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Published on April 6, 2014

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Types of software: Types of software Software : Software Software represents the set of program that govern the operation of a computer system and make the hardware run. PowerPoint Presentation:  Classification of software TYPES OF SOFtWARE System Software: System Software The software that controls internal computer operations is called system software. As computer is a machine that knows nothing of itself. Rather it requires instructions for each and everything it performs. These instructions are provided to it through software and that soft ware is known as system software TYPES OF SOFTWARE Classification of system Software: Classification of system Software Operating system: Operating system An operating system is a program which acts as an interface between a user and the hardware( i.e., all computer resources). TYPE OF SOFTWARE > SYSTEM SOFWTARE >CLASSIFICATION OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE Types of operating system: Types of operating system Language Processor: Language Processor A   language processor  is a hardware device designed or used to perform tasks, such as processing program code to machine code. Language processors are found in languages such as Fortran and COBOL. Allows the development of applications in the language most appropriate to the task, removing the need for developing at the machine level. Programmers can ignore the machine-dependent details of programming TYPE OF SOFTWARE > SYSTEM SOFWTARE >CLASSIFICATION OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE Types of Language Processor:  TYPE OF SOFTWARE > SYSTEM SOFWTARE >CLASSIFICATION OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE Types of Language Processor Types of Language Processor: Types of L anguage Processor Assemblers: Language processors that map low-level language instructions into machine code, e.g. the ARM assembler. Compilers: Language processors that map high-level language instructions into machine code, e.g. Delphi, GCC, Visual C ++ etc. Interpreters: Language processors that include an execution component , i.e. they perform the operations specified in the source text, rather than re-expressing them in another language; e.g . Matlab TYPE OF SOFTWARE > SYSTEM SOFWTARE >CLASSIFICATION OF SYSTEM SOFTWARE > LANGUAGE PROCESSOR Application software: Application software An Application software is the set of programs necessary to carry out operations for a specified application. An application software pertains to one specific application. For instance , software that can perform railway reservation functions cannot prepare results for a school. TYPE OF SOFWARE Types of Application software: Types of Application software Packages: Packages As application may be numerous , it is not feasible to design software for each of them. Rather some general softwares are designed that may be used by individual users in the manner it suits their needs and requirements. Such general-application softwares are known as Packages. TYPE OF SOFTWARE > TYPE OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE>PACKAGES Categories of Package: Categories of Package Word processing softwares: Word processing softwares Word processing package is a package that processes textual matter and creates organized and flawless documents. Ex- Word, WordPerfect, sofworld etc. TYPE OF SOFTWARE > TYPE OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE>PACKAGES>CATEGORIES OF PACKAGES PowerPoint Presentation: Word Processing offers Typing navigation, selecting Formatting? Text Alignment, Font styles, Size, colors Editing and sorting Spell check Adding Borders Setting margins Headers and Footers Drawing tools , Word art, Clipart etc. Electronic Spreadsheet:  Electronic Spreadsheet An electronic spreadsheet is a program that accepts data in a tabular form and allows user to manipulate / calculate / analyze data in the desired manner. Today, many spreadsheets are 3-D, allowing you to create not just a single worksheet but a stack of them with each sheet linked electronically to the other. TYPE OF SOFTWARE > TYPE OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE>PACKAGES>CATEGORIES OF PACKAGES Spreadsheet Features: Spreadsheet Features Database management system: Database management system A Database Management system (DBMS) is a package that can handle and manage bulk of stored data. DBMS extends your ability to organize collection of data stored in your computer and provides tools for listing subsets of data that meet specifies criteria. Ex- Foxpro, Access, Oracle etc. TYPE OF SOFTWARE > TYPE OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE>PACKAGES>CATEGORIES OF PACKAGES Desktop Publishing Software:  Desktop Publishing Software The software that handles page layout by combining the functions of a traditional typesetter and a layout artist, is known as desktop publishing software. Ex- computer book has been written, corrected, and edited using standard text processing software, and then its layout composed by means of standard DTP package. TYPE OF SOFTWARE > TYPE OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE>PACKAGES>CATEGORIES OF PACKAGES A DTP Printout: A DTP Printout Graphics, Multimedia and Presentation Applications: Graphics, Multimedia and Presentation Applications Graphic & Multimedia Software: The application software that manipulates images is known as Graphics Software T he software that incorporates images, text, sound, computer animation, and video sequences is known as M ultimedia S oftware . Presentation Graphics Software: The application software that can create professional looking visual aids is called Presentation Graphics Software. TYPE OF SOFTWARE > TYPE OF APPLICATION SOFTWARE>PACKAGES>CATEGORIES OF PACKAGES Utilities: Utilities Utilities are those application programs that assist the computer by performing housekeeping functions like backing up disk or scanning / cleaning viruses or arranging information etc. It is an establishment truth that everything comes with certain pros and cons. Software also are not a exception to it. Utilities bridge the gaps by helping to solve the problems and maximize your computer’s potential. Some important utilities: Some important utilities Text editor Backup Utility Compression Utility Disk Defragmenter Antivirus Software Text Editor: Text Editor A  text editor  is a type of program used for, creating and editing plain text files. Using this program any text manner can be typed and saved on a disk file. This file can be retrieved any time and can also be edited, corrected etc. Text e ditor software supports special commands for text editing i.e., you can insert, delete, find, replace characters, line and paragraphs etc. Backup Utility: Backup Utility Backup software  are computer programs used to perform backup; they create supplementary exact copies of files, databases or entire computers. These programs may later use the supplementary copies to restore the original contents in the event of data loss. Back-up means duplicating the disk information so that in case of any damage or data-loss, this backed up data may be used. You can backup files to floppy disks, a tape drive on even on another computer on your network. Compression Utility: Compression Utility A file compression utility is a software program that is used to compress or decompress files.  A large file can be compressed so that they take less storage area. When needed these compressed file van be exploded back to their original form. However, these compressed files cannot be directly used, they need to be exploded back to their original form before they can be worked upon. Disk Defragmenter: Disk Defragmenter Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented data on a volume (such as a hard disk or a storage device) so it will work more efficiently .  Defragmenting a disk minimizes head travel, which reduces the time it takes to read files from and write files to the disk .  Beginning with Windows XP, Disk Defragmenter also reduces system startup times . Disk defragmenter speeds up the disk access by rearranging the files and free space on your computer, so that files stored in contiguous units and free space is consolidated in one contiguous block. Antivirus software: Antivirus software Antivirus ,  anti-virus , or  AV software  is  computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious computer viruses. Most software described as antivirus also works against other types of  malware. A computer virus us a computer program that can inject to other computer program by modifying them in such a way as to include a copy of itself. Moreover, some antivirus software remains present in memory all the time so that they can detect the viruses and counterattack them. Ex- Quickheal,NORTON , etc. Customized Software: Customized Software Custom software   is  software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user . also known as   bespoke software  or  tailor-made software. However , such software cannot be directly installed at any other user’s workplace as the requirements of the second user may differ from the first and the software may not fit in the requirements of the new user. Presentation by::  Presentation by: Keshav

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