Key Technologies to Ultra Modernize Your Contact Center in 2014 [Webinar]

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Information about Key Technologies to Ultra Modernize Your Contact Center in 2014 [Webinar]

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: Genesys



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The adoption of new technologies in the contact center can help create an effortless customer experience that builds customer loyalty to elevate your brand above that of your competition. By leveraging open standards, organizations can now quickly integrate new technology into existing infrastructure to take advantage of market trends, customer demands and industry compliance requirements. Integrating technologies such as WebRTC, co-browsing, proactive web engagement and mobile engagement in 2014 can take your customer experience to the next level and help your organization gain a competitive advantage.

Register Now to view the on demand webinar and to understand how you can implement the following technologies in your Contact Center:

Proactive Engagement to gain insight into customer behavior on your website

Co-browsing to assist website visitors in real-time

WebRTC for “click-to-call” web based communications including voice and face-to-face video

Mobile Engagement for embedding contact center functionality into your Smartphone applications

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Key Technologies to Ultra Modernize Your Contact Center in 2014 • Webinar 1

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Presenters Andrew Maguire Principal Consultant High Beam Consulting Richard McCrossan Strategic Business Director, Digital Channels Genesys 3

Agenda • A Retro Look Back to an Effortless Future • Market / Business Drivers for Modernization • Building Your Contact Center for the 21st Century • Technologies to Drive Effortless Engagements • Creating Effortless Customer Experiences • Summary 4

A Retro Look Back At an Effortless Future 5

Contact Center Modernization Prerequisites A voice/data convergence project creates an ideal opportunity to produce a highly efficient and optimized data network capable of running all voice and data across an enterprise To Ultra Modernize your Contact Center, it is recommended to have the following: • Replaced legacy ACD with a SIP-enabled IP Contact Center • IP architecture to simplify the addition of new channels • Virtualization of resources across the customer service chain • Automation of work tasks and resource optimization (WFO) 6

Top Drivers for Modernizing the Contact Center • Why Improve CX? The top three reasons why businesses proactively manage and invest in customer experience are: 1. Improve customer retention (42 %) 2. Improve customer satisfaction (33 %) 3. Increase cross-selling and up-selling (32 %) Improve Customer Retention 42% Addressing each of these reasons can positively impact bottom line revenue 7 Improve Customer Satisfaction 33% Improve Cross-selling and Up-selling 32% Source: Aberdeen

Evolution of Customer Engagement Progress? The Process of Engagement Comes Full Circle • In Store, Face-to-Face Engagement – Baby Boomers • Voice Engagement – Gen X • IVR Engagement – Gen Y • Web Engagement – Gen Z • Remote, Face-to-Face Engagement 8

The 21st Century Consumer 1.52 Billion Facebook Users in 2014 74% Use More Than 3 Channels 80% Businesses suffering revenue loss by not supporting customer service on mobile devices 25.4% Engage in online shopping via mobile 87% 19.4% CAGR Of World Population are Mobile Subscribers $963 Billion Worldwide retail web sales in 2013 1 Billion Smart Phones by 2016 9

Today’s CX Challenges Experience Self-service failings, long hold times, repeating information, transfers, missed promises and unnecessary repeat interactions For the Business For the Customer • • • • • Disjointed Touchpoints and Channels • High Customer Effort • Impersonal • Ineffective Self-service • Poor Agent Suitability • No Proactivity Increased Churn Lower Revenue Employee Turnover Under Utilization of Key Resources • Higher Cost to Serve Customer Result Less likely to repurchase, recommend or stay 10

Customer Experience Maturity Model Optimizing the Customer Journey Common Situation Feature  Siloed Touchpoints and Channels  Multivendor technology infrastructure managing channels of interaction in contact center and across departments Multi-Channel CX Touchpoint Touchpoint CX Optimization  Addition of multiple channels to same touchpoint  Improved self-service  Optimal Agent Routing  Consistent, seamless experience across channels  Agent Scripting  FCR improvement  FCR is low due to sub optimal agent assignment  Fragmented analytics giving partial views  Comprehensive single view analytics  Self-service not effective leading to channel switching  Customer context shared across channels  Speech analytics for voice-centric contact centers  Workforce Optimization enacted  Agent with blended channel work schedules  Journey redesign for optimal results  Streamlined journeys leveraging proactice notifications andl live communications  Multi-skilling; crosstraining of agents  Journey-specific experiences delivered across touchpoints including  Soft channel switching without loss of context  Workforce blending of workday as appropriate  Self-service context passed to agents Time Journey Optimization 11

Contact Centers Lack The Customer Viewpoint Limited Range of Remedial / Supportive Customer Interactions • Agents are typically silo’d or “pooled” resources that have little or no real time knowledge of the customers they interact with • Agents have no ability to interact cooperatively with a customer • Manual assistance can take additional time depending on issue complexity 12

Propel Your Contact Center to the Next Level Organizations That Provide Better Customer Experiences... • Know the history of where and when customers have been previously engaged • Interact cooperatively with the content customers view - in real time • Integrate multiple channels into the agent desktop to streamline workflow and reduce churn • Mask sensitive data for increased security and compliance 13

Building Your Contact Center for the 21st Century Technologies to Ultra Modernize Your Contact Center and Elevate Your Customer Experience to the Next Level • Mobile Engagement • Proactive Web Engagement • Co-Browse • WebRTC Service 14

Improving The “Always On” Customer Experience World of Consumers Increasingly Present on Mobile Devices • Landlines gradually disappearing; PCs losing share in favor of mobile • First edition mobile apps typically limited to ecommerce and/or simple voice connections • Typical mobile communications chat, email, voice – usually lack context and security • Failed cross-channel customer experiences reduce loyalty, satisfaction, increased churn 15

PRODUCT DEMO Mobile Engagement 16

Mobile Engagement CX Enable Mobile Applications With Contact Center Services • Meet customers where they are always ‘on’ and present, through mobile interactions • Mobile apps integrated with full Genesys Contact Center capabilities • Customers proactively notified when a qualified agent is available • Lower effort, mobile CX induces 88% of customers to increase spend, 94% to repurchase 17

Gaining Knowledge of Every Interaction Using Your Customers Web History to Provide Better CX • Provide agents with complete contextual customer information to improve efficiency and conversion rates • Capture snapshot’s of activity - not just for Web interactions, but for all interactions across all channels used by the customer • Identify when Agent intervention is most likely to succeed • Match customers with the right Agent to improve conversion rates • Give customers the choice of personal interaction across every channel – including chat, voice, SMS, voice or video 18

PRODUCT DEMO Proactive Web Engagement 19

Proactive Web Engagement CX Enabled Websites to Drive Personalized Interactions Routes customer to the best skilled agent, not just to a queue Combines behavioral & contextual data to drive decisions – truly targeted proactive engagement Truly cross-channel Business level tools and controls over rules for when, who and how to engage 20

Using Internet Voice and Video Universal, Remote, Face To Face Communications • Integration of Internet voice or video solutions cost effective • Reduces the number of toll-free phone calls and drives down telephony costs • Must download and install Third Party application before interaction can take place • Not seamless – adds complexity • Poor customer satisfaction and a potential loss of business 21


WebRTC Service CX Enabled Face to Face Communication For The Contact Center • Click-through voice and video calls directly from the Web • Software-only, standards-based, zero footprint integration—no plugins, downloads or installs • Contextual user data can be associated with WebRTC calls • TCO reduction from replacing costly dedicated 800# lines • Easy deployment with zero disruption to existing customer service operation 23

Removing The Guesswork From Customer Service Conversations Are Blind. • Customer frustration can increase due to complex website navigation or purchasing process leads to abandonment • Lack of visibility into what the customer sees increases call handling times • Verbal walkthrough by Agent requires good communication skills and experience 24


Co-Browse CX Enabled Agent Assistance. See Problems. Show Solutions. • Personalized assistance customers need or help to complete a purchase • Help purchasing online while coaching about a products’ value proposition • Walk customers through complex Web forms o Tax Filing, Mortgage, or Bank Loan Forms • Alleviate potential compliance violations 26 0

Creating Effortless Customer Experiences 27

Key Takeaways • Three facets for great CX mobile, proactive and personalized human touch • A mobile strategy with the enablement of Contact Center centric services is a MUST • You can create effortless customer experiences using technology available TODAY Genesys is a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions. With over 3,500 customers in 80 countries, Genesys orchestrates more than 100 million customer interactions every day across the contact center and back office. Genesys helps customers power optimal customer experiences that deliver consistent, seamless and personalized experiences across all touchpoints, channels and interactions. 28

Q&A - Ask the Experts! Andrew Maguire Richard McCrossan For more information, please visit Email us: 29

Upcoming and On Demand Webinars • Upcoming Webinars Crashes, Disasters, Failures, Disruptions—Business Continuity in the Cloud February 19, 2014 • Unleash the Power of Customer Experience February 26, 2014 • • • On Demand Webinars The Next Big Customer Experience Trend: 1 to 1 Engagement 30

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