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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: fizzakamran


Media Language

 Used in print (copy)  Specific to genre and audience  Also used in silent films


 Used in films/radio/television  Choice, delivery and context are important  Ex: television news anchor will have a serious dialect Comedy genre artist will have sloppy dialect


 Defined in terms of body language, gestures, stance and mannerisms.  Meaning portrayed through how the character uses his body  Silent movies are good examples

 Technical areas such as camera work, mise-en-scene and analytical readings.  What you see and interpret  Point of view shot may be directed to place the audience as a viewer to feel what the character goes though.

 Study of signs.  Denotation : obvious meaning in the media (simply what is seen physically).  Connotation: the meaning derived from that element (ex: cross connotes many meanings).

 Include a mixture of sounds to generate meaning.  Diegetic sound: natural sound/spoken language.  Non-diegetic: soundtrack/created sound.


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