Key Facts about Digital Noise Reduction-Equipped Hearing Aids

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Information about Key Facts about Digital Noise Reduction-Equipped Hearing Aids

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: doderohearing



Dodero Hearing Center continues the tradition of better hearing through education, technology, and customer service.

Dodero Hearing Center shares new digital noise reduction technology for hearing aids.

  Key Facts about Digital Noise Reduction-Equipped Hearing Aids   Whether you are in a crowded restaurant, on a busy train platform, or walking along a major downtown street, there are occasions where the noise around you is overpowering. The problem becomes worse for people with hearing aids, which can make it nearly impossible to pick out wanted sounds from the surrounding noise. Thanks to digital noise reduction, however, many hearing aid wearers are able to block out unwanted noise and concentrate on the things they are most interested in hearing.  Hearing aids that utilize digital noise reduction technology are able to pick up on the unique differences between speech and noise. This is easy to do when speaking to someone in a quiet room as the speech signals are the only sound around. Walk into a crowded and noisy room and the hearing aid equipped with digital noise reduction immediately knows that unwanted noise is present. The hearing aid makes the necessary adjustments on its own using built-in software and reduces the volume associated with the noisy channels.  There is no hearing aid that can completely block out noise interference, but this function can still go a long way when it comes to lessening the frustration that comes from communicating in noisy areas. The general consensus among hearing aid wearers with this technology is that speech sounds better and background noise is less overpowering.  Digital noise reduction technology works best when the background noise it is combating is fairly constant. While digital noise reduction may not be completely effective in reducing the impact of loud music or nearby conversation, it can greatly reduce steady sounds such as an air conditioner or a motor.  Users may wish to consider utilizing other noise reduction strategies in conjunction with their digital noise reduction capable hearing aid. In restaurants it is usually possible to request a table in a quieter area or away from music speakers.  While no hearing aid technology can give you perfect hearing, digital noise reduction can take much of the annoyance out of dealing with noisy situations.         Dodero Hearing Center CA | (805)-284-0889 | Discover more great content here:

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