down communication systems Don’t panic Don’t panic Don’t panic Don’t panic Don’t panic Don’t panic PROCESS:  PROCESS MRD GENERATED FOLLOWED BY AN OPEN INVITATION TO C&C PROPONENTS PRE-SCREENING BY TECHNICAL EVALUATION GROUP BAKE-OFF PRESENTATION LABORATORY TESTS (Independent Consultant) FIELD TESTS (Multiple Homes / Multiple Outlet Pairs) INTERFERER HOME DECISION PROCESS:  DECISION PROCESS CONSESUS REACHED BY TECHNICAL EVALUATION GROUP (TEG) BOARD OF DIRECTORS RECEIVES RECCOMENDATION FROM TEG BOARD MAKES FINAL DECISION BASELINE SPECIFICATION IS SET A SPECIFICATIONS WORKING GROUP IS FORMED NEIGHBORING HOMES:  NEIGHBORING HOMES INTELLIGENT GRIDS CONNECTIVITY = INTELLIGENCE:  CONNECTIVITY = INTELLIGENCE Whether the technology is… Wireless Optical Wired To-the-home or in-the-home Whether the application is… the Smoke Detector talking to the HVAC the Security System talking to Health Care devices the Appliance talking to the Utility Applications WHY THE ALLIANCE DRIVES ECOSYSTEMS:  WHY THE ALLIANCE DRIVES ECOSYSTEMS Eliminate Consumer Confusion Preserve Integral Solutions In the network In the approach to the market Create a worldwide platform for Services Applications Slide19:  Pete Griffin Chairman of HomePlug Alliance Director of Corporate Technology RadioShack THANK YOU.

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