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Published on December 14, 2013

Author: eyashwant



What’s it like to work at Key Difference?


WHAT’S IT LIKE TO WORK AT KEY DIFFERENCE? AT KEY DIFFERENCE, WE BELIEVE WORK IS TABOO.. Let your imagination run the wildest on an ideal work set-up… Imagine exchanging ideas and jokes with some of the knowledgeable, down-to-earth, but most devoted people in the world… Work at KDM is like having your choice of different delicious meals on a rotating server - spicily challenging, chewy educational, sweetly comforting, and others just so undefined in their appearance that you need just to taste them! Anticipating the daily different varieties, you jump out of bed each morning to start out on a new ‘gourmet’ adventure! Getting the most innovative ideas in the world of business and technology even before they hit the streets... Having the top man and your peers listen to even your most farout ideas… Being encouraged and mentored for all you need to reach your creative peak... Warning: This job is so self-fulfilling and stress-free that most CEOs in the traditional business world are curious to see how this set-up works… But this is just the beginning of the KEY DIFFERENCE tour... So, dump the traditional 9-to-5 job. Instead, get paid to play, create, learn and grow – and being filled up to burping. It’s like being a favoured child again. But with a full range of choices you love!

WELCOME TO KEY DIFFERENCE! KEY ENVIRONMENT: At KDM, Your passion for learning and gaining more and more experience are what makes you great. The nights you stayed up until 5am learning or creating makes you an asset. Your love of building things makes you priceless to us. We love Animals & Plants… So we thought our office should have them! Say hello to TOKI (Bird) & BEBO! (Fish). If you are hungry for the ‘meals’ outlined here and passionate about sharing your masterpiece with the world, you may consider yourself hired. When you report for work, just bring your usual creative tools – no need for a resume stating where you went to college or what you scored there. Only your raw, demonstrable talent matters to us! The best place to sit is between plants, so we don’t deprive you! “5 Hours a week to learn, 40 hours a week for fun (our way of saying work!) And optionally 5 Hours a week to serve our community!” Bean Bags Indoor Games: Carom, Chess, Board Games! Awesome Car Racing, First Person Shooter & a dozen games in a PC, iPad, etc. Mini Gym with Treadmill! Dress Code: As long as you wear something, we are fine! Go Shoeless? No Shoes in Office! Bare Foot Culture – Feel at Home (If you love shoes, we won’t stop you!)

KEY LIFE PLAN: Key Difference Media cares about your Dreams & Ideas! We individually track, assist and help every member of the team achieve their dreams, ideas and goals! Employee 2 Entrepreneur Program – Have an idea? We will support you to bring it to life, make a successful business out of it by sharing our resources, network and experience and help you “retire” young (although we feel that once hooked, you will stay on with us like a family)! We understand that awesome people dream of starting their companies. We help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow. Simply put, you are free to learn from us and then, move on when you are ready to start your own business. If you aren’t growing, you’re doing a disservice to your mission and to the world. Dream big, play big and push your boundaries. By letting yourself shine, you grant permission for others to do the same. KEY FREEDOM: Democratic Environment • All members get to Vote on Decisions made in the company! • Question to Founder – Ask the founders what you want to know directly! Doubts? Concerns? Complaints? Suggestions? Ideas? Appreciation? Do it directly! • Best Performers Leaderboard is created by you! You are more powerful than you think. No matter what you’ve been told in the past! KEY HOLISTIC CARE: • Minditude Awesome Personalized Trainings on Yoga, Meditation, Better Relationships, Abundant, Happy & Healthier Life! Do you find any interesting training that you think all team members would be benefiting from? We would gladly buy/sponsor it for you! • Family Togetherness - Events in-house and outside to create opportunity to socialize and become friends with team members and the world outside! - Flexi Saturday – Basically, More fun than all Fun-Days in a week! - Bring Kids during evening Hours! – If you have one! • Flexitime Work from Home if you love! – As long as you produce result, we are okay! Take rest from work anytime! Entertainment is ON! We even have Secret Delight Team that can surprise you with things you never imagined would ever happen in a workplace! Team is not individuals with a common goal, but where each individual’s skills will be tested & stretched to the fullest.

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE DO WE NEED? 1) Individuals with the Highest Energy. If you can start a conversation with strangers on your own pitch and engage them in a thinking process, you are our man. Value and service-oriented people with a high level of initiative are our best picks. If you have that crucial can-do attitude – you are our man! 2) Unstoppable Desire to Win. You will not take no for an answer. You will find a way around a maze, even if you have to go through the whole process again. Well, even if somebody gets you by the tail-end, you can still make your brains work, can’t you? Truly unstoppable – you have our admiration. 3) Willing to let someone else in the team win. Credits are usually for the whole team. No matter who made the final push, everybody feels big and responsible for getting the contract satisfactorily fulfilled. But the thing is the ship needs every hand on deck. So, if the client clicks with another style in the team, you are gracious enough to give way. Less of ego, more of team play – you are the man! 4) Personally Responsible. No blaming and justifying. The buck stops here – take the responsibility for your own work. Dishonesty has no place in the team, but rather, transparency is the big order. Do the style you want – but be ready to take consequences. We can do with more honest work – and humility. 5) Has unique talent or ability. We don’t need copycats. There are enough of those already out there. We give you all the opportunities and the best set-up to accomplish a job’s requirement– so why not return the favor? Don’t undermine your own perceptions. Uniqueness rates high with us. If you have an idea or a way of doing things, why not share it with the team or the top man? You might end up being our winning chip!

WHAT ARE FOUNDATIONS OF KEY DIFFERENCE? 1) Happiness 3) Personal Growth We take the s and h in happiness to spell out two crucial things that define happiness for us who have been around – share and shape. Sharing and shaping our destinies together – that describes happiness for Key Difference believers. With Key Difference, you learn, own new skills, and become better with more challenging opportunities. You are allowed meditation time, relationship with your peers, and non-business stuff for personal growth. Should you want the same, join us! We help you achieve their dreams and goals for yourself, as well as for your family. Thus, growth is pleasant with less bump on relationships. 2) Quest & Purpose The quests are so simplified that you will know exactly what your purpose is – no beating around the bush. You are allowed your own niche – your purpose and the reason for our coming together. Thus, if you found that your preferred place is with us – this is the end of your quest! Now, just dig right in, establish your purpose, and be in harmony with all who are part of Key Difference. 4) Feel at Home! We give you the comforts and freedom in a homey atmosphere. Optimistic peers are always on hand to give you a hug or a helping hand. Our laid back setting entices you out of your shell. We have comment boards set up all over the place – as sort of a shout out wall. Express yourself! (Know more about us in our one-on-one chat)

5 REASONS WHY YOU MUST WORK AT KEY DIFFERENCE! 1) Make Fun Your Lifestyle You cannot get into “Business Fundamentals” without the fun factor. Within easy access are a Massive Learning Digital Library, Meditation Facilities, and yes, natural setting – plants and birds! Being with your teammates in a relaxing and conducive atmosphere indeed makes your job self-fulfilling. Indeed, the casual come-as-you-are work environment makes Key Difference a popular place. 2) Grow Faster with Key Difference Nurturing We help you understand everything that a current puzzle requires – like in a game - and being effective about drawing out the best approaches. Once you join us, you’ll never be alone again as togetherness is conducive for growing up – the Key Difference way. We adhere to the 40-5-5 Work Week Principle - 5 hours a week studying a new skill or learning, additional 5 hours of community service in optional project, plus time for “fun”- application of skills learned from mentors and anything you find interesting. 3) Motivate And Be Motivated By Your Amazing Teammates We act as your mentors as we love to accelerate the learning process. We offer you personally selected coaching and training materials and hundreds of trainings every year. Your co-workers are there to assist you. It is not just us - it’s about everyone helping another to reach a common goal. As you will find yourself working with some of the best minds in the business, you need not be intimidated. We give you a niche where you can shine and be appreciated. Everyone’s goal is to help you reach the peak of your performance – at your own rate. 4) Fly To The Moon (And back) In Complete Freedom We know what different personalities thrive in unrestricted environment, and so, we loosen up office decorum to nurture your unique abilities. Feel free to come as you are — accomplish your tasks in your own way. Key Difference’s office environment and work style are designed to cater to the best players. No wonder, every day in the office is an action-packed, but pleasant experience. 5) Contribute to “Bringing Life to the Economy” We make our goals collinear not only with personal goals – but also, with the surrounding community and even up to the global level by: • Assisting businesses to meet and achieve their targets, goals and vision. Thrusting new businesses into the global business grounds with full • potential • Handholding start-ups and later, encouraging them to develop new ideas and making them potential fuel for the economy! Whatever your chosen field of expertise - Business Leader, Specialist or Customer Experience Specialist – you are essential to bringing life to the economy! Key Difference’s mission – and your challenge – is to be more effective in the shortest time possible. We siege it and make a difference together – so be ready for the ride!

KEY DIFFERENCE MEDIA FACTS Mr.KEY - The CEO THE KEY Difference STORY THE KEY STORY KEY Difference is a culture, not a corporation. The basic premise behind all our activities is to create an environment of commercial success and personal fulfillment. We make money because we need money to change the world. We are not idealists; we are realists with very real ideas for an idealistically real world! We are not out to create a parallel world that aligns with our objectives; we use our objectives to align the world to standards of excellence and prosperity that we feel are “normal” and “right.” Karnika E. Yashwant (Mr. KEY) is born in Coimbatore in 23 August 1992. He is adjudged India’s “Youngest CEO”, having formed his first company at age 14. Multi awarded CEO of a dozen companies; he is a much sought speaker of international business and civic clubs, as well as academic universities. Perhaps, the best analysis of Karnika can be found in “Karnika – the Alpha Man from India”. This landmark book, acclaimed as one of the books of famous people, holds up a pattern of greatness – emotional and spiritual maturity as basis for Alpha Maleness. There are two ways of looking at this man: he makes you hope to be like him; and two, he makes you want to know more about him. Those who have worked with him will tell you that they have taken from him more than they have given to him. Setting his life as a pattern, our greatest desire is to measure up to his expectations.

TESTIMONIALS We know glossy brochures and fine words don't do it alone... Do we practice what we preach? We let some others come up with testimonials... so judge by yourself... “Sometimes life takes mysterious turns and you do not know how you got there. Call it destiny or some higher influence that grabs your life and pushes you in a certain direction. It felt right from the start, it has grown ever since, and today I can be honest when I say: Together with Key Difference we bring out the best in each other through dynamic, honest, inspiring and free of mind friendship - the future is created and we do it together” - Bjarke Steen Rasmussen, IT Partner & Client, Denmark “This is the hook for me: “Imagine exchanging ideas and jokes with some of the knowledgeable, down-to-earth, but most devoted people in the world.” Everything that comes with this are just dressing on the real thing. Give me the right people to blossom with and I am like a flower in the midst of spring. Thank you KDM!” - Doris Cornago, Creative Writer (KDM Associate), Philippines “While there have been many changes throughout the years, things that have gone unchanged are the professionalism, the beauty of the facility, the understanding of leadership, and the kind, caring, compassionate view by the company and its leadership toward employees is something that has always impressed me in the past and continues to impress me with each passing year.” “I am so proud to be part of an organization which stands by its promises to its customers and employees.” – Murugan, VP – Middle East Marketing & Corporate “Are you trying to lure me to work in your company? It’s awesome and mind blowing place to work. Everything out there makes a lot of sense to me. Why on earth am I still here, not in KDM?” - Usha, Entreprenuer, Bangalore “I hated working at a JOB until I stepped into KDM that maintains equal balance of being both Result, Value & People Oriented Company. We believe at ‘Passion meeting performance’ in a best possible environment that is no less than creating a miraculous results for both customer and us. At KDM, employees are company’s first customers. Happy to make the wisest choice of my life and all I can say is I don’t hate Monday mornings any more.“ – Mahaneesh C, Head – Internet Marketing “I am very excited to be the part of this journey which started with a dream followed by realistic building blocks to turn that dream into reality. The kind of positive energy integrated in the company’s culture is amazing and contains all the right ingredients - enthusiasm, employee empowerment, flexibility, transparency, friendliness, professionalism, quality of work and most importantly... sense of belonging that binds everyone as ONE to achieve objectives both professional and personal. I am 100% sure that KDM would be #1 choice for career enthusiasts to get associated with, here the philosophy is simple - work hard play harder.” - Akhil T, Head - Technical & Operational

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