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Information about Key Trends in Digital Marketing - Webinar

Published on February 27, 2014

Author: impreMedia



Thank you for Joining Today’s Webinar We ask that if you have questions during the presentation please submit those directly via email to: Questions will be answered at the conclusion of this webinar. The following presentation deck and webinar recording will be available to you immediately following the conclusion of this webinar. @impremedia

Today’s Webinar Agenda Moderated by: Cynthia Corzo, Editor of Hispanic Market Weekly @HispanicMktWkly Trends in Digital Joe Kutchera and Hilda Garcia Making Measurement Make Sense Sherrill Mane @impremedia

JOE KUTCHERA Author & Digital Media Strategist Latino Link & Exito @joekutchera Meet Our Presenters HILDA GARCIA Digital Content Director for impreMedia and Co-author of Exito impreMedia @garsiknews

Meet Our Presenters Sherrill Mane SVP, Research Analytics and Measurement for the IAB @SherrillMane

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Example of Successful Marketing Model

Why we need a new marketing model Innovation Technology Community and Content Social Listening and Research Changing Demographics of America

“Latinized” Marketing model for era of social media™ scuche a su audiencia (listen to your audience) perimente como usuario (put yourself in shoes of user) ntegrate your communications channels ransform your audience into communities ptimize

scuche a su audiencia (Listen to your audience)

scuche: Listening to/Learning from Influencers

scuche: Listening & Responding

eXperimente como usuario, a través de "perfiles” (Put yourself in the shoes of the user, using profiles) Mariachi Martín Mario Maria

Profiles Help Us Avoid Monolithic Thinking “Ms. Davis, get us some binders full of Latinos.”

eXperimente como usuario - profiles

eXperimente como usuario - profiles Source: Forrester Research, North American Technographics Online Benchmark Survey, Q3, 2011


ptimize: Evaluation of Social Media Tools 1. Number of social networks integrated 1. Quality of management technology 2. Analytics integration e.g. Omniture, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics 3. Longevity of company 4. Geo-targeting (identify users by state) 5. Spanish

ptimize: Evaluation of Social Media Tools # of networks 4 5+ 5+ 5+ Quality rating Excellent Excellent Excellent Very good Analytics integration Google Analytics and Omniture Omniture Google Analytics, Facebook Insights Google Analytics, Omniture, Facebook Insights Year founded Since 2001 Since 2009 Since 2008 Since 2010 Geo-targeting Yes, by state Yes, by state Yes, by state Yes, state/city Spanish Yes Yes, with google Analytics Yes Yes

Mobile: - Less is More

Gracias! @JoeKutchera @GarsikNews

UPDATE FOR Impremedia February 2014

Making Digital Metrics Make Sense in a Cross Platform World • Overview of Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) • Media measurement standardization • 3MS news  Update on viewable impression currency  Update on education and communication • What’s next?

3MS: What Is It? • A cross-ecosystem collaboration to improve planning and buying digital media and facilitate cross-platform comparison across ALL and legacy…for brand advertising.

3MS: Who Is Involved? Facilitators:   Supporters: Now under broad industry oversight of MRC To date, 200+ executives and industry experts have participated

3MS: The Objectives  Create the right digital currency and metrics  Drive industry consensus around these solutions  Identify ongoing standards-setting body

Media Measurement Standardization • For nearly 50 years, MRC’s mission has been to secure for the media industry and related users audience measurement services that are valid, reliable and effective; • This is done by – Setting Standards – Conducting Audits to Verify Compliance with Standards.

3MS Five-Pillar Solution

3MS News  MRC Viewable Impressions Advisory against trading on viewable impressions extended through 1st Q 2014  MRC Reconciliation Study underway  Examines how and why accredited viewability measurement vendors produce disparate numbers  May lead to refinements in vendor methods  Will result in guidance on what is the tolerated range of differences  Debate continues on timing for transition to viewable video impressions  Latest whitepaper released at IAB ALM (Feb 10, 2014) furthers 3MS Guiding Principle #4, entitled, “The Advertising Engagement Spectrum: Defining and Measuring Digital Ad Engagement in a Cross Platform World”

3MS News • ANA, 4A’s, IAB jointly hired Fleischman Hillard to manage 3MS communication – One voice – One dedicated resource – Support the evolution of the MRC

Ad Classification System and Taxonomy: All Ad Units Are Not Created Equal  Possible road map to learning about effects in a systematic fashion  Supply chain simplification: transactions across sites should use the same ad unit terminology  Advisory group finalized a draft taxonomy  Agency creatives provided feedback on taxonomy  Review and finalization with full 3MS advisory team  Development on pilot test specs

Beyond Viewable Impressions and GRPs • GRP’s = Gross Rating Points = A count of impressions delivered by a media schedule • R X F = GRPs • Ability to count exposures and frequency across media is foundational to assessing impact • All exposures are not created equal • Broad, amorphous hypothesis: interactivity of ads contributes to building brands

Brand Ad Performance Metrics  Which ad unit capabilities are most beneficial to enhancing brand ad performance for which goals?  How can we measure the role of social media in building brands?  What is engagement?  What are the core metrics?  Which engagement metrics are most important to building brands?

Brand Ad Performance Metrics: Engagement • Hundreds of interactive “engagement” metrics made possible by digital measurability • • • No consensus on which matter most No standard definitions 2013 IAB whitepaper “Digital Ad Engagement: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization” outlines three major categories of engagement – – Physical: user-initiated interaction – • Cognitive: awareness, interest and intention Emotional Just released 2014 IAB Whitepaper advances 3MS, “The Advertising Engagement Spectrum: Defining and Measuring Digital Ad Engagement in a Cross Platform World” – – Defines engagement Identifies 30 core metrics

Ad Engagement Definition • “A spectrum of consumer advertising activities and experiences cognitive, emotional, physical – that will have a positive impact on a brand.” • Will tree up to MRC standardization efforts

Brand Ad Performance Metrics: Social Media  3MS brand impact team agreed that counting likes is not the path to capturing empirical knowledge and value  Agreement on need to define social activity and metrics that cumulatively build brands (social included in the whitepaper)  Initial industry follow up needs to be enhanced and accelerated  Need better understanding of connections between social and other media in building brands  Potential to work backwards from bigger concepts to discrete user activities


Viewable Impressions: Results of Testing with Agencies and Brands  Data from 22 live production campaigns, involving more than 3 billion served impressions, revealed the following: Viewable rates for the pilot campaigns ranged from a high of 78.6% to a low of 7.3% Unmeasured rates were a significant concern:  Cross-Domain I-Frames  Other Unmeasured Conditions

Viewable Impression Guideline Draft: Display Ads Requirements for Viewable Display Ad Impressions Pixel and Time Requirements 50% of pixels in the viewable space of the browser Minimum of one consecutive second

Viewable Impression Guideline Draft: Display Ads, Related Issues • User Interaction Considerations • Strong User Interaction (such as a legitimate click, as defined by the IAB’s Click Measurement Guidelines) seen as satisfying requirements for a Viewable Impressions, even if minimum pixel/time requirements not met. • Large Size Display Ads • Recognition that certain large size ads (IAB Rising Stars units) may require special consideration, particularly as to pixel requirements. • Recent off-line discussions lead us to believe we are narrowing in on a range acceptable for committee consideration.

Viewable Impression Guideline Draft: Video Ads  Requirements for Viewable Video Ad Impressions Same Pixel and Time Requirements as for Display Ads, Plus: Additional time requirement based on length of video ad unit Proposed to be the greater of a minimum time or a percentage of the ad unit Only unduplicated ad content contributes to meeting this requirement

Viewable Impression Guideline Draft: Video Ads, Related Issue  Importance of Audio Recognized But because of current technical limitations in determining audio levels in all situations, presence of audio is unlikely to be required by this initial version of the guideline

Viewable Impression Guideline Draft: Other Issues Other Considerations: Disclosures of assumptions used in determining viewable status of ads Issues related to nested I-Frames Click to Play vs. Auto Play Video ads Communication and Discrepancy Resolution

The IAB Safeframe Solution • Code that solves for nested i-frames’ obstruction of viewability • Is a critical element in solving for measurability and for security concerns • Recruiting participants to test SafeFrame • Solutions to ease publisher implementation in process

         Direct viewability data available Transparency for both parties Improved performance measurement Rich media functionality Programmatic rich media Metadata sharing Simplified ad rotation Publisher page protection Consumer protection

Q&A Session Thank you for attending! @impremedia

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