Key-Value NoSQL Database

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Information about Key-Value NoSQL Database

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: HemanHosainpana



this presentation describe NoSQL data model and consistency topic and introduce Key-Value database

Distributed Database

Data Model • Relation • The Dominant Data Model of Last Couple Decade • Table, Column, Rows • Cannot Nest One Tuple Within Another • Aggregate • Collection of related object that we wish to treat as a unit • Consistency Unit

Relational Data Model

Aggregate Data Model

• Aggregate-Ignorant • Relational Data Model • Graph • Aggregate-Oriented • Key-Value • Document • Column Family Data Model Types

Distribution Model • Single Server • Sharding (Horizontal Scalability) • Put different data on different node. • Replication • Take the same data and copies it over multiple node.


Master-Slave Replication

Peer-to-Peer Replication

Combining Sharding and Replication

Combining Sharding and Replication


Update Consistency • Write-Write Conflict • Lost Update • Pessimistic Consistency • Optimistic Consistency

Read Consistency

Replication Inconsistency

Relaxing Consistency • Eventual Consistency • Quorums • CAP Theorem • Consistency • Availability • Partition Tolerance

CAP Theorem

Key-Value Group A

What's Key-Value Store • Simple Hash Table • Collection of Key-Value Pair • Associate Array • The Key Unique Within Collection

Basic Operation • Insert Pair • Delete Pair • Update Value Of Existing Pair • Find Value Associate With a Particular Key

Performance Factor • The efficiency of the hashing function. • The design of the keys and the size of the values being stored and retrieved. • The distribution of data across partitions. • The functional patterns that applications follow to store and retrieve data.

Storing All the Data in a Single Bucket

Terminology – Oracle vs. Riak

Some of The Popular Key-Value Databases • Redis • Riak • Memcache DB • BerkeleyDB • HamsterDB • Amazon DynamoDB • Project Voldemort

Key-Value Store Features • Consistency • Consistency is applicable only for operations on a single key • Eventually Consistent in Distribute Implementation • Transaction • Quorum • Query • Structure Of Data • Scaling • Sharding • CAP

Suitable Use Case • Storing Session Information • User Profiles, Preferences • Shopping Cart Data

When Not to Use • Relation Among Data • Multioperation Transactions • Query by Data • Operations by Sets

Distributed, Masterless, Highly-Available Key-Value Store



Redis Features • Extremely Fast! • Ability to store more than just strings • Persistence • Replication • Built in LUA support


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