Kestrel Lee - The key difference between social media in Australia and China; how to market to the increasingly affluent Chinese youth market

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Published on February 13, 2014

Author: thechinagap



Kestrel Lee - Executive Creative Director of Integrated Marketing, Social Media and e-Commerce for Zeno Asia

Proven strategies and tools are hard to access 600 million internet users including over 220 million active online shoppers who spend more money than any other online shoppers in the world.

An overview of business opportunities available in China for marketers. A presentation from the China Digital Marketing & Social Media Summit held on the 24th of October 2013.

Kestrel Lee Executive Creative Director Integrated Marketing, Social Media and e-Commerce

Discover the key differences between social media in Australia and China; and how to market to the increasingly affluent Chinese youth market

Chinese: More Social Media Platforms, One or Two Niche Activities 538 million people online “39% penetration” 318 million on mobile internet “180 million smart phones to be sold in 2013” Weibo users: 274 million “About being the first to show or be in the know” Video users: 350 million “About sharing video entertainment or information” BBS users: 156 million “About specific topics” Source: CIC Data (Oct 2012) 4 SNS users: 251 million “About sharing moments with friends”

Different Chinese cities. Different social media habits. • - - • - Tier 1 cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen Renren for students and graduates Sina Weibo for executives QQ for messaging and file sharing Youku and Tudou for video sharing and viewing Search, search bars and wiki on Baidu Tier 2 cities: Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing etc. QQ for social gaming, messaging, file sharing. Lite blogging via Sina Weibo & Tencent Weibo Renren by students

The 4 C’s for business success in China Content is key Culture is a must Commerce is a result of content and culture working together with social media Co-Creation with Chinese consumers

Blogs are still alive and growing in China • • From Dec 2011, China’s blogs have grown to 31.9 million from 2010 with a growth rate of 8.2% although average usage rate on blogs fell by 2.3. Blogs are still heavily used by the Chinese people although usage rates have dropped. The common practice is to write a blog post and use social media to create awareness of their blog post.

Drive brand search, not product search, as search leads to social media conversations and behaviour Search is social in China and the Chinese people starts with search in their online behaviour From Synovate China Media Atlas; activities after online communication.

The millennials in China love brand experiences that also is inline with self expression

China millennials favour and take action for brands with experiences different from their parents

China millennials trust friends, not brands. And search

China millennials are strong brand influencers on friends, families, even elders and superiors An exclusive look into the China millennial behavior from Edelman's global 8095 millennial study done in 2010 and updated in 2012:

China millennials see their online selves as their real selves real life, I exist as a “In my „virtual me.‟ I go to work. I try to live up to the expectations and pressures from parents, my coworkers and society. Then, I go home. I open my computer, I put on some music and I start to dance. That‟s the real me.” // REBECCA XIA [Without the Internet] I would lose the passion to see the world outside of my parent‟s eyes.” // “LIZ,” 22 VIRTUAL ME // REAL ME I would rather be a common person in daily life, but I have to be uncommon online. It‟s my own choice. // “CHENG E.T”

China millennials are apt to take action on brands offline based on what they read online

China millennials are open to co-creation and giving product feedback on the brands they like

They don‟t want to buy a phone or a TV. They buy the promise of an emotional payoff. It‟s a friend to keep them company, a community of likeminded explorers, a platform where personal style can be expressed, where personal aspirations can be voiced, created, supp orted... where ‘magic’ can happen. EMOTIONS // WHAT MATTERS MOST Creating this emotional connection is essential.

China millennials are emotional impulse buyers China's emerging consumer class is more emotional than previous generations of shoppers and firms must shift their marketing strategies to keep pace with the nation's new standard setters, consultants at McKinsey said in a new report. These wealthier consumers, more emotionally driven and brand-conscious than their current mass market counterparts, will make up 51 per cent of city-dwellers by 2020, up from 6 per cent in 2010

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